Grails and groovy

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Navigation plugin Provides convention-based navigation data for your UI and tags for rendering the navigation menus. This plugin is DEPRECATED. This documentation is left here for users who have used it to date. If you are not already using this and looking for navigation menu handling, please consider using the Platform Core plugin's Navigation API. Same author, but 3-4 years' more experience later, and much better docs. Navigation plugin
12. Plug-ins 12. Plug-ins (Quick Reference) Authors: Graeme Rocher, Peter Ledbrook, Marc Palmer, Jeff Brown, Luke Daley, Burt Beckwith Version: 2.3.7 Grails is first and foremost a web application framework, but it is also a platform. By exposing a number of extension points that let you extend anything from the command line interface to the runtime configuration engine, Grails can be customised to suit almost any needs. To hook into this platform, all you need to do is create a plugin.