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Children Pay Physical Price of a Bitter Divorce. When it comes to divorce in Salt Lake City, there are no winners.

Children Pay Physical Price of a Bitter Divorce

But there is plenty to lose. Unfortunately, the biggest losers are often the children. A bitter divorce not only can tear a family apart, it can also leave deep emotional scars that can last a lifetime. Research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh indicates an it can also bring even physical effects, including higher risks of poor health and chronic illness.

The research also further illustrates the huge role family stress places on everyone in the household. Not All Divorces Are Equal. Temporary child custody explained - EMY A. CORDANO. As you turn the page of divorce, you will encounter a variety of issues arising to the surface that may interfere with your child custody arrangements.

Temporary child custody explained - EMY A. CORDANO

Re-bonding with your children after divorce - EMY A. CORDANO. Following a separation, you may need to reconnect with your children.

Re-bonding with your children after divorce - EMY A. CORDANO

Divorce can be a very stressful process where parents don’t spend as much time with their children as they wish. Even for families showing support, the bonding process should continue. It’s important children learn to reconnect with both parents and adapt to the new parenting plan in their lives. Is it Time to Divorce Your Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney? - EMY A. CORDANO. We all make mistakes.

Is it Time to Divorce Your Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney? - EMY A. CORDANO

But some can be more costly than others. The same goes with choosing a divorce attorney. If your lawyer is not answering telephone calls or mishandling your case, it may be time for a change. Each divorce case has critical elements that affect the long-term status of both parties along with the children. When your assets, investments, and rights to your kids are on the line, it is important to have complete peace of mind and trust with your choice of a divorce attorney. The child custody battle may continue after divorce - EMY A. CORDANO. Disagreements about child custody are very common in divorces.

The child custody battle may continue after divorce - EMY A. CORDANO

This is a battle that may continue even after filing for a dissolution of marriage and a ghost from the past that will haunt you for the rest of your days except you have a qualified Salt Lake City child custody attorney tracing a line in the sand. Even the best of relationships have conflicts about who should spend more time with the children. Everybody feels they are entitled to full custody but when the facts are laid on the table, there is always one parent who may have more custody chances.

The narcissist approach There is usually one parent who feels he or she is the center of the universe. Divorce is more common during these months - EMY A. CORDANO. Statistics don’t lie.

Divorce is more common during these months - EMY A. CORDANO

With the summer months around the corner, many marriages are expected to end. Although divorce rates in the United States have slightly decreased over the past years, the percentage of couples getting divorced during January and August is still pretty high. In January everybody wants to start the new year with new things and apparently, spouses are not part of the plan. People wait until after the holidays and the joyful times spent with family to talk about ending their marriage. Do You Know The 4 Types of Utah Child Custody? Although Utah has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, there are still countless families across the state torn apart.

Do You Know The 4 Types of Utah Child Custody?

Many of these divorces involve children. Whenever a marriage comes to an end, there are rarely any easy solutions. Children are often the biggest victims of divorce and are forced split their childhood living with two different families. Chris Rock Breaks Silence on His Infidelity and Divorce. Chris Rock is one of the most famous comedians in the world.

Chris Rock Breaks Silence on His Infidelity and Divorce

Over the years, he has made millions of people laugh with his unique pull-no-punches style of comedy. Rock isn’t afraid to tackle any subject. He will poke fun at just about everyone and everything. But there is one topic the comedian has been reluctant to discuss until now. How to Survive the Holidays after Divorce. Actress Drew Barrymore has always been in the spotlight.

How to Survive the Holidays after Divorce

She was born into Hollywood royalty as the next prodigy of the Barrymore family. From the time she was a young girl, she was thrust into celebrity, first in the iconic 1982 film E.T. the Extra Terrestrial when she was just 7 years old. By age 9, she was already partying at clubs like Studio 54, smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol.

By age 12, she was regularly smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine. She entered rehab at age 14 and even attempted suicide. How can parental alienation affect child custody? In most child custody cases, children do not spend an equal amount of time with both parents.

How can parental alienation affect child custody?

This is the unfortunate part of the divorce many families face today, especially small children who often feel they do not spend enough time with mom or dad. Then, parental alienation comes in the picture. A divorcee may influence his or her child against the other parent causing the child a lot of emotional distress. Attorneys dealing with these types of cases find it difficult as a parent may request having sole custody of the child or the child having little contact with the ex-spouse. While some parents’ irresponsible behavior may have provoked these harsh battles, collaboration between parents and focusing on the best interests of the child can be very helpful when developing a child custody plan. Why Hiring a Private Investigator Can Help With Your Divorce. Trust is an easy word to say.

But it is not always the easiest thing to do. Most happily married couples in Utah live in trustworthy relationships. Provo Family Law Attorney, Utah. Remarrying and child support in Utah - EMY A. CORDANO. With the above-average percentage of people being married in Utah, chances are some may want to try a second time. People with minor children who are remarrying often have many questions about how their new union will affect their children receiving support from their ex-spouses. There are child support guidelines established by the court that will help determine a solid child support award. With the help of a Salt Lake city divorce attorney, your children will be able to receive all the compensation they are entitled to receive. Salt Lake City Child Custody Lawyer. Experienced Divorce Attorney Salt Lake City. In some states, including Utah, couples are considered married after being living together for a long period of time, sharing finances, and hold themselves as married.

Common law couples act just as married couples, except they are not required to get a marriage license, and have a traditional ceremony. If you choose to end a common law marriage, it’s important you understand these laws and find experienced legal representation from a Salt Lake City divorce attorney Utah requirements Some requirements in common law marriages in the State of Utah include: Parties are of legal age, at least 18 years old.They cohabited before common law marriage Utah.They can lawfully enter into solemnized marriage.They hold themselves as married even before common law was implemented in Utah.They assume marital obligations, rights, and duties within the common law marriage. Validity of common law marriage. Life happens: don't let it happen without a legal separation - EMY A. CORDANO. For many couples, divorce is not just an overnight decision.

Rarely does someone just wake up one morning and decide that they are going to file papers. A lot of couples may even opt for a trial separation. In some cases, they may not even intend to get remarried so it just seems easier to stay living apart without formally dividing their assets. While it might seem easier, separating without a formal agreement can leave both spouses unprotected. How to Construct an Effective Parenting Plan - EMY A. CORDANO. Divorce is never easy. It becomes even more complicated when children are involved. Because no two families are alike, it can be challenging to construct an effective parenting plan that can fit needs of both parents and the children. To get the best results it is vital to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

Online Dating Safety Tips - EMY A. CORDANO. Why Divorce Mediation is a Good Option. Sooner or later, every couple in Utah will go through difficult times. Even the most happy marriages will have their share of conflicts. At some point, husbands and wives will come to a crossroads in their relationship where they will have to make a very difficult decision that can change their lives forever. Should I file for divorce? Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer. Why Many People File For Divorce on Valentine’s Day. When most people think of Valentine’s Day, they have visions of flowers, candy, greeting cards, jewelry and romance. Divorce Lawyer Salt Lake City: Drew Barrymore Tells Ellen Divorce Was Her “Worst Nightmare” Why Second Marriages Have Greater Success in Utah. The Divorce Process - EMY A. CORDANO. Child Support Modification and Enforcement Lawyer Salt Lake City. Divorce Lawyer Salt Lake City: New HBO Comedy Captures the Pain of Divorce.

Divorce is no laughing matter. But over the years, we have seen many television comedies that center on this sensitive topic, including “Reba”, “Cougar Town”, “The New Adventures of Christine”. Divorce Lawyer Salt Lake City: Flip or Flop Stars Involved in Ugly Divorce. How is Alimony Determined in Utah? - EMY A. CORDANO. How is Alimony Determined in Utah? Why You Need a Prenuptial Agreement - EMY A. CORDANO. Valentine’s Day has arrived. The last thing on the minds of most couples is signing a prenuptial agreement. It may not be the most romantic thing to discuss But if you are entering into marriage, it is an important subject that needs to be addressed.

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