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10 Mostly Nonpandemic-Related Challenges Facing HR Pros. The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing but isn’t the only challenge employers face.

10 Mostly Nonpandemic-Related Challenges Facing HR Pros

Here are 10 goals you would do well to consider in the months ahead to mitigate against the risk of an employment lawsuit or agency complaint and position your business to comply with new workplace laws and regulations. 1. Get Moving on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts In the wake of a national racial reawakening, companies large and small have announced new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, from General Motors’ recognition of Juneteenth to Albertsons Companies’ six-step plan to ensure a diverse management team. Measuring Employee Happiness. Employee Engagement Through L&D–Strategizing For 2021 & Beyond - Cornerstone India. For businesses to stay relevant and thrive in the coming years, engaging employees has become more critical than ever.

Employee Engagement Through L&D–Strategizing For 2021 & Beyond - Cornerstone India

The onus is on the L&D function to capture the heart and minds of the employees to nurture talent and build a future-ready workforce to drive business performance. Recently People Matters and UpsideLMS hosted a webcast, “Employee Engagement through L&D – Strategizing for 2021 & Beyond,” which addressed key issues and emerging opportunities: Understanding employee engagement in the new normal How is learning & development a critical element for employee engagement. 3 Tips To Make Your Employees Feel More Engaged.

Every organization is undergoing a major transformation phase.

3 Tips To Make Your Employees Feel More Engaged

The ongoing pandemic and rapid adoption of technology are making the companies move faster than ever before. In order to survive and thrive in the market, companies emphasize improving employee’s productivity and engagement, especially in the remote work environment. In the era of social distancing, the remote work model presents an organization with a myriad of challenges. 11 Best Practices for Creating Brand Advocates During the Hiring Process. EY To Hire 9000 Professionals In 2021 In Various Technology Roles - Cornerstone India. 3 COVID-19 Lessons To Help Us Prepare For A Better 2021 - Cornerstone India. Will 2021 Be Known As The Great Rehiring? - Cornerstone India. Hunt Scanlon’s Top 10 Recruiting Stories Of 2020 - Cornerstone India. Top 3 HR Trends That Will Transform The Future Of Work - Cornerstone India. The Human Resources department is no stranger to challenges.

Top 3 HR Trends That Will Transform The Future Of Work - Cornerstone India

Yet, the inexorable onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic has thrust it into unchartered territory, where it finds itself cornered and compelled to reimagine, redefine and reinvent itself in order to nurture the enterprise of the future. Bracing for disruption at an unprecedented scale, Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) are witnessing the remodelling of the business landscape, accompanied by one of the greatest workplace transformations of all time. Amidst the flurry of new challenges that have emerged, the virtualization of work and securing the physical and mental well-being of the workforce have become imperative.

As is evident, technology is the fulcrum upon which this new way of operating rests. While organizations have worked towards keeping their employees connected and productive, now is the time to further leverage technology in HR to redefine how work gets done. Read the full article here… Job And Hiring Sector-Changing Phase For The Industry - Cornerstone India. The impact of COVID-19 hit the global recruitment industry quite hard.

Job And Hiring Sector-Changing Phase For The Industry - Cornerstone India

As 2020 nears its end, the trends that plagued the sector during the months of the lockdown have begun to see a change. It is worth noting that despite the pandemic's after-effects, the demand for Information Technology (IT) professionals is on the rise. As companies around the world embrace digital technologies to ensure business continuity, they will obviously need technical support to ensure operations transition and run smoothly. Digital technologies are no longer an alternative but an ultimatum for IT companies as well. Some experts believe that in the next few quarters, a significant amount of hiring in IT will come from non-IT companies that have undergone a digital transformation due to the pandemic. The 2021 BFSI Workforce Needs An Upgrade Of Fintech - Cornerstone India. Research: Women Are Better Leaders During a Crisis. Diversity And Inclusion-Driving Business Success Through a Strong Culture.

Reducing Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process. The Future Of Hiring Looks Bright In 2021 - Cornerstone India. November is here, which means it’s time to start predicting what the future has in store for 2021.

The Future Of Hiring Looks Bright In 2021 - Cornerstone India

If you’re reluctant to make predictions, we don’t blame you! At the end of 2020, who would have thought the candidate-driven market would be replaced with record-high unemployment and that many employees would get to experience the “joys” of remote work firsthand after begging for the flexibility for years? Our reluctance aside, the Adecco Group’s Professional Recruitment and Solutions division was brave enough to share its expectations for 2021 based on newly released survey findings. The survey reveals how employers have coped with the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to talent management, as well as what they are thinking about current and future hiring and retention decisions, as the pandemic continues. Read the full article here… Looking for Executive search Firms in Bangalore? Repeat It Back To Me - Cornerstone India. Self-Compassion Will Make You A Better Leader - Cornerstone India.

How To Brief A Senior Executive - Cornerstone India. COVID-19 Is Accelerating The Skills Gap And Employers Aren’t Helping, Finds Study - Cornerstone India. Over the last decade, experts have been trying to prepare HR professionals for the challenges brought on by the digital revolution.

COVID-19 Is Accelerating The Skills Gap And Employers Aren’t Helping, Finds Study - Cornerstone India

Despite years to get ready, COVID-19 forced reluctant HR pros into the virtual space and new research is revealing just how ill-prepared everyone was for the fourth industrial revolution. A new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study reveals less than 4 in 10 HR executives surveyed report they have the skills needed to achieve their enterprise strategy. Pre-pandemic IBM research in 2018 found as many as 120 million workers surveyed in the world’s 12 largest economies may need to be retrained or reskilled because of AI and automation in the next 3 years. Hiring Faster: How You Can Speed Up Time To Hire - Cornerstone India. Anyone Can Learn To Be A Better Leader - Cornerstone India. Leadership And Succession For The Next Normal - Cornerstone India. Talent for the Next Normal. Reinventing The Leader Selection Process - Cornerstone India. Addressing a class of West Point cadets in 2011, Secretary of Defense Robert M.

Reinventing The Leader Selection Process - Cornerstone India

Gates asked bluntly, “How can the army break up the institutional concrete—its bureaucratic rigidity in its assignments and promotion processes—in order to retain, challenge, and inspire its best, brightest, and most-battle-tested young officers to lead the service in the future?” The question was, he said, “the greatest challenge facing your army—and frankly, my main worry.” This is aided by several sectors seeing a two to five times growth in revenue or GMV due to pandemic-induced demand. These include online insurance, education and tele-consultation apart from e-payments, grocery and online stock brokerage that have also surpassed pre-COVID sales. Read the full article here… Future Of Jobs In India - Cornerstone. Building An Effective Virtual Onboarding Program While Working Remote - Cornerstone India. In these times of social distancing, human resources departments have moved to virtual onboarding.

Building An Effective Virtual Onboarding Program While Working Remote - Cornerstone India

But to provide a superb onboarding experience, you need a structured plan that addresses specific challenges, such as the inability to meet and greet new employees physically. Employee experience is a key determinant of an organization’s success and how true they are to their values. Onboarding new employees is a very important part of company culture as it sets the tone for what the employee can expect at the organization in his/her tenure. E-Grocery Market To Hit $3 Billion This Year - Cornerstone India. Gig Economy To Lead 80% Of Demand For Blue-Collar Jobs : Betterplace - Cornerstone India. Tech platform for blue-collar workforce management Betterplace has said the overall demand for jobs in 2020 will be 14 lakh and the gig economy will lead 80 per cent of overall demand.

Gig Economy To Lead 80% Of Demand For Blue-Collar Jobs : Betterplace - Cornerstone India

The economy is beginning its recovery, and sectors like delivery and healthcare will surpass pre-Covid levels, it said in a report based on data from the past five years, 1000-plus companies, 20,000 pin codes, 80 lakh employees and millions of data points giving insights into the ground realities, pandemic impact and concluding with the path to recovery. Read the full article here… 3 Lakh Jobs Up For Grabs In E-Commerce, Logistics - Cornerstone India. Here's How You Can Lead Virtual Teams Effectively - Cornerstone India. Remote working has risen over the past few years, and now stands at unprecedented levels, with the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Most of the leaders were caught off guard and were suddenly required to lead teams and manage work remotely.

As leaders juggle many things from house chores to business outcomes to employees' productivity and health, leading remote teams gets more challenging than ever. Leading through sudden change is one of the most difficult things you can do as a leader, especially when you’re as blindsided by the change as your team. By following some of the suggested steps by experts from Insights, you can tailor your approach to leading through these challenging times and become a more effective remote leader. Read the full article here… Looking for executive search firms in Mumbai? #virtualteams. CEOs, Don’t Let Fear And Paranoia Sink Your Leadership - Cornerstone India.

Monitoring Work-From-Home Employees. Mentors, Stop Saying “I Understand” The meeting unfolded like most of her other performance reviews. Michelle and her manager discussed sales numbers, future goals, and her contributions to the team. Then, in need of support, she decided to confide in him about a challenge she was having with a colleague from another department. Let’s call him Dave. When working on projects, Dave had consistently failed to take Michelle’s ideas seriously, and outright disclosed her from informal team gatherings, like “grabbing a beer after work.”As Michelle described the situation, her boss interjected, “I understand what that’s like and I know how you feel.

The best way forward is to ignore it and move on.” Read the Full article here… What Trump's H-1B Visa Restriction Means For International Workers - Cornerstone India. This week, Donald Trump announced the US administration’s current 60-day ban for immigration work visas will be extended until December 2020. These measures will include the immensely popular H-1B visas, of which the US ordinarily has a cap per year, reserved largely for foreign labour.

Competition is fierce for these visas; last year, there were 225,000 applications for the only 85,000 spots available. Majority Of Jobseekers Can’t Articulate Skill Sets - Cornerstone India. There’s a growing concern among recruiters looking to hire back newly unemployed workers: Candidates can’t articulate the skills they have amassed throughout their careers and it’s hurting their chances of being rehired. According to a LiveCareer survey, a majority of jobseekers can’t capture transferable skills on their résumés or identify how their skills apply to other industries, and they are not comfortable speaking with potential employers about those skill sets. “This inability to understand and articulate their transferable skills threatens to make the stay on unemployment much longer for millions of jobseekers who sorely need work,” says Donald Sjoerdsma, a Career Advice Expert at LiveCareer.

There is transferable skills knowledge and confidence gap, a lethal combination for jobseekers, according to findings of the survey of 1,519 jobseekers unemployed because of COVID-19. Do you have Hiring needs for your firm? #talentacquisition, #hiring. How C-Level Managers Are Looking For Jobs - Cornerstone India. Six In 10 Professionals Prefer To Take An Up Skilling Programme That Gives Them Access To A Mentor : Survey. 56.2% of professionals said they have a person they look up to as a mentor when they want to discuss career advancement or career transition, says a mentorship survey from Springboard, an online platform for workforce upskilling. The survey, conducted among 550-odd respondents spread across the cities of Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and others, aims to find out what mentorship means to Indian professionals. As per the survey, 62.7% of professionals prefer to take an upskilling programme that gives them access to a mentor.

Don’t Let Micro-Stresses Burn You Out - Cornerstone India. Tending To The Emotional Life Of The Workplace At A Time Of High Stress - Cornerstone India. In the past, an employee’s mental health wasn’t any of his or her employer’s business. Now it is. HR Needs To Innovate & Simplify Things - Anant Garg, Director, HR, Becton Dickinson. Anant Garg is the Director, Human Resources at Becton Dickinson (BD), India/South Asia. As the Head of Human Resources and Administration Functions, Anant is responsible for leading the design and execution of people strategy across the commercial, manufacturing, R&D and technology entities based in the region. Are You Trapped In A ‘Halo’ While Hiring? HR Works : Someone Moved My Cheese Again - Cornerstone India. Dr.

Spencer’s Johnson’s insightful book “Who Moved My Cheese” sold 25 million copies and suggested how we can deal with change more effectively. We’ve since learned that adaptability is one of the most important thinking facets, and that emotional intelligence (“EQ”) can be directly linked with an individual’s capacity to adapt. Indian Telecom, Tech And Data Beckon Global Investors - Cornerstone India. Challenging Times Leading To New Opportunities - Cornerstone India. How Recruiters Can Stay Active In A Hiring Freeze - Cornerstone India. What Leading With Optimism Really Looks Like - Cornerstone India.

When there is negative news everywhere you look and unprecedented financial and logistical challenges facing so many companies, it can be tough to advise people to stay positive. Many leaders we work with worry, especially now during the global pandemic, that trying to emphasize positivity and happiness will make them look out of touch — and rather than helping their people, it will backfire. Still, he felt it was important to focus on the company’s culture and hypothesized that positivity could help the center at this crucial time. We worked with the medical center to roll out a series of positive psychology interventions department by department so we could test the effectiveness compared to groups that had not been exposed to the interventions.

Each department designed positive changes tailored to their subculture spanning from gratitude exercises, increased praise and recognition from managers, and team-based conscious acts of kindness. Communication Is The Key To Leadership In Times Of Crisis - Cornerstone India. Leveraging Your Network And Discovering What Matters Most In Your Career. Stay Curious To Find What You Are Passionate About - Cornerstone India. Monday Blues : How Do We Enjoy Work? - Cornerstone India.

Systemic Leadership Coaching Approach: Peter Hawkins. Coaching Model : R.E.F.I.R.E - Cornerstone India. Hiring A Marketing Leader : Targeting And Search Strategy - Cornerstone India. Managing The Mayhem In The Midst Of A Public Health Crisis. Remote Work : 5 Best Practices For Effective Team Building - Cornerstone India. Courtship And Hiring : The Real Reality.

Best Practices While Hiring Senior Level Executives. The Best Time To Hire Is Earlier Than You Think. Blue-Collar Industries See Increase in Talent Shortages. You’re So Vain, We’re Not Going To Hire You - Cornerstone India. Contingent Work Is A Great Way To Re-enter The Workforce. Taking time off from a career can create a hurdle for the majority of employees. With 76% of U.S. workers between the ages of 24 and 38 expecting long-term career gaps, a re-entry path into the workforce is needed, and contingent work may be the best bet. While in the past, gaps in employment were considered seriously detrimental to an individual’s career, the 21st-century workplace is humanizing. Employers now recognize that people may require flexible schedules, time off from work, and long-term leave for a variety of legitimate reasons. Giving workers a pathway back into the workforce to fill workforce demands via contingent work is a way to optimize {*style:<a href=' business’s hiring pipeline{*style:</a>*}.

Hiring for Growth Mode: How to Find Candidates Who Can Evolve Alongside Your Business. Essential questions to be asked during a reference check. Research: How Speech Patterns Lead to Hiring Bias. These 3 Talent Trends for 2020 Focus on Empathy. Work Hiccups Of Multiple Time Zones - Cornerstone India. How Proactive Hiring Can Set You Apart.

Look Before You Leap : Helping Relocated Employees Find New Homes. The Best Tips For Turning A Bad Hire Into A Successful One. What Universal Skills Should All Employees Have? Talent On-Demand : How To Leverage The Alternative Workforce For Success In The Future Of Work. The Top Five Skills That Companies Need Most For The Future Of Work. Gaining A Competitive Edge To Retain Top Talent in Financial Services. Why Boards Should Worry about Executives’ Off-the-Job Behavior. Hiring Metrics : What To Measure And How To Create A Measurement System - Cornerstone India. 6 Competitive Strategies For A Tight Talent Market. Cornerstone International Group Creates Non-Profit Specialization.

4 Hints Your Interview Approach Is Pushing Candidates Away. How the Best Managers Identify and Develop Talent. Generational Hiring : Wants, Needs, And Everything In Between. Full-Cycle Recruitment Is the Answer to the War for Talent. Why Indian companies shy away from using social-media to assess culture fit. 5 Characteristics of Growth-Focused Leadership Candidates. Recruiters Hunting Down Leaders with a Digital Mind-set. How to Find Executive Leaders in a Candidate-Driven Market. How Search Firms Are Managing the Culture Game. Culture fit is hardly a new concept. Well before the rise of various models and frameworks to evaluate organizational culture, companies recognized the risk of hiring a cultural mismatch.

Talent Industry predictions by Larry Shoemaker, President Cornerstone International Group {*style:<a href=' recruiting firms{*style:</a>*} are recognizing that success in one organization will not guarantee success in another. How Modern Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Get More Responses. Videos Can Make Recruitment Easier And Better - Cornerstone India. Five things to consider in a mid-career job switch. Diversity & Inclusion - What Role can Executive Search Play? How replaceable are the top candidates in large hiring rounds? Why the answer flips depending on the distribution of applicant ability. As more and more people apply for a job, the value of each extra application goes down. But does it go down quickly, or only very gradually? This question matters, because for many of the jobs we discuss, lots of people apply and the application process is highly competitive.

When this happens, some of us have the sense that, if a lot of people are already applying for a job, there’s no point in them applying as well. Even when many people would be interested in taking a job, the difference between the best and the second best applicant is often large. So losing your best option would still be really costly.Even when you have a large applicant pool, it’s useful to keep hearing about more potential hires, in the hope of finding someone who’ll be significantly more productive than everyone you’re currently aware of.Read More... Cornerstone, A Bag Full Of Talent. 5 Habits That Are Essential For Ensuring The Career Success Of Professionals. Habits are nothing more than repeated behavior patterns developed over time and which become an integral part of the personality of an individual. Habits, thus play an important role in ensuring their success in both personal and professional lives.

This is because habits define the attitude of individuals as well as the manner in which they conduct themselves at their workplace. Text Recruiting Is the Future. How Five C-Suite Roles Are Being Reshaped By Business 4.0? Recruiters Find New Ways to Add Value for Clients. Executive Search Firms Seek to Make Data and Analytics Less Burdensome. Data Science Can’t Fix Hiring (Yet) How to Keep Your Best Performers from Becoming a Flight Risk.