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Cottage Industries is a full-service residential design and construction company serving Philadelphia & the Main Line.

Portico Designs That Suits The Architecture of Your Home. If you’re tired of those ugly concrete steps leading to your front door, or you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, what’s the solution?

Portico Designs That Suits The Architecture of Your Home

Design, build, or remodel a portico, a small porch protected by a column-supported roof. 5 Reasons To Use A Design/Build Firm For Your Bathroom Remodel. Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a house.

5 Reasons To Use A Design/Build Firm For Your Bathroom Remodel

So if you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, it’s probably simple enough to design it yourself, right? Or you’ll probably be able to save money contracting it out yourself, right? Wrong, and wrong. A quality design/build firm can help you get the most for your money, offer you design ideas and flexibility, and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a remodel—all while achieving the bathroom transformation you’ve been dreaming of. When designing a bathroom yourself first consider if the layout works for you. Fresh Fall Looks For Your Kitchen. Ahhh, Fall is in the air: The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, and apple cider donuts have hit the shelves.

Fresh Fall Looks For Your Kitchen

Whether you love cozy Fall nights at home, or gathering in the kitchen for a Fall feast, do so in autumnal style. 5 Reasons To Use A Design/Build Firm For Your Bathroom Remodel. The Open Concept Kitchen: Does It Fit Your Lifestyle. It seems rare these days to hear the word “kitchen” without first hearing, “open concept.”

The Open Concept Kitchen: Does It Fit Your Lifestyle

Having an open-concept kitchen is quite popular these days—people buying houses want them, and people remodeling houses are knocking down walls to get them. But does an open-concept kitchen fit your lifestyle and work for your home and family? Not necessarily. There are benefits to closed kitchens, including more privacy and clear boundaries. The type of kitchen that works best for your family may not work for another family. Read on to learn about the allure of having an open concept kitchen, the appeal of a closed kitchen, and tips for making an open-concept kitchen as functional and stylish as it can be, if you go that route.

Why Preserve Your Historic Building and How to Do It. Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Philadelphia: What Should You Pay? At Cottage Industries, we get a lot of clients who are interested in doing a bathroom remodel.

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Philadelphia: What Should You Pay?

Whether you’re sick of your bathroom’s wall-to-wall pink tile, or are just ready for an updated style, it could be time to do over your bathroom. No two bathrooms are alike, and a remodel plan that works for you wouldn’t necessarily work for your neighbor. Therefore, costs can run the gamut. What we’ll do today is discuss bathroom remodel cost estimates, and what features factor into the overall project cost. Decorative Lighting: What’s Popular in 2015. Lighting shouldn’t be an after thought in your home.

Decorative Lighting: What’s Popular in 2015

You need lights for utilitarian purposes like illuminating your kitchen counters, dining spaces, and living room. But lighting doesn’t have to be boring. How to Make Your Home Sustainable Without Breaking the Bank. You’re the person in your family who makes sure every yogurt container and juice bottle makes it into the recycling bin.

How to Make Your Home Sustainable Without Breaking the Bank

You like to turn out the lights, turn off the water, and conserve resources whenever you can. But can you make your home more sustainable without breaking the bank? You can. Affordable sustainability is possible, and can be as simple as upgrading to energy efficient appliances, changing light bulbs, or adding insulation. Get it Right: Victorian Home Restoration. Your Victorian home is likely more than a century old, meaning it’s stood up to a lot during the passage of time.

Get it Right: Victorian Home Restoration

Restoring your home could mean a few small projects, or it could require a major overhaul, depending on the care it’s received over the years. Read on to learn about Victorian homes, including the basics of Victorian home restoration. What is a Victorian home? The Victorian era’s namesake is Queen Victoria, whose 63-year rule of Britain lasted from 1837 to 1901. During the Victorian era, architecture took a turn reflecting the industrialization of the time. Some of the features that identify Victorian homes include: – An asymmetrical façade– A gable facing forward– Steeply pitched roofs, usually shaped irregularly– Textured roof shingles– Asymmetrical porches, typically one story high– Porches that extend along the side walls There are a variety of Victorian styles of home, including Queen Anne Victorian, Stick Victorian, and Second Empire Victorian.

Some common problems. When Parents Move In: In-law Suite Designs. As we get older, more people are welcoming their aging parents to move in with them.

When Parents Move In: In-law Suite Designs

It’s not as simple though as unpacking some belongings for mom and dad. Extra space is often needed in the form of an in-law suite, and existing parts of the house need to be made safe and more accessible. In-law suite designs aren’t new for Cottage Industries, and our projects have run the gamut from full suite additions to simpler bedroom and bathroom designs. Planning An Addition To Your Kitchen? Read This First.

9 Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Save Aggravation! Kitchen remodeling is not something to be taken lightly.

9 Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Save Aggravation!

There are many pieces to the puzzle that need to come together in a harmonious fashion. With proper planning and foresight, your kitchen remodel can be a fun experience and the results might be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Without it, possibly the end of your marriage! Ok, maybe that’s too dramatic, but here are a few tips that are sure to keep your relationship in good standing. 1. Changing the Façade of Your Home: Enhancing Value. What A Difference! Before the Porch Whether you’re planning on changing the façade of your home to sell or stay, the look of the façade can make a major difference. If you’re planning on selling your home, remember that curb appeal sells. Changing the façade can be the best return on investment—especially if it’s relatively inexpensive. Maximize your Whole House Renovation! Maximizing a whole home is a big job. To determine your best renovation strategy, you need to consider how long you are planning to live there. Is it possible that you will sell next year?

Or is this the home you will grow old in? The answers to these questions are some of the big determinants that will affect all factors of your renovations. The Gotchas of Remodeling an Older House. As remodelers of some fantastic and eclectic older homes, we’ve seen surprises turn up that run the gamut: pipes hidden in walls, stairs that aren’t up to code, and crooked floors and ceilings. These are some of the “gotchas”; the hidden conditions that can pop up when remodeling an old house.

Seven Tips for Old-Home Restoration. While older homes can be loaded with charm and character, they also come with quirks and hidden surprises. The Top 10 Things to Consider When Planning Kitchen Renovations. 7 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Optimum Layout. When remodeling your kitchen, coming up with a smart and efficient layout is important. Should You Remodel Before Moving In? What To Keep In Mind. Bathroom Remodels: 7 Factors That Impact Cost.

Ah, the bathroom! It can be the center of activity (especially on a Monday morning!) Renovating an Older Home: Avoid These 5 Mistakes. Older homes are full of charm and plenty of memories. But renovating an older home can also involve many challenges. Go into the renovation with your eyes wide open. Read up on renovation tips for older homes, potential “gotcha” moments, and mistakes to avoid, like the five we’re listing below. 1. To Remodel or Add On: That is the Question. Historic Home Interior Design: The Best Path Forward. The secret to historic home renovations are melding the old with the new, and letting your tastes and styles shine. Our Top 3 Favorite Home Additions On The Main Line. Today we’re going to share our top 3 favorite home additions on the Main Line. Let us know in the comments which one you liked the most! Lundy Client style: Contemporary eclectic with some mid century modern mixed in.

Client needs: Other than decorating the interior, the exterior of the home needed to be changed and expanded to reflected the clients style and accommodated their day to day living. Also, a very dangerous garage driveway condition that required backing out onto a high traffic state road had to be remedied. Best Remodeling Ideas For An Aging Population.

It’s likely the house you currently live in wasn’t built or designed with older age in mind. But as the years pass, health issues like hearing and vision loss, arthritis, and balance impairment can make living in our homes a challenge. But there’s good news: Most homes can be redesigned to better accommodate the health challenges we face as we age. New Home Construction Process Checklist.