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Amon Tobin Studio Tour Episode One: Imperfect Rooms. BBC Radio 6 Music - Chris Hawkins - Arcade Fire's Will Butler on setting up his home studio: "'What mic does Thom Yorke use? Ok, I'll get that one'" How To Setup Spare Bedroom Room Home Recording Studio -TrackinSolo. Fine Recording Inc: Pioneers in High-Fidelity Studio Recording: UPDATED – 5 – Preservation Sound. C.

Fine Recording Inc: Pioneers in High-Fidelity Studio Recording: UPDATED – 5 – Preservation Sound

Robert Fine and Wilma Cozart Fine c.1961 (Source: T. Fine) The younger Mr. Fine presents a history of Fine Recording, INC., the studios, and the equipment that was used; he has also generously provided PS Dot Com with some previously unavailable images of the operation. We’ll begin with a five-page article from Popular Science (1967) which documents a recording session at Fine Recording, INC.

Click here to read the original article at Popular Science Dot Com (image source: Popular Science, August 1967) Front Panel Recall Sheets And Manuals For Manufacturers: A and B. The Sound and History of Ocean Way Studios. Same as it ever was — the original Bill Putnam-era Ocean Way Studio B, at what was then called United Recording.

The Sound and History of Ocean Way Studios

In the mid-70s, Bill Putnam Sr. of Universal Audio caught wind of “this kid” who had finagled his way into buying up some surplus gear from his UREI factory at fire sale prices. The story was that he had been selling some of it off at a handsome profit, and using the rest to help build a remarkable home studio right off the beach in nearby Santa Monica, CA. After a brief meeting in his office, Bill Sr. decided to pay a visit, and took his son along for the ride. Bill Jr., just twelve years old at the time, remembers that day vividly, “We drove out in my dad's Lincoln Continental, walked around the back of the house and into the garage, and there was this huge speaker system right in front of us. It seemed like it was ten feet tall. Bill Putnam Sr. and Bing Crosby. By all accounts, Bill Sr. was “stunned” by what Allen had already achieved. Studio Stories: Sound Techniques.

In the summer of 1965, a new recording studio opened its doors in London's soon–to–be hip district of Chelsea.

Studio Stories: Sound Techniques

For a decade to come, this bijou ex–dairy would produce some of the finest British recordings of the era. If you're a fan of British '60s and '70s music, particularly psychedelic folk and folk–rock, you'll no doubt be familiar with a little tagline gracing the liner notes of some of your favourite records: "Recorded at Sound Techniques, Chelsea". John Cale, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Jethro Tull, John Martyn, Pentangle, Pink Floyd, Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny and Steeleye Span were just a few of the luminaries to grace this unassuming but hugely important English recording studio.

Plaque goes up on first record studio. Plaque goes up on first record studio This is where Fred Gaisberg set up shop in August 1898.

Plaque goes up on first record studio

Music has never been the same since. The JCAT Signature LAN - A $1,000 Ethernet Cable - Audio Bacon. Intro Like many of you, I woke up thinking “You know what, I feel like listening to some audiophile Ethernet cables today!”

The JCAT Signature LAN - A $1,000 Ethernet Cable - Audio Bacon

So I brew up my morning coffee, line up the cables, and rub my hands vigorously. Many audiophiles who stream their music via Spotify, Qobuz, or Tidal don’t realize the sonic impact of Ethernet cables. Phantom Productions, Inc.'s vintage tape recorder radio catalogs and ads. We decided to include a section of vintage radio catalogs and ads to reflect the development of the audio open reel, or reel to reel tape recorder.

Phantom Productions, Inc.'s vintage tape recorder radio catalogs and ads

In our business, the ability for musicians to capture their new songs with reasonable quality, made a tremendous difference to their careers. For that reason, our collection includes analog reel tape recorders that were available to folks in the '40's,'50's, 60's, 70's and some '80's. It was during this period (in our opinion) that the tape recorder really began reflecting the true quality of the music. Interview Billy Aukstik – Hive Mind Recording – 11/12/18 - RecordingTheMasters. Posted on December 20, 2018 At RecordingTheMasters, this is no secret that we love analog.

Interview Billy Aukstik – Hive Mind Recording – 11/12/18 - RecordingTheMasters

But we wanted to go a step further and discover other people that share the same love for tapes and music. We decided to start a series of interviews with analog professionals from different backgrounds. With these interviews, we hope to learn and share tips, tricks and fun stories from our community. Free and Powerful Equalizer for Windows 10. The Impact That Acoustics Can Have On Sound In Any Room. For most humans, there is nothing easier than breathing, seeing, smelling and hearing.

The Impact That Acoustics Can Have On Sound In Any Room

We do these things without thought, and even take them for granted. Our senses were given to us to help us exist in a physical universe. They are transducers that allow physical stimuli to be converted into a form recognized by the brain. We are bombarded with stimuli every waking moment, and our brains are continuously processing the information to help us function in our environment. Of all of the senses, many researchers are the most amazed by the sense of hearing. Acoustics, simply, is the study of vibration. We usually think of sound waves as simply bouncing off of objects, but in fact the behavior of sound upon an encounter with a physical object can include reflection, absorption, refraction, diffraction and scattering – in any combination. It is the complex combination of these behaviors that determine what something sounds like.

Hooked: Confessions Of A Gearaholic. Hi.

Hooked: Confessions Of A Gearaholic

My name is Craig, and I’m a gearaholic. I tried to find a 12-step program, but quite frankly if I have to move gear more than six steps, I’m going to need a hand truck because my back isn’t what it used to be. It’s not just that I like gear; it’s that I’m addicted to it. (29) SOS Visit the world-famous Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. What happened to Madonna's Eurovision performance? AES Dublin: 25 years of Beechpark Studios – Audio Media International.

Understanding Modern Power Amplifiers - ProSoundWeb. All power amplifiers incorporate several key design facets, and it’s important to recognize what they are as well as their significance.

Understanding Modern Power Amplifiers - ProSoundWeb

Modern amplifiers also incorporate an increasing number of features that enhance their value as devices as well as within the scope of entire sound systems. In “Understanding Modern Power Amplifiers,” Chapter 3 of the new PSW Expert Series on the essentials of audio amplification, author Bruce Bartlett defines and clearly explains the fundamental aspects that make up power amplifiers in addition to providing useful context. Smart Studio: Unlocking new possibilities for acoustic design and technology.

In many areas of audio post production, confirmation on commissions are being delayed and the amount of time professionals have to do their post production work is being reduced. It’s clear to see that the industry is becoming pressurised, and while these trends look unlikely to be reversed anytime soon, companies need to come up with new methods of constructing and equipping studios that take into account these shorter deadlines. Enter Smart Studio, a fusion of acoustic design and active acoustic technology with modern building techniques and materials. An extensive review by the Dublin-based team is what led directly to the development of this flexible and radical strategy, which includes all of the key elements necessary in a professional studio environment.

“Being based in Ireland with two huge marketplaces to our either side meant there had to be a modular element to it. Dunne’s career in the audio industry was pre-dated by a spell in construction working with his father. Audiomediainternational. Abbey Road Mic Collection with Sylvia Massy. Studio Profile: Rosewood Studios. Rosewood Studios is a brand new state-of-the-art purpose built recording studio in Redhill, Surrey, featuring a modern control room and large live room equipped with the latest gear.

Edward Scull, the studio’s owner, wanted to create a space that focuses solely on the musician and the music itself. "Our mantra is to create an optimum space for creativity to flourish. As soon as you walk through the door the outside world stops, no distractions; a nod to the studios we had back in the day. Choosing a location outside of the city allowed me the freedom to literally create the perfect space, with no height, size and noise restrictions. We have plenty of parking and the most beautiful countryside around us yet we are only a stone throw away from London, just off the M25.”

"The whole team were an absolute pleasure to work with. The studio spec included creating a great acoustic space enhanced by high ceilings. Old Mill Road Recording studio opens for business. Old Mill Road Recording, a new state-of-the-art destination recording studio housed in the Gristmill of East Arlington, Vermont, opened its doors at the weekend. The control room, live room, and isolation booth have been designed and tuned by architectural acoustic designer Francis Manzella. The studio has top of the line equipment, including a 48 channel SSL Duality mixing console, Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, and Griffin Speakers, and offers breathtaking river views in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont.

It is available for recording and mixing local talent, advertising work (jingles/commercials), post-production work (digital media/ TV/film), and as a destination studio for recording artists. Old Mill Road Recording, located just three hours from New York and Boston, also offers customised packages for creatives that can include a full range of additional service amenities, such as lodging, video services, indoor and outdoor event spaces, and food services, among others. [Musikmesse] Vintage Tools - VT-Trakker. In the studio with: Mike Exeter - Audio Media International. An engineer, producer and musician, Mike Exeter’s audio career started when he attended a short audio course in London, which led him to pursuing a degree at Full Sail in Florida.

From there he went to work as a midi specialist in a commercial studio and has since worked with chart topping rock acts from UB40 to Cradle Of Filth, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Soup Studio: Recording On A Ship. SSL launches all-analogue Fusion processor - Audio Media International. Solid State Logic (SSL) has announced the launch of Fusion, an all-analogue 2U outboard processor created for the modern hybrid studio. THE EVENT HORIZON - “SYNCLAVIER, MUSIC AND MICHAEL JACKSON" - PART 1 - In the studio with Dave Catching at Rancho de la Luna - Audio Media International.

Producer, engineer and musician Dave Catching is a founding member of his band earthlings? , a touring member of Eagles Of Death Metal, as well as the owner of, and resident at, Rancho de la Luna in the Joshua Tree National Park in California. In the studio with Dave Catching at Rancho de la Luna - Audio Media International. In the studio with: Prince Charles Alexander - Audio Media International. Working with Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Entertainment for close to a decade, Prince Charles Alexander has worked with some of the world’s most iconic artists, from The Notorious B.I.G. to Mary J.

In the studio with Sylvia Massy - Audio Media International. Having worked with legendary artists from Johnny Cash and Prince, to Tom Petty, The Smashing Pumpkins and Tool, Sylvia Massy has built up a body of work that has secured her place in history as one of the world’s greatest producers and engineers. Like many Californian music legends, Massy’s music business story starts in San Francisco. It was here in the ‘80s where she was involved in the music scene playing in punk, ska and metal bands and learned how to record her own projects. Dave Grohl - PLAY. Audiomediainternational.

Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Save Strongroom. Audiomediainternational. Graham Coxon's Home Studio. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. Audiomediainternational. How to calibrate your studio monitors. Livingston Studios Blog. Exclusive: In the studio with Steve Aoki. Steve Aoki gives us an exclusive look at the tech he relies on to produce records in his Las Vegas studio, the Neon Future Cave Picture Credit: Caesar Sebastian.

Studio closures due to planned development are a 'terrible, silent loss of heritage' Jones words came after winning a legal fight fight to stop developers from digging a basement close to his Crouch End facility. Hansa Studios By the Wall 1976-90 (10.Jan.2018) North London studio owner wins fight against basement development plans. Nando's launches recording studio in London. The new facility boasts a Neumann U87 mic and has been built for emerging artists to record their music for free. Hansa Studios: By the Wall 1976-90 review – the most thrillingly creative place on earth. The Hansa recording studio existed, as one music producer points out, “on the outpost of western civilisation”, standing virtually alone in a flattened wasteland beside the Berlin wall. Old Smithy Recording Studios owner speaks out about potential demolition plans. Rock Solid Studio finds its feet in old Dunlap church building.

Recording equipment from LA's The Sound Factory available on Tileyard bringing music production opportunities to Camden's youth community. The story of Dr. Bini and the Binson Echorec. Make Your Studio Sound Better For Free - Audient. AIM's Women in Music returns with 'Women in the Studio' panel. Jake Gosling Sticky Studios - Audient. Queen's University Belfast SARC teams up with HHB for new immersive studio. Equipboard®

Case Study: Building The Annexe Studios in Exeter. From Hobby to Commercial Studio: The Story of 'Zolder Studio Noord' in Amsterdam. Rimshot Studios' Mike Thorne on using both vintage and modern gear. Studio Icons: Fairchild 660/670 - MusicTech. Recording, '50s Style. Grand Designs: Studio design special. Studio for Electronic Music: Why was the German recording facility so innovative and influential? Best coast: LA's Sound City Studios back in business. Eddie Veale on building home studios for John Lennon and George Harrison. Confusing Phase And Polarity? - ProSoundWeb. Power Station NE preps for relaunch with historic gear grab. Two new audio studios for Factory Group. Class of 2016. The Magic Shop to shut its doors next month. Melrose Yard Studios proceeds with flood cleanup. Normalling and patchbays explained. Fifty shades of Weiss: Miloco reveals The Red Room - PSNEurope. Save Air Studios. Avatar Studios up for sale.

How to read a circuit diagram. The Closing of the Todd-AO Scoring Stage - Extended Version. DAW diversity - What sets them apart?Audio Media International - News. AIR Studios faces closure - PSNEurope. How to Stop Cell Phones From Interfering With Audio Equipment. Emulate four classic drum machines in your browser - only seems to work with Firefox! A Cool Patchbay Alternative. Learn how Audient Consoles can pay for themselves! Cool Hunting Video: Mark Mothersbaugh's Synth Collection. Pro Audio. Bob Hodas - The Room Tuning Process. Deerhoof performs “Let’s Dance The Jet”. Some interesting control room discussion about EQ/compression with the band. Roll back to Windows 7 from Windows 8 - Tech Advisor.

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