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University of Maine to launch Digital Curation program. Strodl_ipres2011_costmodel. MORE SYNERGY BETWEEN DIGITAL CURATION EDUCATION AND UNIVERSITY INVESTMENT IN ICT - IATED Digital Library. 1471-2105-12-S15-S5. - Altmetric. Thankful Archivist: 2011 « NewArchivist. So here we are, once again ready to do what has become a holiday tradition here at NewArchivist, the celebration of that which makes the cockles of my archivist heart glow warm and fuzzy (confession: I just wanted to write “cockles”).

Thankful Archivist: 2011 « NewArchivist

Archival Grassroots I have written more than once on what an awesome group of archivists are on web 2.0, but man, there are a lot of awesome archivists on web 2.0 right now. A case in point: Kate Theimer suggested that archivists should band together and provide Spontaneous Scholarships for folks who needed some assistance attending the 2011 SAA conference. Well, we banded together and provided money to help 26 archivists engage in the profession, many of the donations coming from people on Facebook or Twitter. Getting an early start on next year, Alison Smith and Rebecca Goldman put together Closed Stacks, Open Shutters: An Archivist Photobook with all of the proceeds going to the scholarship fund. Deviled Eggs Remain Freakin' Awesome. Digital Dilemma: Preserving Computer Aided Design (CAD) Files.

Virtualgoods2011_submission_4. Forum 18 Search/Archive. Russian state censorship increasingly extended nationwide in November to cover Jehovah's Witness websites – and possibly also Hare Krishna sms announcements, Forum 18 News Service has learnt.

Forum 18 Search/Archive

A Prosecutor's Office official claimed to Forum 18 that blocking the websites "isn't about freedom of conscience or censorship – it's about restricting access to extremist materials. " Also, four more Jehovah's Witness publications have been banned nationwide by being added to the Federal List of Extremist Materials. Meanwhile, attempts to ban the Russian translation of a key book for Hare Krishna devotees – the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is – have been delayed. The reason is a delay for an unknown length of time in producing an "expert analysis" before the case can resume. Elsewhere, on 22 December an appeal is due to be heard after the second trial of Jehovah's Witness Aleksandr Kalistratov on "extremism" charges.

"Extremism" prosecutions This was Kalistratov's second trial on the same charges. Wayback usage in the Danish webarchive - NetarchiveSuite - SBForge. Skip to end of metadataGo to start of metadata Gliffy Zoom The Danish Webarchive implementation of wayback has the following primary components.

Wayback usage in the Danish webarchive - NetarchiveSuite - SBForge

ArcRepository All access to the harvested data and metadata is via the ArcRepository interface from NetarchiveSuite. Indexing Component. Twittervane: Crowdsourcing selection. We’re excited to announce development of a new tool to automate the selection of websites for archiving: the Twittervane.

Twittervane: Crowdsourcing selection

At the moment, our selection process is manual, dependent upon internal subject specialists or external experts to contact us and nominate websites for archiving in the UK Web Archive. We benefit from their expertise and wouldn’t be without it, but we recognise that this manual selection process can sometimes be time consuming for frequent selectors. It’s also inevitably subjective, reflecting the interests of a relatively small number of selectors. Automated selection is an efficient and under-utilised alternative, but up until now it has been difficult to see how an automated approach could clearly identify the most popular and widely relevant websites.

Our answer? The Twittervane project will investigate how the power and wisdom of the crowd can be leveraged to automatically select websites for archiving. LIFE-SHARE Project. Summary Case Study 4 investigated different methods to preserve print monographs which are currently kept on the open shelves.


In particular, we wanted to compare the long term costings of physical conservation, versus digital preservation. The results were striking, and showed clearly that choosing the least expensive preservation option in the first instance can lead to far greater costs over time. The following is an overview - you can download the full internal report (PDF) here. Briefly: A sample of 200 books was chosen from a representative collection (Early 20th century French texts, in editions published prior to 1970), which was known to have issues with acid paper – acidity makes them brittle, and vulnerable, and so in need of some kind of preservation.

Rare Disney rabbit who later became Mickey Mouse is unearthed in black and white film from 1928. Hamm_ipres2011. Becker_ipres2011. Safeguarding skeletons using 3D digitisation. The University of Bradford has secured almost £750,000 to safeguard skeletons from world-renowned collections based in Bradford and London.

Safeguarding skeletons using 3D digitisation

The project, funded by the 'Joint Information Systems Committee' (JISC), will use 3D laser scanning, CT scans and high resolution photography together with new clinical descriptions and historical illustrations to create a web-accessible archive of photo-realistic digital 3D models of pathological type-specimens. The skeleton collections used in the project will be from internationally renowned collections that have restricted access and are therefore usually only seen by students and researchers. The project will create a unique educational tool that will appeal to various disciplines including clinicians, medical trainees, medical historians, archaeologists, osteologists and palaeopathologists, as well as enriching the public understanding of anatomy and medical science.

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA)


Total-impact: uncover the invisible impact of reseach.