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The Art of Living Foundation - Yoga. WWF - Local to Global Environmental Conservation. 100,000 Trees For Humanity. The Earth’s forests are under assault on a tremendous scale with approximately 30,000 square miles disappearing each year.

100,000 Trees For Humanity

It is estimated that all the Earth’s rain forests could be gone within 100 years at the current rate of deforestation resulting in habitat loss for millions of species. Unmanaged deforestation: - Threatens the survival of millions of animal and plant species - Destroys rare species that may contain answers for cures to serious diseases - Threatens climate stability - Contributes to global warming and green house gas emission. - Leads to desert lands that emerge from cleared forests - Leads to soil erosion, landslides and flooding threatening communities and the lives of people near deforested regions - Threatens humanity in countless ways including food supply, water supply, and disease.

The solution is a systematic effort of RE-Forestation. That means replacing what is being taken away. Go Green Members Program. Go Green Members are Companies and NGOs, Agencies, Organisations and Educational institutions interested in communicating their corporate citizenship, sustainability, and socially responsible initiatives to a global audience through the Go Green Portal.

Go Green Members Program

We offer 2 levels of Membership. You can choose the level of membership that best suits your intended level of participation. 1. Corporate Membership Benefits. Home Page. Evergreen - Home. Rainforest Rescue - Protecting Rainforests Forever.