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Have you ever wandered what is the font used in the DzineBlog logo?

17 Very Useful Free Online Typography Tools

Have you ever had a client requiring you to do some graphic design for some banners, brochures or for a specific web-page with a specific font, and asking if you could take it from a .pdf file? And have you ever got some text for a site, blog or newsletter written with CAPITALS, with incorrect spacing and badly formatted? For all these problems or for other everyday font-related tasks there are online type tools and using these tools, you can save hours of searching, typing, testing and coding, and the most important thing: the tools are all free! I know some of you already know some of the tools above or at least have similar tools installed on your computers. But imagine you are not home and you are working on a computer where you don’t have any of these installed or that you are somewhere and you just feel creative. Typography Served. TrendsNow - Future Trends Magazine.