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Système surunitaire

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Peruvian Torque Amplifier Device Wins in Geneva – South American Media is a buzz with the News. from here Fernando Sixto Ramos, a Peruvian blind engineer aged 63, shot to fame this week in Peru after receiving an international award for inventing a system that could solve energy problems worldwide.

Peruvian Torque Amplifier Device Wins in Geneva –

It is capable of multiplying the force generated by a as many times as is required. A force amplifier, a 1 hp motors output is converted into a 30 hp motor. With his “multiplying system of force”, an invention he developed over the last 15 years, as he lost vision, this humble engineer won the bronze medal in the category of mechanics and industrial processes of the 41st Edition of the international salon of inventions, held in Geneva (Switzerland) last week. Fernando Force Multiplier Replication Observation. Inventor del Sistema Multiplicador de Fuerza Sixto Ramos, el peruano 2de3.flv. Gamma Manager Energy By Motion (EBM)

Moteur / Dynamo perpétuel surnuméraire. Victor Tattersall, Beauport. (Free Energy Generator) Maurice-Luc-Valere Lame: Hemisphere Drive. Maurice-Luc-Valere LAME "Propulseur" Hemisphere Drive Mechanics and Handicraft 5 (9): 23, 73 (October 1938) Hemisphere Drive Sphere New French invention produces an entirely new system of drive which is remarkably flexible.

Maurice-Luc-Valere Lame: Hemisphere Drive

UNIQUE in the annals of automobile development is a new type of vehicle designed by a Frenchman, M. Lame, and demonstrated at the Lepine Exhibition. This tricycle type of automobile, powered with a three h.p. motor, was able to develop a maximum speed of 43 miles per hour. Its more modern version is shown on the cover of this issue. With a 600 h.p. airplane engine, this machine could travel at incredible speeds.

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