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How to Make a Clamping Jig. Optical Illusion Rooms by Peter Kogler Play With Space and Perspective. We’ve been fans of Peter Kogler’s psychedelic room installations since last year, when we he wowed us with his warped walls and trippy walkways.

Optical Illusion Rooms by Peter Kogler Play With Space and Perspective

Now, the Austrian artist continues to bend time and space with a new series of impressively perplexing optical illusion rooms. Using simple, intersecting lines and bold graphics, Kogler transforms the simple white walls and flat floors of galleries, typical transit stations, and ordinary lobbies into canvases for his optical illusions. 5 errores comunes en el manejo de marca — La Fábrica. Cuando somos emprendedores y estamos iniciando un negocio por lo general hacemos absolutamente todo, desde la contabilidad, atención al cliente, manejo de redes sociales, etc.

5 errores comunes en el manejo de marca — La Fábrica

Y todo esto incluye también el manejo de nuestra marca. Por eso es que es muy común que estamos muy ocupados y que comentamos alguno de estos 5 errores: 1. Falta de descriptor: del negocio: PROJECT SUNDAY.


AELLON - Contemporary Sustainable Furniture - Brooklyn, NY. Ref. DESIGNMORPHINE. Feria. Tecnologías de Fabricación.


Leonardo Arrata journey: how to make almost everything : Fab Academy 2014, BCN, Spain. Design Trying to continue the same inspiration on nature I took the design I made in the Computer Aided Design class assigment and I transformed using Rhinoceros 3D to change the size of the design to make the base mold.

Leonardo Arrata journey: how to make almost everything : Fab Academy 2014, BCN, Spain

As the composite needs to be a solid, instead using ribs (as you can see in the photo, I use a mesh object and then I transform into a solid making some little aesthetic changes. After the design process it is necessary to export the object as .STL as binary natural format. Milling the mold Materials. To Furnish - Picmia. Crafter land - What a creative design! LAXseries - Designer Furniture - Bedroom, Dining & Office.

Ply Round Small – Unto This Last. La Ideal. Dave Hakkens - Precious Plastic. Diseño de muebles: DECOSA. Searching for a Full Circle Packing. Since last week, I’m very curious about circle packing.

Searching for a Full Circle Packing

There are a couple of complete solutions on the internet. I’m still at early steps of such a solution yet. A full circle packing means that it does not include any gaps and each circle is tangent to all possible neighbors. Sounds easy in Grasshopper but I couldn’t see any solution yet. There a some circle packing attempts but they have gaps. It might be much easier in a recursive scripting environment, but I believe there is a method to model a solution in dataflow, particularly in Grasshopper3D. Passive Phone Speaker - A CNC Project. Mesa de centro circulos madera. Caliente venta amanecer círculos blancos del regalo creativo de madera mesa de centro redonda-imagen-Mesas de Café-Identificación del Wool & Design - 100% ecuadorian woollen carpets. Bending square and rectangular tubing. This article discusses some of the similarities and differences between bending round tube versus square and rectangular tube.

Bending square and rectangular tubing

Explores the characteristics of square and rectangular sections and the bending challenges associated with these characteristics. The process of bending tubing is based largely on modern science and technology. Bending dies are designed with computer software, bending machines are computer-controlled, and the stresses and strains can be predicted accurately with mathematics.

However, the principles aren't based solely on modern gadgets and sophisticated mathematics. The underlying concepts of bending tubing are the same as those used by blacksmiths for centuries, developed long before the slide rule, the calculator, or the desktop computer. PlayGround. Laser Cutting a Dinosaur Model. UPS CT002515. How to Make Your Own Colored Paint Washes for Wooden Surfaces. El genio del diseño: Charles + Ray Eames. Pata De Gallo. Cliche lab. Cross Menger (Jerusalem) Cube Fractal - Robert Dickau. I’m sure I’m doing this wrong, but here goes: Start with a square.

Cross Menger (Jerusalem) Cube Fractal - Robert Dickau

Next, scale down the original square and move the copies to the four corners of the original square. Finally, fill in the gaps along the edges with smaller scaled versions of the squares. That’s the shape we want. The hole looks kind of like something called a Jerusalem cross—I don’t completely see it myself—hence one of the names for the overall figure. If we choose a scaling factor between the original square and the smaller ones as k = (√2 − 1), and the factor between the original square and the smallest to be k2, since k + k2 + k = 1, each iteration fits in the previous one’s space.

After that, repeat the process of scaling and translating, and the limiting figure is the Cross Menger square, or Jerusalem square, depending on whom you ask. In this style, the crosses added at each step are all the same size. Houndstooth Quilt Pattern, Free Video Tutorial. Converse_chuck_taylor_houndstooth_sneaker.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 616 pixels) Houndstooth Nana Suit Bottom – Black Milk Clothing. MyStyleBell, Your Premiere Hair Resource. Silla Armony Pata De Gallo -Shoppingrooms.

Pie+de+poule+or+houndstooth+black+red.jpg (JPEG Image, 949 × 611 pixels) Escritores: Blog Escritores - Noticias literarias, Concursos literarios y Recursos del escritor. Acaba de salir a Internet el número 5, de noviembre de 2007, de la revista Pata de gallo, suplemento poético de coordinado por Miguel Ángel Gara.

Escritores: Blog Escritores - Noticias literarias, Concursos literarios y Recursos del escritor

En su sección ‘El canto del gallo’ podemos leer el poema Todo o nada, de Antonio Méndez Rubio. Incluyen también una entrevista a Luis Alberto de Cuenca. Vintage Houndstooth Free Stock Photo.