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Mobilier gonflable personnalisable et lumineux pour évènements -FUGU. Design: flashbag. Sotheby's curates first gaetano pesce retrospective in france in 15 years. Feb 07, 2014 sotheby's curates first gaetano pesce retrospective in france in 15 years sotheby’s presents gaetano pesce – a poetic approach to design‘chair, up’, 2013-2014expanded polyurethane foam, fabrics122 x 122 x 110 cm gaetano pescesotheby’s galerie charpentier, paris76 rue du faubourg saint-honoréon now until februrary 15th, 2014 ‘chair, up’, 2013-2014wood from B&B122 x 122 x 110 cm ‘table sanson’, 1980poured polychrome polyester resin72 x 200 x 150 cm ‘chair, senza fine unica’polyurethane200 x 140 x 110 cm maquette for ‘rag armchair’, 1970rags, polyester resin 21 x 24 x 28 cm (left): ‘palladio da padova’, 2007; high gloss white fibreglass; 260 x 130 x 37 cm(right): ‘palladio da padova’ maquette, 2007; wood; 47 x 21 x 7 cm (left): ‘l’abbracio cabinet’, 2010; polyurethane resin, copper hinges, lacquered wood base; 240 x 150 x 100 cm(right): ‘l’abbracio cabinet’ drawing, 2009; color pencil on paper; 32 x 50 cm 'chair, up 5' drawing - 100083, 1969 color pencil on paper 21,5 x 25 cm.

Boulder Blimp | Custom Inflatables | Product Replicas | Inflatable Advertising | Helium | Custom Banners, Tents and More | Boulder - Denver, Colorado. 3dplug. Manufactured by hot vulcanization, PRONAL 3D PLUG inflatable stoppers provide guaranteed reliability and robustness, delivering perfect leak-tightness and an excellent counter-pressure. The range of 3D PLUG stoppers can be used for the closure of pipes of diameter ranging from 100 mm to 1000 mm, using just 3 models.Thanks to the material used and a form of design which is appropriate to service conditions, PRONAL inflatable stoppers are suitable for lines of all types. The by-pass option is available for the entire range, and allows the testing of lines in air or water.

With their wide range of expansion, their multi-functional capability, their endurance, their long service life and their robustness, the 3D PLUG range provides high-performance inflatable stoppers. There doesn't appear to be any industry specific software for designing and patterning inflatables. (If you know of any, please let us know!)

Several different approches are taken to patterning these products.Designers we have spoken to use a wide range of software, some designing entirely in 2D and others in 3D and 2D. Software includes Rhino, TouchCAD, AutoCAD and Vectorworks.Frequently patterns need small adjustmentsusing experience to give the desired end result. When designing inflatable animals, a useful technique can be to get a child's soft toy, cut it up along the seam lines and then scan the patterns with a camera or just a desktop scanner. Then the digital scans can be auto-traced in software, imported into CAD software and scaled up to the right size for the finished job. Most 3D software can be used to create inflatables, but the key feature is flattening. The same ideas can be used with bouncy castles, water slides and RIB tubes.

Inflatables Design Software for Manufacturers of Inflatable Products | ExactFlat. Inflatables Design Software ExactFlat is inflatables design software that makes it faster and less complicated to design, develop, prototype, cost and manufacture all types of inflatable products. Manufacturers of inflatables such as boats, bounce houses, balloons, airships, custom advertising air structures, bladders, containment tanks and booms, inflatable buildings and tents, kiosks, military inflatables such as life rafts & vests, medical devices, aerostats, etc. can reduce their design, development and prototyping time with ExactFlat. Integrated with leading 3D CAD packages, it does this by: Replacing manual processes with digital processes using Exactflat’s proprietary algorithms.Consolidating separate and distinct workflows into one environment on one platform.Parametrically linking related tasks so that design changes in one area are automatically reflected in related areas. ExactFlat’s Inflatables Design Software Capabilities Flexible Design Environment.

Plushie:An Interactive Design System for Plush Toys. Yuki Mori and Takeo Igarashi We introduce Plushie, an interactive system that allows nonprofessional users to design their own original plush toys. To design a plush toy, one needs to construct an appropriate two-dimensional (2D) pattern. However, it is difficult for non-professional users to appropriately design a 2D pattern. Some recent systems automatically generate a 2D pattern for a given three-dimensional (3D) model, but constructing a 3D model is itself a challenge. Furthermore, an arbitrary 3D model cannot necessarily be realized as a real plush toy, and the final sewn result can be very different from the original 3D model. We avoid this mismatch by constructing appropriate 2D patterns and applying simple physical simulation to it on the fly during 3D modeling.

In this way, the model on the screen is always a good approximation of the final sewn result, which makes the design process much more efficient. Demonstrations movie [MPEG-4 11MB] workshop reports Publications. Home page. Replacement Sponsons, Tubes and RIB Fenders | WING® Inflatables. Wibit Water Park for Commercial Pools and Open Water Resorts. Corp's Products. Zhengzhou BigJoys Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.-Manufacturer of Quality Amusement Equipment.

Shanghai JILONG Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Inflatables and Advertising Tools from AlvimarGenesis. Imagine Inflatables supplier of inflatable buildings, inflatable structures, blimps, inflatable arch. BounceU - Perfect Party Places for Kids. Inflatables: Promotional Advertising, Inflatable Jumpers, Bounce Houses, Giant Advertising Balloons. Air Mattress | Air Bed | Aerobeds | Aerobed® - Dream Anywhere @ AeroBed. Mfort & Pressure Relief. Toys catalog - Inflate'em All!.com. Air Swimmers. Advertising Giant Inflatables!! with Inflatable Design Group. Out of This World Games - Inflatable Midway, Inflatable Carnival Games, Aqua Blaster, Inflatable Games, B-Air Blowers, Event Wizard. LuminAID Lab. LuminAID co-founders Andrea and Anna with an early, homemade prototype The LuminAID solar light was designed to fulfill the basic need for light in post-natural disaster situations shortly after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

When thinking about what we could design to make a difference, we decided to focus on affordable, renewable light because it had the potential to greatly improve the comfort, safety, and survival of disaster victims. While on a school trip to Japan, we unexpectedly found ourselves in the middle of the earthquake in March 2011. Having experienced first-hand how a disaster can negatively impact the lives of millions, we are motivated to make the LuminAID light a reality for those affected by disasters, crises, and conflict. About the Founders: Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta met while studying architecture and design in graduate school.

Our Patent Pending Solar-Inflatable Technology The LuminAID and Humanitarian Relief Aid. Airbox Lights | Airbox Lights. Angel Mommy Pack – Milk Bottle by Cho Sunghyun. Better Nursing I haven’t seen many nursing bottles redesigned to such finesse as this Angel Mommy Pack. The bottle is ideal for reheating breast milk using a double boiler system and keeping away unnecessary air. Simple and intuitive to use, I’m sure mothers will appreciate this patented design (hint – it should be out soon). Designer: Cho Sunghyun. The Ant-Roach « News. This article has been a long time coming, but here is the Otherlab’s 15 foot inflatable walking robot, the Ant-Roach. We thought this conceptual elephant looked more like a cross between an anteater and a cockroach. The goal of building the Ant-Roach was to demonstrate the carrying capacity and high strength-to-weight ratios possible with inflatable structures.

In this picture, four familiar faces ride the robot, while the one below shows Pete hefting the whole thing. The muscles are textile-based actuators which contract upon inflation. The picture below shows a stack of them during construction. The muscles are driven from several central manifolds which dispense compressed air. A microcontroller receives a wireless signal from a laptop running the control program shown below to drive the robot. Here’s some footage: The Ant-Roach is a result of progression in simulation and fabrication for inflatable robotics. Comments are closed. BBC Nature - Corals inflate to escape being buried alive in sand. 8 February 2012Last updated at 03:38 By Victoria Gill Science reporter, BBC Nature Footage captured over 20 hours shows the coral inflating and deflating to throw off sand Coral might appear solid and inanimate, but surprising new footage of a mushroom coral inflating itself to escape a sandy burial has brought the organism to life.

A scientist from the University of Queensland used timelapse photography to capture the footage. It was already known that the species could release itself from the sandy seabed, but it was not clear how. Since corals move so slowly, time-lapse imagery was used to find out. Dr Pim Bongaerts captured the footage and published his findings in the journal Coral Reef. As sandy sediments shift on the seabed, corals need to breathe and prevent themselves from being smothered. "Sedimentation presents a major threat for corals, as they can become covered in a layer of sand from which they are unable to escape," explained Dr Bongaerts. Inflate and deflate. Welcome - PVCDesign. ::: FILMTEX ::: Plastextil S.A.S Colombia | Telas vinílicas | Telas plásticas en PVC. Plasticos Laminados. Láminas de materiales para impresión digital, rotular con serigrafía y una gran variendad de aplicaciones. Elija el que más se adapte a sus necesidades.

“Lámina de polipropileno corrugado ideal para fabricar cajas de envío, maletines, anuncios, puntos de venta y más” • Corolev es una lámina de polipropileno corrugado que está conformado por dos paredes, lo que la hace una lámina de plástico muy ligera. • La lámina corrugada COROLEV es resistente a los aceites, solventes y agua unicamente a temperaturas regurales, gracias a ello el plástico corrugado Corolev puede utilizarse en exteriores. • El plástico en lámina COROLEV cuenta con un espesor de 4mm y un peso de 700g/m2 lo que facilita la fabricacion de una amplia variedad de productos para publicidad como: Cajas de envíoCompartimientos a GranelCajas industrialesMaletinesAnunciosSeñalizaciónCarteles decorativosPuntos de venta y más GRABOPLAC Lámina para grabado láser o mecánico.

“Económico, rígido y liviano” Mas información Mas información. Bienvenidos a la portada. Alaire Inflables - estructuras inflables, globos aerostáticos, réplicas inflables, carpas inflables, pantallas inflables, arcos inflables, disfraces inflables, especiales inflables, sellados inflables. Otros Productos. Contáctenos. SUPER INFLABLES ECUADOR - aire hecho arte :: Teléfono: (02) 286 4393 publicidad con aire a bajo costo, variadas formas y colores, fácil instalaciónn y transporte, livianos, impermeables, durables, fácil limpieza. Representaciones en Ecuador, Colombia entr. Inflables, saltarines, venta de dummies, reparación de inflables, renta de saltarines.

Inflables, saltarines, dummies, botellas y alquiler. ALQUILER DE INFLABLES, ALQUILER INFLABLES BOGOTA, TORO MECANICO, INFLABLES NI OS. Globo Publicidad. .:Aerodumis:. BIMANA EXPERIENCIAS EN GRAN FORMATO - Blog. Inflables-Publicitarios-Colombia | Dummies | saltarines. Allendale sas inflables. Inflables Delta - Publicidad Inflable. Inflables POP inflables publicitarios inflables sellados. Réplicas inflables, andarines o juegos inflables, calidad superior.

Inicio. Fábrica, venta, alquiler inflables publicitarios, Bogotá-Colombia. INNOVE SAS - Productos Promocionales P.O.P (Merchandising) SUPER INFLABLES ECUADOR - aire hecho arte :: Teléfono: (02) 286 4393 publicidad con aire a bajo costo, variadas formas y colores, fácil instalaciónn y transporte, livianos, impermeables, durables, fácil limpieza. Representaciones en Ecuador, Colombia entr. How to make inflatable bladders using polyethylene and a soldering iron. Mini air tank. This is a useful little tool I made for another project. I use it to air up the wheelbarrow tire, bicycle tires and occasionally tease the dog with short bursts of air. I cleaned out my keyboard with it too. The best thing about it is its light weight; I've always hated lugging around the heavy big air bubbles that stores sell. I put in 100 psi because that is all my compressor will do; that is probably all anyone should put in it.

Supplies: 14 oz empty propane tank- Free Female air connector- $2 Tire rubber valve stem $.75 Tools: ¼" NPT thread tap- $4 7/16 Drill bit Teflon tape Round file Drill Machine oil First find an old 14oz propane tank that someone usually tosses on the ground at a popular local fishing or camping area. Source. Niklas Roy: Privéfonteintjes. Privéfonteintjes [Little private fountains] Public installation and performance together with Jari Suominen produced at timelab’s Summercamp Electrified video by Stijn Calis and Cas van Nieuwenhuyse Summer 2010 Gent’s King Albert park has a huge public fountain.

In an attempt to address the various tastes of our customers, each of the little fountains was designed in an individual way. If you are interested in recycling fountain energy by yourself – there’s a short technical description of our setup at the end of this page. And last but not least, you can find more photos of the performance here. The concept: big fountain powers small fountains – download hires Attaching the water wheels – download hires Our rental station – download hires Installing a private fountain download hires Kids enjoy the “Blue Danube” – download hires Each customer gets the fountain that fits his taste – download hires Model overview: [ Hires image ] Technical description: Shimano RUI diagram – download hires.

Hit-Air Safety Studies. Plastique fantastique. studio for temporary architecture. marco canevacci. fantastic plastic bubbles in urban spaces. berlin. Giant kite made with 1700 3D printed connectors. It’s an enormous, beautiful, flying . . . cube. The phrase “flying cube” does not initially bring to mind something beautiful, but this experimental kite certainly is. If the pictures don’t convince you, watch the video below. It is remarkable how something so large and, well, block-like can be so graceful. I normally avoid using words like “enchanting,” but I think it is applicable here. The kite, Three Cube Colliding, was designed by Alex Sash Reading with Ivan Morison and fabricated and engineered by Queen and Crawford. It is made from 1700 3D printed connectors, carbon fiber rods, and aerospace fabric. Three Cubes Colliding from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.

Via Make your own stuff using: 3D Printing. Recreation 7.1m RIB. Boat Options Bait Board Located on the stern for sutting up bait or cleaning fish. With a simple mounting hole the bait board is easy to put in place and remove for cleaning or stowing away. Boarding Ladder Foldable boarding ladder contoured to the shape of the tubes for easy stowage. XRT - Extended Run Time Increases the on land run time of the hydraulic drive system to 30 minutes every hour as opposed to the standard 10 minutes every hour AWD - All Wheel Drive An additional drive motor to the front wheel provides more traction and increases all-terrain capability when encountering beach inclines of soft sand and shell.

Power Steering An electric hydraulic pump gives extra pressure to the steering system providing the operator with fingertip control at the steering wheel. Galvanised Anchor Delta, with 6m chain and 50m of 10mm nylon rope Auxilary Fuel Tank 100 Litre Back Rest 2 position, with stainless bar and upholstered roll cushion support Fold Down Windscreen Console Rugged Console Lifejacket Trailer. ALTA FRECUENCIA. Equipos de soldadura por alta frecuencia para aplicaciones desde lonas de camión, impresión digital, carpas, arquitectura textil, automoción, blisters, packaging, carpetería, bolsas de sangre y orina, doblado y secado de madera, etc. Ofrecemos todo tipo de máquinas, estáticas, con desplazamiento automático, de una y dos bandejas, rotativas, así como máquinas a medida de las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

Consultenos para referencias de Thales, Richardson, Amperex, Toshiba, Tesla, etc. 3xxx 5xxx 6xxx 7xxx 8xxx 9xxx Bxxx Exxx Ixxx Rxxx Txxx Yxxx.