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A Courteous Communications is an award winning answering service located in Central Florida. For 30 years we have been providing answering service solutions to industires nationwide.

Ways to Boost Employee Morale During the Holidays. Are you looking for creative ways to bring holiday cheer to your office?

Ways to Boost Employee Morale During the Holidays

If so, look no further because in this special article, we’re bringing you some very interesting and unique ways to bring jolly and joyful attitudes into your work environment. Read on to see our compilation of the 5 most creative ways to boost employee morale during the holidays. 1.) Spread Christmas Cheer for All to Hear We all love the sentimental memories and feelings that our favorite holiday songs conjure up each year. How Does Holiday Music Affect Employees at Work? • Don’t Overload Your Staff Start playing holiday music just a few weeks before Christmas; start too early and your staff will be overwhelmed and annoyed. . • Consider Going Lyric-Free If you want to maintain a more neutral, focused and conservative holiday environment, stick to lyric-free seasonal songs.

. • Stick to the Classics The soothing and familiar holiday classics will spread cheer throughout your office in a subtle manner. 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) New Year’s Resolution for Small Business Owners. According to Statistics Brain, only 8% of Americans that make a New Year’s resolution, achieve their resolution.

New Year’s Resolution for Small Business Owners

Even though that’s a disheartening statistic, we want to help you be successful in keeping your business goals this year. As such, we bring you the ultimate 2017 New Year’s resolution for small business owners and break it down into small pieces; making it easier for you to follow through. 1.) Answering Service That Delivers. In 2015, Americans spent approximately $630 billion dollars during the holiday shopping season.

Answering Service That Delivers

The holiday rush begins with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, but 67% of consumers admit to starting their holiday shopping in December. With shopping statistics like these, it’s no wonder business owners see a dramatic spike in sales the last month of the year. Virtual Live Receptionist Service. Outsourcing your calls to an off-site location can be a bit of a mystery.

Virtual Live Receptionist Service

Who’s going to answer my calls? How are they going to answer my customer’s inquiries? What tasks can a virtual live receptionist service handle on my behalf? How to Start a Virtual Office Business. We’re quickly approaching 2017 and you’ve finally decided to turn your dream of opening your own business into a reality.

How to Start a Virtual Office Business

You’ve realized that you can build your startup with little to no capital if you keep your overhead costs low. The practical and affordable virtual office business model seems very attractive to you and you’re ready to push forward. In this special article, we give you a basic understanding of how to start a virtual office business from scratch. We’ll quickly walk you through: How to Answer a Phone. Have you ever been on the receiving end of an unprofessional conversation when calling a business?

How to Answer a Phone

It’s just the worst. Not only does it ruin your mood, it also makes you question the competence of the business you called. More often than not, receptionists are responsible for providing your customers with their first impressions of your business. Answering Services for Small Business. Are you shopping around for the best answering service to bulk up your business’s customer service?

Answering Services for Small Business

If you’re wanting a quick and straight-to-the-point resource to learn more about the available answering services for small business owners, read on. Since you’re not a telecommunication’s expert, you may not know what a virtual receptionist can and can’t do. To make your research easier, here are 10 tasks that you can easily outsource to a business answering service. Improve Productivity at Work. It’s almost 3pm and your to-do list is still a mile long.

Improve Productivity at Work

Where did the time go? If you often find yourself in this situation at work, it may be time to change your routine and find some creative ways to improve your work productivity. Effective productivity involves creatively managing your tasks at hand and improving your approach to the workweek. There are only so many hours in the day, so making the most of your time is vital. Being productive is one of the most valued qualities an employee can possess. Here are a few simple ways to improve productivity at work and help you get more done in the day-- without the stress. Wake-Up Call Service. “Should I hire a Wake-Up Call Service?”

Wake-Up Call Service

It’s a legitimate question found on many professional business forums. At first glance, hiring a live person to wake you up might seem more like a luxury than a necessity. If you dive a little deeper and review all the customizations available, you’ll start to see why more and more professionals are enjoying the human wake-up experience. Here are 10 reasons that showcase why paying someone a couple of quarters to give you a wake-up call can drastically change how you approach your career. 1.

Snoozing a real person is tougher than snoozing your alarm app. Break your snooze button addiction by having a human motivator that holds you accountable each workday. World Kindness Day. “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can see.”

World Kindness Day

-Mark Twain World Kindness Day is celebrated throughout the world on November 13th every year. Driven by the World Kindness Movement, this unofficial holiday encourages people to be kind to one another and spread peace, joy and happiness through acts of kindness. Technical Support Answering Service. In a perfect world, your eCommerce website would be sufficient to attract, engage and assist all of your customers. However, in the real world, some of your customers will require additional assistance in their times of need. Outsourcing your incoming calls to a technical support answering service will save your eCommerce business time, money and unneeded stress. How to Dress for Success. In this special article, we walk you through a crash course of unique tips on how to dress for success in any business. Real Estate Answering Service. In the real estate industry, answering incoming telephone calls is critical to obtaining long-term success. Homebuyers and homeowners are searching for a realtor and if you let a call go to voicemail, you risk losing tens of thousands of dollars.

A Real Estate Answering Service can do a lot more than answer your phone lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can also take on a range of other customer service tasks so you can focus on serving your customers face-to-face. All of our clients enjoy custom accounts built around their needs, but here are a few realtor specific services that we bring to your business. Beat the Monday Blues. It’s Sunday night. You’ve just spent your weekend worry free, relaxing and enjoying your time off. Then all of a sudden it hits you. Tomorrow is Monday! You get a pit in your stomach and start feeling overwhelmed by the thought of your to-do list for the upcoming workweek. Even those who love their jobs can get this feeling of anxiety and dread. Start preparing for Monday on Friday One of the best ways to be fully prepared for Monday is to try and tackle as much work as you can before you leave for the weekend. Virtual Receptionist Careers. Working in a business answering service is a highly underrated career; we’re more than just a voice on the other end of a telephone.

Our team is responsible for acting as a gatekeeper and assistant for thousands of businesses. We must be on our game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to deliver superior services to our clients. It’s an extremely stressful and challenging career that not everyone can handle. Although being a virtual receptionist is a highly demanding profession, it also comes with many rewards. Here are 10 reasons why we love answering the business lines for our clients. Excellent Customer Service vs. Websites. Team Building Games. Answering Service Award of Excellence. September 23, 2016, Quebec City, Quebec: A Courteous Communications of Orlando, FL is happy to announce that it has been honored with the exclusive 2016 CAM-X Award of Excellence for the 2nd consecutive year. The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X), the industry’s Trade Association for providers of call center services, presents this prestigious international award annually. Doris Primicerio, founder and president of A Courteous Communications, was presented with the award at the CAM-X 52nd Annual Convention and Trade Show held at the Chateau Laurier, Quebec City, QC.

About the CAM-X Award The CAM-X Award of Excellence is important to A Courteous Communications, as it has become a premier standard in the telecommunication industry since its inaugural award ceremony in 1964. Emergency Answering Service for Hurricanes. Is your business located in an area that is prone to hurricanes? Being an emergency answering service located in Florida, we’ve seen our share of hurricanes and tropical storms since opening our doors back in 1986. Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners. Mistakes that kill employee morale. Telephone Messaging Service Benefits. Live Answering Service Support 24/7. Employee Volunteering is Good For Business. If you ask your employees if they’d like to volunteer, chances are, the majority of them won’t show any interest to your broad question.

Business Phone Calls. Excellent Customer Service. Providing excellent customer service can be an extremely large project to undertake. Sure, you want to give great service that meets the expectations of your customers, but in today’s day and age, is meeting their expectations enough? In this very special article, we’re showcasing 5 very different companies that are making waves when it comes to providing unique and innovative customer service. Business Communication Skills. Being an exceptional communicator is a trait that many professionals seek to acquire. Your communication skills will directly affect every aspect of your business; from acquiring customers to maintaining professional relationships. eCommerce Business Ideas. Conducting Effective Meetings. Employee Volunteering Benefits. Live Answering Service Scheduling. Managing Business Stress. Emergency Answering Service Advice.

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