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DirectIndustry - El Salón Virtual de la Industria: captor - automatismo - motor - bomba - manutención - embalaje ... BOM Manager - Octopart. Science through LEGO Engineering. The following four curricula are designed to introduce students (in Grades 3 to 5) to various science concepts through design-based LEGO projects.

Science through LEGO Engineering

The first several lessons of each unit engage students in scientific explorations sometimes using the LEGO tool-set as a resource. The students are then charged with an open-ended design challenge where they use the science they learned alongside the engineering design process to design and build LEGO creations that meet criteria that the students can observe and test. Intro Unit This series of introductory lessons should be completed before beginning a Science Through LEGO Engineering curriculum unit. Students will first be introduced to the engineering design process and its results in the world around us. Download Introduction Unit (PDF, 2.3MB) Design a Musical Instrument: The Science of Sound Design a Model House: The Properties of Materials. Bolt Depot - Chart of Nut, Bolt and Screw Types. Popular Mechanics - Automotive Care, Home Improvement, Tools, DIY Tips. The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers.

Home: American Society for Engineering Education. Plastic Material Data Sheets and Properties. HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works! Los automóviles del futuro - Infovideos. Si eres un fanático de los motores esta infografía te va a fascinar; y si no, quedarás tan sorprendido que posiblemente te vuelvas uno.

Los automóviles del futuro - Infovideos

Te presentamos las últimas propuestas de innovación en el campo automotriz. Autos que, más allá de transportarte, abanderan nuevos conceptos en el diseño. Y para comprobar que realmente estas son nuevas propuestas, te proponemos un juego de asociación libre. Si le preguntas a tus abuelos que palabras les venían a la mente al buscar un auto las respuestas oscilarán mayormente entre: seguridad, velocidad y diseño. Torque limiters, Safety brakes, Shaft couplings, DC Drives - mayr. - Intellectual Property Library. Patft » Page 1 of 1. Spring Type and Configurations.

Water Right Inc. - USA Made Coiled Water Hose Specialists. Water Science for Schools: All about water! Solenoid Valve Threads and Specifications. NPT, BSP, GHT Thread Specifications Tables Before we start discussing the most common solenoid valve threads, here is a link to the NPT, BSP, GHT specification tables below.

Solenoid Valve Threads and Specifications

And here is a link to the pipe thread acronyms. Solenoid Valve Port Options Solenoid valves can come with either inside or outside threaded ports. In addition to threaded ports, valves are also available with barbed ports (usually only in sizes less than 5/8" ID (inside diameter) hose and plastic valve bodies). Parallel (a.k.a. Tapered pipe threads are self-sealing. The most common NPT thread is tapered (both internal and external).

DFMPro - Tool to validate Design for manufacturability. Replicator’s 6 Types of Mass Customization. Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. Design for Assembly. Vincent Chan and Filippo A.

Design for Assembly

Salustri Introduction The aim of design for assembly (DFA) is to simplify the product so that the cost of assembly is reduced. However, consequences of applying DFA usually include improved quality and reliability, and a reduction in production equipment and part inventory. These secondary benefits often outweigh the cost reductions in assembly. DFA recognises the need to analyse both the part design and the whole product for any assembly problems early in the design process. The practice of DFA as a distinct feature of designing is a relatively recent development, but many companies have been essentially doing DFA for a long time. It wasn't until the 1970's that papers and books on the topic began to appear.

Comparison of Assembly Methods Figure 1: Relative costs of different assembly methods by type and production volume. Figure 2: Production ranges for each type of assembly method Assembly methods can be divided into three major groups. New Product Development Solutions. USA - assembly technologies, automation controls, automation products, Bosch Rexroth, electric drives, industrial hydraulics, linear motion, mobile hydraulics, motion control, pneumatics. Carr. 5 Technologies that Make Internal Combustion Engines Better. 5 Fuel-Saving TechnologiesIn the long run, the internal combustion engine (ICE) is on the way out and electric motors are on the way in, but ICEs have been around for so loooong that we should be careful about announcing their demise.

5 Technologies that Make Internal Combustion Engines Better

They're going to stick around a while longer, and so it's very important to make them as efficient and clean as possible. Diesel engines are certainly far from perfect, but they have inherently better thermal efficiency than gasoline engines, and they are usually more durable (if also more expensive and heavier). Another benefit is that they can run on biodiesel, which if you can find fuel made from waste cooking oil or (in the next few years) from algae can be very green. Direct InjectionBefore direct injection, the fuel was mixed with air in the car's intake manifold. Cylinder DeactivationThe name says it all.

TurbochargersTurbochargers increase the pressure inside cylinders, cramming more air and allowing combustion to generate more power. Motors, Gearmotors, Speed Reducers & Energy Efficiency Motors. Win? Fail? PHYSICS! University Physics. Turning a Car. Fantastic Contraption: A fun online physics puzzle game. Educators. Engineering Formulas. Bill Hammack's Video & Audio on Engineering.