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Survival Kits. Everyone knows what to bring into the wilderness when they go camping, hunting, fishing, etc.

Survival Kits

But very few people bring survival kits when they go for day hikes, or 4 wheeling, etc. Homemade survival kits are easy and cheap to put to gather and they will help a lot when you get stuck for any reason in the wild. Homemade or store bought? I rather have a homemade kit, its easy to put together and very cheap. But you can purchase store made survival kits on the internet, I would suggest using ebay, I use ebay for everything and they always have better deals on the site. Survival Bracelet (Updated!) The Top 100 Items to Disappear First. By Mr.

The Top 100 Items to Disappear First

Smashy Survival Cache You could also call this “The Top 100 Things You should start stocking up on.” Even if you don’t need more than 2 (you should always have 2 of everything) each item on this list will be great for bartering. This list was discussed and chosen by the members of Jungle Survival: Finding Water". Because jungles are so wet, collecting rainwater is probably the easiest part of survival.

Jungle Survival: Finding Water"

Leaves on the rainforest floor are large because of the limited amount of sunlight they get. The larger the leaf, the more of the sun's rays it can soak up. Large leaves are useful in collecting dew and rainwater. If you have a container to store water, simply angle a leaf into it overnight or during a rainstorm and you have some fresh drinking water in no time.

If you have a poncho, tie it to a tree on a slant to allow the rain to collect and drain. Step 7.

Take the bottom piece of the can and start to ruffle the perimeter of the can with your thumb. (Figure 10.) You don’t want creases, just ruffles. These ruffles are to allow the top portion of the can to fit over the bottom portion easily.