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Looking for sincere and honest care with top-quality services? Covenant Home Health is here for you! Your healthcare needs are best met with our notable services that can make your life easier to live by. Choose us to be your partner in taking care of your well-being, and learn how we can improve your quality of life.

Reducing the Risk of Pneumonia In Seniors. The most common cause of pneumonia comes from the bacteria and viruses in the air we breathe.

Reducing the Risk of Pneumonia In Seniors

However, many germs can be responsible for these as well. Unlike diseases like cancer, pneumonia can be passed around from person to person. There are many forms of pneumonia and where you got it is also important in determining how strong the infection could potentially get. Yes, this also includes where your loved one had their physical therapy session.

Since there’s no way of knowing if one place pneumonia-causing bacteria, is giving you tips on how to reduce the risk of your senior getting infected. Get your senior vaccinatedMake sure the others you’re living with have also gotten vaccinatedDon’t smoke or stop smokingTake good hygiene seriouslyPrioritize strengthening your immune system. Spotting the Early Signs of Pneumonia In Seniors. The first signs that you might notice when your loved one has pneumonia are that they look tired and are always complaining that it’s cold.

Spotting the Early Signs of Pneumonia In Seniors

Their skin will feel warm and clammy, yet they will still be shivering due to the room being “too cold” despise adjusting the temperature to the level they normally found comfortable. It can be argued that seniors easily feel cold most days, but it is still best to stay alert as pneumonia can be a deadly infection among the elderly population. Here are other symptoms of pneumonia that wants you to look out for: Coughs that don’t clear upFever or a low body temperatureChest painShortness of breathFatigue. Tips in Caring for Someone with Dementia. If your senior loved one has Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, managing everyday tasks can be hard on your family, especially when the disease progresses.

Tips in Caring for Someone with Dementia

Here are some tips from that can help them participate as much as they can and also help you manage your duties. People with dementia often get frustrated easily when simple tasks become difficult for them. Ease their frustrations by setting a schedule and establishing daily routines. Also, allot more time for them to complete each task like bathing and dressing.

Make them feel involved and capable with household tasks that they can do with minimal risks. Skilled Nurse at Home for Elderly Patients. Elderly care is already hard in itself, but it can be more challenging if the senior has a chronic medical illness like cancer.

Skilled Nurse at Home for Elderly Patients

It is tough to manage care, especially if they are undergoing treatment at the hospital but are still maintaining their independence at home. understands the challenges every family with a sick loved one faces and that quality and reliable skilled nursing services in Texas should be top-notch. Promoting Good Bone Health for Seniors. Our bones do not just provide our body’s structure, but they also enable mobility and store minerals.

Promoting Good Bone Health for Seniors

As we age, we lose bone density; and for seniors, slowing the rate of their bones thinning and maintain their muscle function with it is a necessity for mobility and fall prevention. Seniors at get the most of maintaining good bone health in their age through their diet and physical activity. Our home health care in Garland, Texas ensures their wellbeing as they eat and do activities to keep their bones strong. The heart, muscles, and nerves need calcium to function, and if our bodies do not have much calcium from the food we eat, our bodies take calcium from our bones instead. Food is the best source for seniors to get calcium to protect their bones since our bodies do not produce calcium. Senior Care: Preventing Falls at Home. Many age-related changes and health conditions that seniors experience in their bodies affect their mobility, where they may have poor balance, diminished vision, flexibility, strength, and others, making them more prone to falls even at home.

Senior Care: Preventing Falls at Home

At , we prevent falls among seniors by providing mobility assistance and securing a safe home to live in. Our home health care in Garland, Texas helps avoid falling accidents in seniors, serious injuries, and complications. Bone fractures that come along with falls are also prevented. Speech Therapy: Conditions It Can Help Address. Speech therapy is essential for older adults who have Alzheimer or are recovering from a stroke.

Speech Therapy: Conditions It Can Help Address

Although the ability to communicate is crucial at any age, it can be vital for seniors to maintain their health. As a provider of skilled nursing services in Texas, we will discuss the conditions that speech therapy can help address: Aphasia Aphasia is a communication disorder that makes it difficult for patients to find the right words to express their thoughts. The condition also makes it a challenge to respond to both vocal and verbal cues. Apraxia Aside from physical therapy, speech therapy is an essential part of post-stroke rehabilitation. Senior Care: Discover Effective Tips to Prevent Falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 800,000 individuals are hospitalized each year due to a head injury or hip fracture caused by falls.

Senior Care: Discover Effective Tips to Prevent Falls

These make falls the leading cause of injuries in seniors, some of which can be fatal. As a provider of skilled nursing services in Texas, we will share effective tips for preventing falls at home: Improve lighting Inadequate lighting is a leading hazard for seniors, especially when they have poor eyesight or mobility issues. Installing brighter lights in the bedroom, hallways, kitchen, and other areas they spend time every day should substantially reduce their risk of falling.Clean up clutter Cleaning up clutter is an easy but highly effective means of reducing their risk of falling. Cancer Prevention: How to Reduce Your Risk. How can you reduce your risk of getting cancer?

Cancer Prevention: How to Reduce Your Risk

Your chances of developing this condition can be affected by your lifestyle choices. It is never too late to start living a healthier life. As a provider of health care solutions and physical therapy, we at offer you these cancer prevention tips: Have a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as other plant-based food including beans and whole grains. To learn more about cancer prevention, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Alzheimer Care: Helpful Tips for Daily Tasks.

Are you taking care of someone who is living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer Care: Helpful Tips for Daily Tasks

If so, it is important to manage a care approach that pleases not only the patient but also you as the primary caregiver as the disease progresses. Thus, we at , a provider of home health care in Garland, Texas, offer these helpful care management tips: Create a safe environment. Make sure to take precautions, such as installing locks on cabinets that may contain harmful substances, checking the water temperature before baths, keeping health and safety hazards away, and installing medical equipment and supplies to prevent falls. If the patient has mobility limitations that heightens their risk of falls and other incidents, we can provide physical therapy.Ease frustration. For more information about Alzheimer care management, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

The Promise of a Good Home Health Care Provider. When you or your loved ones are living with health conditions that make it difficult to perform activities of daily living, a provider of home health care in Garland, Texas can help you achieve an improved quality of life. A reliable home health provider can assure you of the following: Quality Care Whether you need non-medical services or physical therapy, a good health care provider offers a wide range of health solutions to choose from. They can address a wide variety of health concerns, as well as provide a high level of care that matches an individual’s preferences and specific needs. Compassionate Care ProfessionalsCaregivers and health professionals serve homebound individuals not only because it is their job but also because they are passionate about helping other people.

In-Home Solutions for a Variety of Needs. How can a provider of home health care in Garland, Texas help you and your loved ones? We’ve listed some of the reasons why you should opt for home health care: Alzheimer CareYour loved one living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease deserves to continue to live comfortably despite the complexity of their conditions. Care professionals can help them engage in therapeutic activities such as reminiscing or playing mind-stimulating games.

They can monitor your loved one’s health condition and manage their symptoms, aiding in medication administration, and more. Skilled Nursing Care Delivered at Home. Though it is commonly known that medical care services are mostly catered to the hospital or skilled nursing facilities, skilled nursing services in Texas can eventually be delivered in the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to worry now about whether you’ll leave your senior alone at home or not, because there are skilled professionals who can take good care of his or her healthcare needs. Home health professionals. Licensed and well-equipped nurses are trained to conduct medical care services at home whether your loved one needs health monitoring, wound care, medication management, or physical therapy. Rest assured that the services will be done based on the high standard in the healthcare industry. Elderly Care: Keep Your Seniors at Home. Seniors love to enjoy life to the fullest even during these hard times. Keeping them at home instead of sending them to a nursing facility will make them more comfortable while doing their gardening, cooking, and other activities. Providers of home health care in Garland, Texas can help you in determining the needs of your loved one when you need elderly care assistance.

When to ask for home health care? More than anyone else, your elderly family members know well what they need when they already come to age. If they are dealing with physical frailties, they might require physical therapy. Discover the Health Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors. Recovering from an injury or hospitalization due to illness can be difficult, especially for older adults.

Age-related conditions and chronic pain have a significant impact on their strength, coordination, and ability to perform daily tasks. Senior Health: Tips to Promote Medication Adherence. Nowadays, modern health care has helped improve our health, help us achieve longer life spans, and enhance our overall quality of life. From Alzheimer’s to diabetes, medications are among the most common treatment for diseases and conditions.

For seniors, prescription medicine helps maintain their health and manage existing conditions. Nonetheless, there are many factors that affect medication adherence in older adults. Why Home Health Care Services Are a Great Option. Elderly Care: How Speech Therapy Benefits Older Adults. The ability to communicate effectively is a key component to living a fulfilling life, especially for older adults. In addition to the social impact of having a speech impediment, emergency situations may also occur when a senior is unable to express discomfort, pain, and other concerns. Telltale Signs Indicating a Need for Home Health Care. As a concerned family member, you’ll want to do what’s best for an aging parent or relative.