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Young vs. Old-Age Onset of Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s disease is known as an older person’s disease as it is most often diagnosed in people over age 60.

Young vs. Old-Age Onset of Parkinson’s Disease

But for a small percentage of sufferers, the disease strikes early. About 4% of all cases of Parkinson’s disease are diagnosed before the age of 50 and this is considered to be early or young-onset Parkinson’s. And the aid of companions is highly beneficial. Whether the disease came earlier or later in your life, the need for certified nursing aides stays the same.

While Parkinson’s is similar among people of all ages, those with young-onset Parkinson’s generally have slower disease progression. Why Companionship Is Crucial in Senior Care. Aging is commonly associated with several different health complications.

Why Companionship Is Crucial in Senior Care

While there are medications to cure illnesses, there remains one risk that people should look out for loneliness. Unfortunately, in our society, we tend to focus more on the physical aspect of a senior individual rather than their mental or emotional health. It makes sense since physical health is more visible and easily noticed than mental or emotional issues. Did you know? The elderly population is twice as likely to feel lonely and isolated. Personal care assistants in Connecticut are fully aware that caring for a senior patient is not just about providing quality care services, but are also in need of companions where they can converse with. Advantages of Light Housekeeping. Nobody can escape the house chores waiting at home.

Advantages of Light Housekeeping

Not even older patients can avoid it when they live alone. As they age, the tasks can be daunting to them. That’s why finding a home health care in Danbury, Connecticut, should be prioritized. An expert can stand-in to do these chores. It’s not always that seniors have the ideal energy to face the challenges of cleaning. Avoid slips and fallsCompanions help make sure the surroundings can pass the elderly-friendly environment. Are you looking for Certified Nursing Aides that can assist in light housekeeping? A Useful Guide When Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients. For a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s disease takes patience and flexibility.

A Useful Guide When Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

Your role in supporting their daily tasks will increase as the disease progresses. As a provider of home health care in Danbury, Connecticut, we highly recommend you create a strategy that will help you manage daily tasks effectively and reduce caregiver burnout. Develop a daily routine to create a sense of consistency for your senior loved ones.Involve your senior loved ones when doing simple tasks, such as setting the table with the help of visual cues.Make bath time easier by scheduling it when your senior is most calm and agreeable. Helping Elderly Parents Organize Their Homes. A well-organized home can make life easier for older adults who wish to live independently.

Helping Elderly Parents Organize Their Homes

Seniors, especially those with conditions and disabilities, need their most-used items like medications, food, and cleaning products to be easily accessible to them. This is why we at Covenant Care of Connecticut, LLC are giving you these tips and tricks on how to help older parents get their home organized! Assess Your Parents’ HomeMake a list of things that you suspect might be causing your parents difficulty and see which areas need the most improvement.Talk to Your ParentsNow that you’ve made your list, it’s time to ask your parents if it’s okay for you to change and renovate their space. Helping Seniors Connected with Their Loved Ones. Nowadays, with social distancing and quarantine protocols keeping loved ones apart, many personal care assistants in Connecticut have taken on a new role: tech support for seniors who are now connecting with their families online.

Helping Seniors Connected with Their Loved Ones

In line with this, Covenant Care of Connecticut, LLC has put together a list of suggestions sitters can use to help their seniors. The Right Technology Help seniors choose the right devices that can meet and complete their needs efficiently. Senior-friendly hardware and software can help your senior avoid confusion and frustration.Sign Up for Classes Once everything is set up, sign them up for a computer class. There are some that are especially designed to cater to older users.Encourage Hobbies and Curiosities The online world is full of fantastic and interesting content — help seniors find something they like. Home Care Services: What Sets Us Apart? Home care is a service provided by certified nursing aides and similar professionals to aging, disabled, or sick individuals.

Home Care Services: What Sets Us Apart?

Through this service, people who receive home care can maintain an independent lifestyle while managing their conditions or disabilities. Moreover, it helps prevent unnecessary hospitalization while providing short or long-term care in the comfort of their home. Although there are several providers of home health care in Danbury, Connecticut, we at Covenant Care of Connecticut, LLC offer high-quality, non-medical home health care services to enhance our client’s health and well-being.

In this month’s blog, we will share the key aspects that set us apart from the rest: Highly qualified, licensed professionals Due to our commitment to providing high-quality care for our clients, we hire only the best caregivers and personal care assistants in Connecticut. Do you think you or a loved one can benefit from our services?