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Dheeraj Kumar

His incomparable and vast level experience of 8+ years has made him most trusted person among the clients in the Event management industry. He is a persuasive communicator with exceptional operations & management skills and with the ability to achieve organization and personal goals perfectly. Recently, he is handling CEPL as one of the creative director & Founder who specializes in Creative Direction, Strategy Planning, Business Development, Creative Strategy and Art Direction.

Event Management Company. What is brand promotion? Its meaning and importance - Countrywide. What is brand promotion?

What is brand promotion? Its meaning and importance - Countrywide

Brand promotion is the way to inform and remind the target audiences about your message, persuading them and influencing them to purchase your product or service. Right from traditional media to online digital channels including social media, companies nowadays use different platforms for promoting their brand and bringing out the message. Through effective brand promotion methods, they strive to introduce their unique personality to target customers while conveying how they can help solve their pain points. Your product or service has some value and uniqueness in it. Brand promotion is basically how you communicate that value to prospect customers through your marketing. Importance of brand promotion. How To Plan Corporate Events? - Countrywide. Planning a corporate event in an utmost professional manner takes a dedicated amount of time and energy.

How To Plan Corporate Events? - Countrywide

A well planned corporate event would not just appeal the attendees but can help in building lasting relationships. And hence it is an integral and necessary part of business success. Wedding Event Management & Planning. Event Management. Envision The Events - Countrywide. Event Management Company, Event Planners Delhi, Event Organisers. Premium wedding decoration. How to conduct Sports Events safely during the Pandemic? - Countrywide. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has affected sports activities across the world.

How to conduct Sports Events safely during the Pandemic? - Countrywide

Major sporting events both at national and international level had to be cancelled or postponed due to the widespread pandemic. After months of suspensions of sporting events around the world, the sports industry is slowly rebooting and athletes and teams are gradually gearing up to play. While some sporting events are being staged behind closed doors, some countries are witnessing a wider reopening of stadiums and spectators are being allowed to attend select sporting events. As professional leagues return to sports, sports associations must follow extensive safety guidelines and coronavirus prevention measures while organizing sports programs. Below are a few tips on how you can make your tournament safe in the midst of a pandemic. How to Plan & Manage Weddings During a Pandemic? - Countrywide. Grand decor, upbeat music, cheerful guests, and a long spread of delicacies are quintessential to a gala wedding.

How to Plan & Manage Weddings During a Pandemic? - Countrywide

But weddings in 2020 look a lot different thanks to the devastating Coronavirus pandemic. While some couples have decided to postpone their weddings, some others wish to go ahead and tie the knot. As a famous quote goes, ‘a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, it must be memorable’. During such a pandemic situation, this quote becomes a perfect mantra for couples as well as wedding planners. With innovation and a flexible attitude, they can plan their big day in a beautiful way. We have put together a list of ideas, Dos and Don’ts to help you navigate a perfect micro wedding planning that doesn’t compromise the fun, celebration, or safety. Event management & planning. How to Manage Events During Covid-19 Pandemic? - Countrywide. Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world like a giant tsunami and no one was prepared for it.

How to Manage Events During Covid-19 Pandemic? - Countrywide

Industries across the spectrum have tumbled into an economic crisis. The event management industry has incurred unprecedented losses due to postponement or cancellation of events. Although the coronavirus pandemic looms at large, businesses cannot remain frozen forever. As the governments relax the lockdown situation and allow more activities, event organizers are seeing a glimmer of hope. Organizing and managing an event during the Covid-19 pandemic is not easy by any means. 6 Tips For Planning The Perfect Product Launch Event After Covid-19 - Countrywide. Businesses that prioritize physical events, in comparison with virtual events still have a long way to go as the Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed consumer behaviour and social distancing is the new way of life and is here to stay for some time.

6 Tips For Planning The Perfect Product Launch Event After Covid-19 - Countrywide

While physical events business will surely bounce back after the Covid-19, but the pandemic will certainly change the course of meetings and business events in the future. Enhanced virtual participation through webinars and online product launch events which can span across many locations at the same time, satellite events complementing larger gatherings etc. could be the new event strategies. Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Planning Your Next Event - Countrywide. Lets face it!

Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Planning Your Next Event - Countrywide

Managing and planning an event can leave you frustrated, exhausted and take a toll on your mental health. A quickly approaching event can even give you jitters and make you feel anxious. Most organizations turn to events for better growth, fundraising and to engage the users and an event done right can serve a wonderful purpose! But too often the company or businesses are not able to leverage the opportunity in the best manner due to which few events can turn into a disaster despite working with quality vendors and a motivated team. Best Event Planner in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida - Countrywide Events. A Leading Event Management Company. Different types of events and tips to organize them - Countrywide.

Organizing an event is not a simple task and leads to various complex challenges.

Different types of events and tips to organize them - Countrywide

It requires the right people, careful planning and research and a thorough understanding of the concept and the format before you begin the work. We are committed to offer relevant, affordable, modern and tech-savvy #event management services.… What is Event Management? - Countrywide. Any event, however big or small deserves celebration with our loved ones.

What is Event Management? - Countrywide

Marriage Event Management. How to make your trade show display stand out? ... 5 tips to plan a budget friendly wedding - Countrywide Events. Indians have always topped the chart when it comes to celebrating the auspicious occasion of the wedding.

5 tips to plan a budget friendly wedding - Countrywide Events

A carnival of unforgettable moments, Indian weddings are elaborate and holy celebrations and engage every form of luxurious entertainment. Right from booking the best party banquet hall in town, buying the most expensive outfits, to lavish food buffets for the guests and of course a long list of guests who will attend the wedding, Indian weddings are larger than life, fun and fascinating. But all this color, glitz, glamour, music and food attracts a considerable cost, which is sometimes inconvenient for the families to afford. 10 Best Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event - Countrywide Events.

The modern corporate life can be very stressful and exhausting at times. Handling multiple and cumbersome tasks such as managing accounts, stocks and sales all day can make the employees lose their nerves and reduce their productivity. To protect your employees from the damaging effects of stress, corporate events come as a saviour!! With entertainment being the focal point, corporate events are all about good food, drinks, music, and not to forget, engaging conversations. India’s top-notch event management company headquartered in Delhi/NCR. 20+ years of excellence, known for creati… Wedding Events Management. Top Atrist Management. Social Events Management. Corporate Event Management.

Best Event Management Company. Corporate Event Management Company in Delhi/NCR, India. Corporate events have to be organized, managed and executed with precision. Within a short span, emerging businesses and established organizations plan to schedule events. But, the need of hour is to look up for the best corporate event management company in Delhi. Countrywide Events is one stop destination for planning and seeking help for organizing corporate events. We have been serving our valued customers with our 20 years’ vast experience in the event management stream. Corporate Event Management Services - Countrywide Events. Every company has a personalized agenda to address during corporate event and the activities vary on the basis of the theme.

If you have a unique, trending theme to be incorporated in upcoming event of your company, then, consider corporate events management services. The chief benefit of availing the services of corporate events management is getting the optimum outcome. In fact, you will experience a convenient yet profitable corporate event because the expertise and creativity are added in the execution. Moreover, the vast experience of corporate events’ organizer understands the art of arranging each aspect according to your requirements.

Experience the creative approach of seminar & conference organisers in Delhi - Countrywide Events. Maintaining a professional decorum and keeping all the activities aligned during the arrangements of seminars is crucial. Obviously, when you are inviting delegates from various associations to participate in your corporate event in Delhi, then, all the facilities need to be in sync. Practically speaking, expertise is a key to make the conference or seminar successful! Well, you might be good at multitasking when it comes to handling the internal events within the organization. But, it is better to keep the dilemma out and hire seminar & conference organisers in Delhi.

These professionals are well-acquainted with the trends of revamping the venue and adding finesse to the event. Best Event Management Company in Delhi NCR, India. Event Management Company In Delhi: Some Interesting Steps to Hire an Event Planner. Hiring an event planner is not a difficult task if you follow the right steps to hire them. You should make sure that you expend time searching the best event planners and screen them perfectly. It is a very important to select the event planner wisely to make it successful. 1. Decide Your Event Objective. The vast majority imagine that employing an outside event organizer or food provider starts by deciding the event's financial plan, yet in all actuality it's more essential to start by characterizing why you need to hold an occasion in any case.

Dheeraj Kumar. Event Management Companies in Delhi NCR. Shopping. CEPL [countrywidevents] on Plurk. Event Management companies. Event Management Companies in Noida. Welcome! Public library - countrywidevents - Diigo. Countrywide Events Private Limited's Bookmarks (User countrywide. Event Organisers Your dream Our work - Slashdot. Countrywidevents Websites. Countrywide Events Private Limited on Pinterest. CEPL (@countrywidevent) Clothing Sites. Article-detail. On that note I convey to a portion of the coolest goals for experience trips in India, where you can embrace insane fun-stuffed exercises with your accomplice in wrongdoing. 1. Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand – Offbeat Trekking Experience With Skeletons A paradise for trekkers, yet with a terrible curve as you make a beeline for the icy Roopkund Lake.

Yes, the way of this trek really has several human skeletons scattered all over, particularly close to the edge of the lake. Likewise, consider different goals like: Zanskar-Chaddar Trek in Kashmir, Kalka-Kasauli Trek, and Naga Tibba Trek. 2. Ladakh is without a doubt one of the best goal for an enterprise trip in India. Cautioning: Not for the swoon hearts! Tip: Carry some Rum along, you'll know why. Additionally, consider different goals like: Thar Desert, Spiti Valley, and Kochi-Munnar trail. 3. Tranquil and detached Barren Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer brave scuba jumping background. 4. 5. Things You Need to Keep at Events – Countrywide Events. With weight to improve, individuals frequently need to disregard everything that worked previously. Be that as it may, it’s not important to discard everything. Here are few focuses for the occasion business that we require now like never before. Event Organizers Take the Troubleout of Preparing a Flawless Event by Kumud Dixit.

By Kumud Dixit Seo Expert. Get Magnificent Services with Event Planner - - Home. Countrywidevent. Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community. Please take a few minutes discover how kiwibox works.You want to explore kiwibox on your own? No problem. You can easily restart the tour at any time by using the sidebar if you change your mind. Event Management Company — How to Plan an Event : Event Organisers.

FrOm ThE eYeS oF NiHaRiKa: How Event Organizers Select Venues. Picking a Venues is a standout amongst the most sensitive choices that occasion experts confront. An exploration found what impacts that decision. The biggest expos in the meeting and occasion industry are chiefly engaged about interfacing two groups of onlookers: occasion experts and venues. You will see many scenes from around the globe attempting to win organizers' support. Some facilitated purchasers programs pay for travel and settlement costs, offer access to VIP relax and rich private occasions if the occasion proficient can show they oversee scene spending plan and will make arrangements. Know some start up techniques to enable event business.

Steps to Get Best Amongst Event Management Companies by Countrywidevents. All’re Not the Same — Event Organizers – Countrywide Events P Ltd – Medium. Just about anybody can set themselves up as occasion coordinators. By and by there’s a gigantic distinction between the numerous ‘getting sorted out organizations’ who need to run your meeting or corporate occasion. Whilst a one-individual coordinator might have the capacity to handle basic activities, the intricacy of significant business occasions fits multi-gifted proficient occasions groups. Inspiration. Know Some Start up Ideas to Enable the Event Industry. Step by Step Instructions to Find the Perfect Sponsor for Your Event. Whether you're arranging a major international meeting, a gathering pledges occasion for your NGO or a startup party, finding a support is one of the top limited time exercises you need to consider while arranging your occasion. Supporters can help you diminishing the general expenses of the occasion, expanding the quantity of participants and enhancing the client encounter.

In any case, how might you locate the correct patrons? How might you persuade them that they are doing the correct venture and support your occasion will get them outstanding results terms of perceivability?