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Facebook's New, Entirely Social Ads Will Recreate Marketing. Facebook appears ready to launch a new set of premium ad units, and, based on a review of documents which purport to describe them, the social network would seem to be doubling down on two core principles that mark fundamental departures from traditional advertising.

Facebook's New, Entirely Social Ads Will Recreate Marketing

First, Facebook is making the new ads social by default, meaning they will automatically show users when their friends have already Liked the advertiser. And the new formats will draw their content exclusively from posts to brands' Facebook Pages, rather from advertising copy written independently. Combined, these features make two statements about where Facebook believes the future of online advertising lies--at least in its particular universe.

It is saying that ads based on content, rather than messaging, have a better chance of hitting home, and that ads involving tacit endorsements from the people you know have a better chance of capturing your attention. A new global economic restructuring. How To Make Your Own Apps. Before ever suiting up, all fire-engine operators are taught about friction loss, in which water pressure is reduced by friction inside a fire hose.

How To Make Your Own Apps

It's a complicated calculation, dependent on hose diameter, type and length, as well as water velocity. Getting it right is vital. Many departments post cheat sheets for estimating pressure. Mike Raben, a firefighter in Louisville, Colo., found a more modern solution online: a custom-built calculator app for Google Android phones. He liked what he saw, and had a few ideas for improving it. Here's the twist: Neither Raben nor Carolan are programmers. GameSalad is a similar application for Mac OS, which streamlines the process of creating Web, iPad and, of course, iPhone games to a point where nonprogrammers have found success in the notoriously crowded App Store. How It Works What App Inventor and GameSalad do is automate the creation of code, hiding it from view. GameSalad's jarringly stripped-down appearance belies its capabilities. Smashing Magazine.

Anne Holland's Which Test Won – A/B Test & Multivariate Testing Education for Marketing Professionals. Social Media Solves the Demand Generation Riddle. Top 10 Google+ Plus Tips – Google+ Marketing Friend Connect. 10 Google Plus Tips Revamped For 2013 Sounds pretty good don’t it?

Top 10 Google+ Plus Tips – Google+ Marketing Friend Connect

Below is my Top 10 Google+ Tips, but it’s missing one, there’s only 9 plus tips. So…. The best G+ tip submitted by commenters here on the blog post wins inclusion in my new Guide To Google Plus Marketing that will be downloaded by a few hundred thousand in the next year. Here we go now… #10 – Set the post to public before you type your first word Since every other social network to date has posted publicly by default, most Google+ users expect the same to be true. How to delete every Facebook wall post, wipe your Timeline.

When Facebook decided it would be a great idea to infuriate most of its user base by orchestrating its most drastic profile page change to date, I along with many others took the chance to jump in at the deep end and see what all the fuss was about.

How to delete every Facebook wall post, wipe your Timeline

But the new Timeline will dig up some seemingly long-lost memories, and many you will wish to forget. Some will choose to delete their Facebook altogether, while others will simply leave things be, deterred by the arduous task of deleting the vast amount of data they are presented with. I kid you not, I spent four whole days wiping my Facebook timeline clean. And I stress from the bottom of my heart: there is no easy way of doing it. But thanks mostly to the wider community, there are a number of ways you can give it a go yourself. (Source: ZDNet) If you have yet to switch to the new timeline, then don't. On with the show. If you have not enabled the timeline yet, try the 'magic button' approach: Now we begin our venture into macro territory. Launch like Steve Jobs: 7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch.

Apple product launches have become the stuff of legend.

Launch like Steve Jobs: 7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch

The iPad sold 300,000+ WiFi-only units on launch day. Within three days, the iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units. The iPhone 3G sold over a million units on its launch weekend. Clearly, Steve Jobs knows how to launch a product for maximum sales. You might even wonder if you can capture a bit of his magic to kickstart your own promotions. And I believe you can. 1. Rarely do you hear Steve Jobs talking about the various features of Apple products. Instead, he goes out of his way to emphasize how the product affects you. And it takes discipline. So, that’s how you have to frame your marketing. 2. Apple has a knack for getting bloggers and other thought leaders on board before their product launches.