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Counselling Ashford is a place where you will be given talking therapies in which you are provided a safe and supportive environment to explore any problems you are experiencing. People take therapies for several reasons like Depression, Anxiety, Low self confidence etc. Sian Jones is the Counsellor in Ashford, who change 100 of lives by their therapies. He provide Counselling and Cognitive behavioural therapy in Ashford, Kent.

Cognitive behavioural therapy Ashford Kent. What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive behavioural therapy Ashford Kent

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT as its commonly known) is a form of psychotherapy which combines cognitive therapy and behaviour therapies, emphasising the importance of ‘how we think effects how we feel and what we do’. In simple terms, cognitive behavioural therapy addresses negative patterns and distortions in the way we look at the world and ourselves. As the name suggests, this involves two main components: Cognitive therapy examines how negative thoughts or cognitions contribute to a negative emotion Behavioural therapy examines how you behave and react in situations that trigger a negative emotion The basic premise of cognitive behavioural therapy is that it’s our thoughts or irrational beliefs – not external events – that affect the way we feel.

Your thoughts can block you seeing things that don’t fit in with what you believe which can cause you problems if you continue to hold on to them. Common problems CBT can help with: Low Self-Esteem Counselling Will Help The Person Emerge Confident. Low Self-Esteem Counselling Will Help The Person Emerge Confident As a child begins to grow and blossom into an adolescent and finally into a fine young woman or a man, there are several personality traits that begin to show up.

Low Self-Esteem Counselling Will Help The Person Emerge Confident

The environment and several other influencing factors may be responsible for them. Gradually the person begins to be labelled as a jovial, a moody, a serious and responsible or a frivolous character. While it is common to have a mixture of more than one personality traits, the exceptional person is sure to exhibit of them in excess that may indicate trouble for her or him. The string of effects There can be nothing worse than having a low level of self-esteem. Sharing the troubles freely. Signs to look for to identify if you need counselling. Signs to look for to identify if you need counselling We live in a world where every other person experiences erratic periods of stress, sadness and grief.

Signs to look for to identify if you need counselling

Most of the times, you are able to deal with it. But, other times, you are lost and almost on the level of slipping into depression. So, how do you know if it’s time to seek for professional help? Identifying and effectively treating the mental illness is the primary motive of almost every counselling centre. Professional Depression counselling Ashford Kent. Are you feeling low all of the time?

Professional Depression counselling Ashford Kent

One in five people become depressed at some point in their lives. There are many types of depression and many reasons people feel depressed. Depression is more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days. We all go through spells of feeling down, but when you're depressed you feel persistently sad for weeks or months. Some people still think that depression is trivial and not a genuine health condition. Depression is a mood disorder characterised by low mood and a wide range of other possible symptoms, which will vary from person to person. Physiotherapist. Anger Management Counselling - Counselling Ashford - Practises in both Charing & Ashford, Kent. Do you have a problem controlling your anger?

Get Anger management counseling tips with proven strategies and therapies for self help to dealing with anger. When anger become uncontrollable or is unexpressed then it leads to self harm. So if you suffering from such situation then take immediate counseling services in Ashford, Kent – counsellingashford

It’s normal to feel irritation or anger at times; it’s a natural human response to certain life experiences.

Anger Management Counselling - Counselling Ashford - Practises in both Charing & Ashford, Kent

People often claim to feel anger in response to believing they are being attacked, judged, insulted, deceived or frustrated. It becomes a problem when it is triggered too easily and provokes an extreme response and harms you or the people around you. Often, anger problems are due to poor management of our emotions. Anger, like all emotions, involves physiological and chemical changes in the body. Anger can range from irritability through to rage, however, in general, any form of anger is caused by the belief that life is unfair and/or someone has violated our internal beliefs about how someone ‘should’ or ‘should not’ behave. Low Self Esteem Counselling- Sian Therapy.

Self-Talk and Self-Awareness. To end the misery that has afflicted the human condition for thousands of years, you have to start with yourself and take responsibility for your inner state at any given moment.

Self-Talk and Self-Awareness

That means now. Ask yourself, “Is there negativity in me at this moment?” Then, become alert, attentive to your thoughts as well as your emotions. Watch out for the low-level unhappiness in whatever form that I mentioned earlier, such as discontent, nervousness, being “fed up,” and so on. Watch out for thoughts that appear to justify or explain this unhappiness but in reality cause it. Your sense of self, of who you are, then undergoes a shift: Before you were the thoughts, emotions, and reactions; now you are the awareness, the conscious Presence that witnesses those states. “One day I will be free of the ego.” Is not really a big job but a very small one. In that sense, it is true that there is nothing you can do to become free of the ego. Excerpted from Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, pages 116-117.

Cognitive behaviorial therapy Ashford Kent.