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Cory Carnley

Gainesville resident Cory Carnley is a native Floridian, a tobacconist, and a travel writer. He also has experience in the hotel sector, including working as a bartender. He just turned his love of travel into a successful business using his marketing and entrepreneurial abilities. He continues to smoke quality cigars and other tobacco products during his travels. Cory decided to travel one day. He prepared his belongings and embarked on the journey, supporting himself through photography and freelance writing assignments. He realized that he loved to travel, especially inside the country. He developed a travel blog where he writes about his travel experiences and explains how he made money from them to keep traveling. He has visited 44 of the 50 states and plans to return to the others shortly. The native Floridian writes and snaps photos while on all of his travels. Cory Carnley views travel as being crucial to his pursuit of lifelong learning. His worldview broadens and shifts after seeing different areas. He has a newfound understanding of the United States and its history and geography due to his love for domestic travel. He encourages people to embark on their travel journeys to widen their horizons and discover new things.

Cory Carnley Takes a Closer Look at Cigar Humidification, Types of Device. As cigar enthusiast and expert, Cory Carnley knows that proper humidification is the most vital factor of cigar storage.

Cory Carnley Takes a Closer Look at Cigar Humidification, Types of Device

Relative humidity (RH) within a humidor is optimally held stable at any one point between 62-70%, says Carnley. Insufficient humidity can cause the wrapper leaf of a cigar to become brittle and very susceptible to damage, or even crack on its own. It can also cause the cigar to lose flavor and burn too quickly.