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Courage to Change has a full catalog of items to help improve your counseling skills, dealing with sexual abuse and many others

ADHD treatment book for teenagers. ADHD: A Teenager's Guide Book Ages:12 & Up.

ADHD treatment book for teenagers

Written by James J. Crist, Ph.D. New and Revised Edition. Grief activity books. Grief is deep mental anguish, sorrow, or distress that arises from bereavement.

Grief activity books

When a family member dies, children will typically react differently from adults. Preschool children tend to see death as a temporary reversible occurrence. On the other hand, children between ages 5-9 tend to think more like adults about death, although they still do not believe it could happen to them or anyone they know. It is important for parents to be aware of the normal childhood responses to a death in the family, along with signs that a child is experiencing difficulty coping with grief and loss.

In the event that a child is unable to deal with the grief and loss, professional assistance may be sought. Communication activities. Life skills are skills that are typically associated with the ability to manage and live a better quality life.

Communication activities

Life skills assist us in accomplishing our ambitions, as well as living to our fullest potential. There is no definitive set of life skills. The skills that are relevant to an individual will depend on their life circumstances, age, beliefs, culture, and geographical location, just to name a few. The ability to learn is perhaps the most important life skill.

Problem-solving skills. The human brain has the amazing ability to adapt and change.

Problem-solving skills

With the right stimulation, the brain is able to form new neural pathways, alter existing connections, as well as react and adapt in dynamic ways. The astonishing ability of our brain to reshape itself is most evident when it comes to memory and learning. Mental health activity books. Mental health denotes the emotional, social, and psychological well-being of an individual.

Mental health activity books

All of us have experienced mental health problems at one time or another. Self-esteem building activities. Self-esteem is the way in which people think about themselves, as well as what they expect from themselves.

Self-esteem building activities

The foundation for positive self-esteem is laid at an early age, and will be primarily influenced by the relationships that the individual has with their family and friends. Communication skills activities. Social skills are the skills that we use to interact and communicate with each other.

Communication skills activities

These may be both verbal and nonverbal, through the use of body language, gestures, as well as our personal appearance. Social skills should be appropriate for the particular situation of communication. Special Needs. ‘Special needs’ is an umbrella term for a wide array of diagnoses.

Special Needs

Children with special needs may suffer from terminal illness, food allergies, mild learning disabilities, profound cognitive impairment, occasional panic attacks, serious psychiatric problems, or developmental delays that catch up quickly or remain entrenched. These can include asthma, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, Tourette syndrome, cerebral palsy, and separation anxiety to name a few. Coping strategies books. Parental divorce is a watershed event in the personal history of every boy or girl who experiences it.

Coping strategies books

Life is never really the same for an individual after going through the divorce of their parents. Divorce causes a massive change in the life of a child, no matter what age the child is. When a child witnesses the loss of love between his/her parents, this creates a new family circumstance that is challenging to live in. Brie Austin Anger Mangement Techniques for Kids - Brie Austin. Kids Often Get Angry Posted By Brie Austin In Category: Offsite Articles Kids often get angry as we all know.

Brie Austin Anger Mangement Techniques for Kids - Brie Austin

The question remains what to do we do about it, and how to go about teaching them about anger and how to avoid and/or control it so it doesn’t control them. Teaching Character Through Service Book with CD. A Helping Hand card game. A Helping Hand Card Game Ages: 15-Adults. Created by Ann Chapleau, MS, OTR. An interactive game addressing self-esteem, positive lifestyle, coping skills, and relationships. A Helping Hand provides group members with opportunities to both identify personal growth needs and ask for supportive feedback/advice from group members, while staying focused on essential life skills.

Participants take turns requesting and offering feedback in four areas: Self-Esteem, Positive Lifestyle, Coping Skills, and Relationships. Sample Questions: Note: All cards begin with "Can someone give me a hand with... " The Green Way workbook with CD. Learning Responsibility the Green Way Workbook with CD By Terri Haag. Now counselors and teachers can teach middle and high school youth important lessons about individual responsibility to one's self, family, friends, community, country and world using examples from a environmental friendly point of view. The Green Way workbook with CD. Substance abuse activities.

Substance abuse is a pattern of harmful use of any substance for mood-altering purposes. Drug abuse is defined as the use of illicit drugs or the abuse of prescription or over-the-counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are indicated, or in quantities or in a manner other than prescribed. Other substance abuse includes alcohol. It is possible to receive treatment for substance abuse. Substance abuse treatment plans not only assist in detoxifying the addict in a safe environment, but also assist them through every stage of their recovery process. Diagnosis for substance abuse does not depend solely on determining the physical manifestations of the addict, but also the emotional and behavioral criteria are applied. Family activity books. Not only is parenting the most important job you will ever have – it is also one of the most challenging. As your kids grow and mature, your job as a parent will be transformed as it will require your adjustment to the ages and needs of your kids.

It is important to invest in learning skills that can assist and guide you in parenting in healthy and positive ways. There are two very important tasks that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve successful parenting. These include helping kids realize their true best, as well as preparing them to become self-sufficient by approximately the age of 19. Feelings activity books. The ability of children to recognize, understand, and manage their emotions is primarily influenced by the manner in which the adults caring for them acknowledge and respond to their feelings.

It is important for children to learn how to manage their emotions such that they are able to better manage their behavior. Occasionally, parents may need to seek professional assistance for their child in managing their emotions. However, in many cases, parents can equip themselves with skills that can guide their kids to grow into emotionally stable individuals. Children are able to develop emotional security, along with positive social skills in a positive social environment. Anger Management Counselling Tools by Money management activities card game. The Green Way workbook with CD. Help Children with Anger issues. Does your child at times get really angry for a variety of different reasons? Personal problems techniques. Conflict resolution techniques. Conflicts and arguments are natural facets of our lives. Harassment prevention techniques.

Bully prevention techniques. Behavioral issues are occurrences of ongoing misconduct or the inability to acquire appropriate behavioral responses. Anxiety management techniques. Addiction & Recovery. Substance abuse is the consistent harmful use of mood altering substances. Impulse control activities. ADHD is a disorder of the brain in which key symptoms include impulse control, over or 'hyper' activity, and difficulties with staying attentively focused. Temperament. Building Character. Play-2-Learn Dominoes, Set of 7. The You & Me Social Skills. Easy To Understand Advice Smart Teen Cards. Drug Class Cyara's Story DVD. Easy To Understand Advice Smart Teen Minute Card. Divorce Card Game. Cyberbullying; Parents Can Help Their Children Avoid It - Courage To Change. Cyberbullying; parents can help their children avoid being a victim of it. Every parent want to do everything they can to prevent their children from being hurt while at school or away from home. yet cyber bullying is something that can harm your children even while in the safety of your home.There are several ways to stop bullying that can help you keep your children safe and healthy while using social media and electronic communication devices.