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The Top 10 Greatest Batman Graphic Novels

Without tooting my own horn, pretty much got them all (because Flipkart provides all the titles and a hole in the wallet as a result). 1300813197_evolution-of-the-batman-logo.gif (GIF Image, 499x300 pixels) DC Comics - The New 52: Full Preview of All 52 New Titles. Come August 31st, 2011, DC Comics will never be the same again with the controversial "DC Comics - The New 52" initiative.

DC Comics - The New 52: Full Preview of All 52 New Titles

The Daily Zombies takes a close look at all the fifty-two new titles and give our take on some of the most intriguing questions as a fallout of the initiative. Early last month, we reported on the development surrounding the status of DC Comics's new publishing initiative following the conclusion of their genuinely universe-changing big Summer crossover event, "Flashpoint". DC COMICS: 30 ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS.

10 Batman Books You Must Read. DC Comics.