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Web Application Performance Management (APM) : New Relic. Youtube Playlist Rss Feed Creator. The YouTube API provides a number of RSS feeds for various aspects of the YouTube community such as, Top Rated videos and Most Favourited video, plus some peronsal feeds for such things as 'your uploaded videos', but nowhere is there a working tool that provides individual playlist RSS feeds based on a single parameter.

Youtube Playlist Rss Feed Creator

Well, now there is. All you need to use this tool is the ID of the playlist, which is normally the charaters the 'p=' in the URL of a playlist video. Free Open Source Certificates for Developers. Why Free?

Free Open Source Certificates for Developers

GoDaddy is committed to the open source community. We want your site and data to be secure -- and we're willing to foot the cost to make them just that. A Standard SSL Certificate proves to all involved that: Your domain name and domain control have been validated by an independent authority.Sensitive information remains privateTransactions between participating browsers and your site are up to 256-bit encrypted and secure.

So be our guest.


Facebook Apps. Menus. APIs. jQuery. JavaScript. HTML5 and CSS3. PHP. SQL. Dashboard. PDF to HTML Online Converter. Hack This Site! How to check Websites for Malware – online tools and Downloads. These tools alerts the users to the presence of Malcode in a Website or a Webpage.

How to check Websites for Malware – online tools and Downloads

Some of the tools provide vulnerability assessment and help secure websites against hackers. Free Website Security Check Tools – Online. Parsing HTML to find Links < PHP. From blogging to log analysis and search engine optimisation (SEO) people are looking for scripts that can parse web pages and RSS feeds from other websites - to see where their traffic is coming from among other things.

Parsing HTML to find Links < PHP

Parsing your own HTML should be no problem - assuming that you use consistent formatting - but once you set your sights at parsing other people's HTML the frustration really sets in. This page presents some regular expressions and a commentary that will hopefully point you in the right direction. Drag and drop font testing.