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Shadowing - Bianca Beran Portfolio. Shadowing - Walsheys World. Shadowing - Daniel Washington Portfolio. Outdoor education is very import in our communities today. With more and more students choosing video games, television, and computers over playing outside, the importance of the great outdoors have never been more needed.

So what do we do about this? Why not use technology in outdoor education. This is what two resources that I have found have tried to do in some way or form. Although both could do better, they are in the first steps to fully incorporating these into what they do. High Trails Outdoor Science School is one. I found this by a Google search of "outdoor education research technology blog. " Earthducation is another great website that is using technology to advance their work in the outdoors all across the world. Outdoor Advancement in Education Outdoor Advancement in Education.

Shadowing - Rachel Williams Portfolio. Communication and Collaboration in the Classroom - Kyle Wingfield Portfolio. Shadowing - Jennifer Voyles Portfolio. Shadowing - Erin Thorn's Portfolio. For my shadowing project, I decided to follow two teachers’ blogs. While google-ing exemplary teacher blogs, I found Ms. Cassidy’s blog and Miss Speechie’s speech and language therapy blog. Ms. Cassidy chronicles her dailylessons she creates for her second grade class in Canada, whereas, Miss Speechie’s blog is about her speech therapy teachings. I thought this would be a good combination of postings because I plan to become a speech language pathologist for younger elementary aged students.

In Ms. Dge by diving into foreign countries cultures. On the other hand, Miss Speechie uses her blog to post about speech therapy activities her students have found interesting or very successful. When teachers actively integrate technology into their lesson plans they are providing a greater opportunity for student to succeed in the future. The real world. Shadowing - Grace Sport Portfolio. Shadowing Write-up For this shadowing project, I shadowed the blogs of two different teachers. The goal was to learn about how teachers support collaboration and communication in the classroom.

I shaddowed "Third Grade Thoughts" and "Kleinspiration". To find one of the blogs, I searched through a list of award winning teacher blogs, until I found a blog that matched up with the grade level and curriculum I am interested in, which is third grade math. To find the other blog, I simply did a Google search using the keywords “third grade math teacher blog.” I learned a lot from shadowing the teacher’s blogs. The first blog that I followed is called “3rd Grade Thoughts.” The second blog that I shadowed is called “Kleinspiration.” Both of these blogs posted about activities that are in compliance with the Georgia Performance Standards.

Communication and Collaboration - Frances Marie Rambo Portfolio. Shadowing - Olivia Payne. Through extensive searching, I have located a blog and a wiki page that I believe to be useful and informative for high school English teachers and students. I located both the blog and the wiki page on local high school’s websites. Here are links to the blog and wiki page: As I retrospectively shadowed the two websites, I learned different, but equally important techniques to communication and collaboration for a classroom via technology.

The blog I chose is from a local high school in Marietta, GA, Lassiter High School. Throughout the past two weeks, he has updated his site almost daily with important readings, what would be discussed in class, and homework assignments. The wiki page I found comes from a local high school’s website. I have learned that it is useful to be descriptive and to allow students the option to contact you outside of the classroom. CHECK OUT THE GLOGSTER I MADE!!! Shadowing - Tyler Lohman Portfolio. As a speech pathologist or audiologist, there aren’t classroom blogs specific to a certain area or subject matter such as history or math, however; communication disorder professionals have created hundreds of blogs to share ideas among the professional world and among other colleagues.

Many, if not all, interactions with students or patients are in the one-on-one setting. I found the blogs I was interested in following through the Google SLP blog bundle. The first blog I chose to follow was called SpeechTechie. A man named Sean Sweeney who is a speech language pathologist and an instructional technology specialist created this blog. He created the blog so that speech pathologists from all around the world could communicate ideas. “This creative capability allows SLPs to target categories, descriptive language, causals, conditionals and written expression, or have clients work within a budget to target functional math.” The second blog I found was called Speech Room News. Shadowing - Luke Upchurch Portfolio.

I wanted to find some blogs that were sort of associated with high school education, like political science or world history. The ones I found I enjoyed because they had tons of cool images and information, and I am going to tailor mine like theirs. My glogster was really fun to make, I didn't realize there is a tool on the internet to put all of my ideas ad things on one page.

Ad at the same time, it is ascetically pleasing I think all the colors and images help the student or students retain and focus better. The first blog is about world history and it is super long. All throughout the Blog it has information about all aspects of the subject. The second blog is better in my opinion because of its size.

Shadowing - Mark Taylor portfolio. Shadowing - Home. Shadowing Experience - Traviera Sewell Portfolio. Shadowing Project - Michael Fernandez Portfolio. The two blogs I viewed were Canadian and insanely futuristic and innovative in how they use technology in the classroom. I was amazed by how well they have brought technology into the classroom. They have more iPads than my high school ever had, and the students seem to understand how to work with them and other forms of technology at a higher level than most secondary school students. The fact that they have the forms of collaboration and communication in the class and can use them aptly is really impressive.

The teachers were Mrs. Cassidy and Ms. Elders and they are both Canadian teachers in elementary schools. My Glogster. Shadowing Project - Ayrian Portfolio. Ayrian Evans Teacher’s Blog My first blog comes from this website, The article explains how a teacher, who teaches physical education, uses Edmodo to further his students learning path. Edmodo is a website or app that helps students connect and communicate through varies properties on the app.

Edmodo can be used to help teachers set up groups for classes, make assignments, do test and surveys for students. My next blog was a video from Steuart Weller Elementary, Loudoun County, Virginia. Shadowing Project - EDIT2000 Spring13. Link to Shadowing Project Glog (still in the making): In beginning this new project, I initially had some difficulties finding art blogs that not only included images of art student’s work, but also inside scoop to how the teacher taught using technology. However, I managed to stumble upon two blogs that did! These two cites go by the names of Art Junction and Digital Art Bytes. Initially, a Google search held the foundation of how I stumbled upon these blogs. However, both had been linked to sites that were the compilation of many arts, technology, and arts & technology blogs for art teachers to access in one place- very convenient.

Let us begin with thinking about how the students would benefit from these blogs. They both are made for student and teacher benefit, but have very different trajectories of getting there. If I were to make suggestions to either of these two blogs, I would choose to focus on the Digital Art Bytes. Communication and Collaboration: Shadowing - Ashley Adams Portfolio. Shadowing - Patrick Bender Portfolio.