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Responsive Horizontal Layout. Recapitulation And Conclusion Recapitulation of the objections to the theory of Natural Selection As this whole volume is one long argument, it may be convenient to the reader to have the leading facts and inferences briefly recapitulated.

Responsive Horizontal Layout

That many and serious objections may be advanced against the theory of descent with modification through variation and natural selection, I do not deny. I have endeavoured to give to them their full force. Nothing at first can appear more difficult to believe than that the more complex organs and instincts have been perfected, not by means superior to, though analogous with, human reason, but by the accumulation of innumerable slight variations, each good for the individual possessor. Although the fertility of varieties when intercrossed, and of their mongrel offspring, has been asserted by so many authors to be universal, this cannot be considered as quite correct after the facts given on the high authority of Gartner and Kolreuter.

BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin - Demo 1. Simple Effects for Drop-Down Lists. Creative Link Effects. Animated Background Headers. A collection of animated background header effects for your inspiration.

Animated Background Headers

We use Canvas and Javascript to create an animated background for large site headers. View demo Download source Today we’d like to share some animated header backgrounds for your inspiration. The full-page background image header has been a web design trend for some time. Recently people have been turning to animation to add more visual interest to their website headers, and today we share a few examples of how you can do this. This collection uses JavaScript and Canvas to create various header animations. An animation loop using requestAnimationFrameshapes (circles, triangles, lines) that are being modified to create different effects Demo 1 follows mouse movement on non-touch devices. When working with animated website headers, there are a couple of performance issues to keep in mind: Take a look at the four different header backgrounds: Arctext.js - Curving text with CSS3 and jQuery.

Page Loading Effects. A set of creative page loading effects that use SVG animations with Snap.svg.

Page Loading Effects

The idea is to show an overlay with a interesting shape animation while new content gets loaded. View demo Download source If you have visited the brilliantly designed websites of Nicolas Zezuka and Active Theory you might have noticed the slick loading animations that happen before new content is displayed. This kind of loading style is quite trendy lately and we wanted to give you some inspiration. The idea is to animate a shape into the viewport and show an activity indicator. Please also note that the examples only serve for your inspiration. The way we show the loading overlay is by defining an animation on a path that we define in the following SVG: We define an initial path that is not visible in the viewport inside of the SVG and a opening and closing path in data attributes on the pageload-overlay division.

Width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 80 60" preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid slice" Useful resources and inspiration for creative minds. Circle Hover Effects with CSS Transitions. Awesome Bubble Navigation with jQuery.

Inspiration for Article Intro Effects. Some inspiration for effects applied to title headers of articles with a fullscreen image.

Inspiration for Article Intro Effects

The idea is to show some creative transition when continuing to the article body. View demo Download source Today we want to share some inspiration for article intro effects with you. You have surely seen some interesting article headers, usually containing a fullscreen image, that have some sort of intro effect, i.e. where some creative transition happens when scrolling or when clicking on a button to continue.

We wanted to explore the effect possibilities with fullscreen images and making something happen when continuing to the article body. One really nice effect that we tried to imitate, is the one seen on Jam3 when choosing a project. Most of the effects we tried are highly experimental; animating large images can become a bit sluggish, also because a couple of transitions happening at the same time. The forth effect cuts away the image and pushes the title to the side. Arrow Navigation Styles.

Item Transition Inspiration. Dot Navigation Styles.