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Corido Garden Furniture

Corido Garden Furniture is a leading producer of high quality teak garden and leisure furniture for distinguished homes, luxury hotels, spas, local authorities, schools, restaurants and clubs.

5 Tips to Choose The Right Spring Outdoor Patio Furniture. It’s getting warmer, less rainy and we’re slowly clambering our way out of our dwellings and into the light for what always feels like the first time in 3 years.

5 Tips to Choose The Right Spring Outdoor Patio Furniture

That’s right, it&rsq... It’s getting warmer, less rainy and we’re slowly clambering our way out of our dwellings and into the light for what always feels like the first time in 3 years. That’s right, it’s spring, and that means one thing. It’s time to prepare for our welcomed, albeit brief British summertime. That also means having somewhere to actually enjoy the sun when it does shine. 4 Expert Garden Furniture Maintenance Tips for Spring. Keeping your beloved garden furniture in pristine condition can be a bit tricky.

4 Expert Garden Furniture Maintenance Tips for Spring

Figuring out the right amount of care for outdoor furniture largely depends on what materials your patio furniture is manufactured from, the quality of those materials and what your local weather is like year round. That being said, if you want to enjoy your garden furniture to its fullest over the coming decades, arming yourself with the right knowledge can save you from hours of backbreaking sanding, varnishing, tightening screws and so on. How to Save on Your Next Outdoor Furniture. We all love saving money regardless of what we’re spending it on.

How to Save on Your Next Outdoor Furniture

Is there anything more satisfying than scoring an unbelievable deal? There’s a shameless pride in feeling like you’ve made the catch of the year, especially when there’s higher numbers involved. Though proceed with caution, deals which appear too good to be true often are, leaving you with more hassle in the long run than the bargain was worth. It’s no different with outdoor garden furniture, either.

Prices which are just too good can be an instant red flag that some corners have been cut or details left out by the seller, and whilst this article is primarily concerned with price, it’s important to remember other ways you can save (time on maintenance, treatments etc) with some smart buying decisions. Closer to Nature With Luxury Teak Tree Seats. You love luxury outdoor furniture, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading our lovely blog.

Closer to Nature With Luxury Teak Tree Seats

We know this much. You love the luxurious look and feel of bespoke teak furniture; you love the detail it presents in its intricate wood grain, its oily skin feel, its lifelong durability, its individual character in each piece. 3 Amazing Garden Furniture Ideas on the Cheap. These days it isn’t so tough to find affordable garden furniture for those looking to spruce up their cherished outdoor space without breaking the bank.

3 Amazing Garden Furniture Ideas on the Cheap

It used to be the case that lavish garden areas were reserved for luxury establishments, royalty and those with endlessly deep pockets. But ever since access to luxury materials from far away lands has opened up with more efficient transport and automated manufacturing, prices have plummeted. That’s great news! It means you live in the perfect time to create the luxury garden space you’ve always dreamed of with the finest quality garden furniture for cheap. Your options are endless. At Corido, we understand it’s tough to distinguish quality at affordable prices and genuine low-quality goods. 1. If you’re looking for somewhere stunning, comfortable and surprisingly convenient for you and your guests to enjoy this summer, look no further than these wonderful Ashdown Folding Teak Chairs. 2. 3. 3 Coolest Teak Garden Benches Designs for Your Home (with images) · teakgardenbench.

8 Essential Tips for Great Outdoor Furniture. Not everyone has all the free hours in the day needed to do endless detective-like research into buying their dream .

8 Essential Tips for Great Outdoor Furniture

In truth, things can get pretty long winded and before you know it you’ve got 13 tabs open and an overheating computer. Everything from what type of material you need, to style, to manufacturing, to customer service, to maintenance and durability. Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Healthy. Outdoor Furniture You’ve gone through the tough task of finding your perfect wooden outdoor furniture.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Healthy

It’s the right style, has been built from the most high-quality materials and assembled by the best experts in the field. You wouldn’t want to waste all this precious time, effort and investment by not taking care of your beloved garden furniture over the years. Depending on the type of wood and how it’s treated, the amount of care and attention your outdoor furniture requires will vary. Lower quality woods will need sanding, varnished and sealed every couple of years, whereas finer quality woods such as grade-A teak or mahogany will require much less upkeep as the decades pass.

. #1. How to Choose All Weather Garden Furniture – Corido Garden Furniture – Medium. It’s no secret that living in Britain means facing more or less every manifestation of weather imaginable.

How to Choose All Weather Garden Furniture – Corido Garden Furniture – Medium

From the wettest of winters, to moderately hot summers if we’re lucky — we need strong, reliable and of course stunning all weather garden furniture to compensate. Here’s a quick rundown of how to choose the perfect garden outdoor furniture: Material Matters This may seem obvious but is sorely overlooked. Tips to Take Care of Teak Garden Furniture.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Wooden Furniture. You can feel yourself there already; sitting back into your warm, classically-styled wooden chair to the soundtrack of chirping birds and gently trickling water, cool beverage in hand and the spring sun beaming down onto your face.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Wooden Furniture

As your wooden furniture warms with the sunshine providing a comforting touch to your skin, you think “I must be the most relaxed person on earth”. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Don’t underestimate the role of good garden furniture in this scenario. Rattan Garden Furniture - Tempted Over Teak? Corido Garden Furniture Blog: An Outdoor Daybed For a Journey Through History.

You will no doubt know the unmatched level of class a luxury garden daybed can add to any outdoor residential or commercial setting.

Corido Garden Furniture Blog: An Outdoor Daybed For a Journey Through History

There’s good reason for this, one look and you’ll know exactly why. But do you know of the worldly heritage of these stunning feats of craftsmanship? The history of the outdoor daybed is anything but boring. Originally established as a luxury lounging option for the royalty of ancient Egypt, the outdoor daybed was a must-have for those of status who could afford to spend their days lounging whilst being fed grapes (as opposed to building pyramids and farming, talk about the genetic lottery). From then on, the garden daybed was carried through to Greece and the Roman Empire, before being forgotten and thankfully re-popularised by the elite of 16th century France. Must-Have Garden Accessories: 2017 Edition. So you’ve got your luxury teak garden furniture all set up in pristine condition and ready for summer 2017. This beautiful lounging area is longing to be enjoyed at the first hint of sunshine, but something’s wrong. You’re missing something.

Maybe even a few things. Commercial Teak Furniture — What it Really Means? At first glance it may be difficult to tell the difference between residential and commercial teak furniture. At a superficial level they appear to be similar, though only upon close inspection do we find out the reasons commercial teak furniture is the go-to choice for luxury venues. Reasons stretching all the way from teak sourcing to customer service. The whole package changes. 5 Reasons You Need Luxury Teak Garden Furniture. We need to start with an admission, the title that brought you here is false. There aren’t 5 reasons to buy teak garden furniture. Why? Because there are many reasons to buy luxury teak outdoor furniture, but we’d need a lot more time to go through them all.

One thing is true though, you are interested in owning high-quality teak furniture otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, but you haven’t yet fully committed. We’re here to change that. Tired of Rotting Garden Furniture? These 5 Withstand the Elements. Rapidly rusted metal hinges snapping after just two years, poor quality wood that swells and splits after three, and a thumping headache every single time. False promises from budget sellers of how “Our metal garden furniture is PROVEN to last 10 years” or “Buy with us and buy once!”.

Marketing deception, they know you’ll be back. 5 Easy Ways To Decorate your Outdoor Area. A Finishing Touch With Our Unique Garden Ornaments. Teak or Mahogany – Which is Best? If you have ever been on the market for high-end garden furniture you’ve probably had to do some research on which wood-type is best. Which look you prefer, their expected lifespans, ease of maintenance and so on, all important factors to consider. 5 Top Reasons Why Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Right for You. Teak Care: 5 Tips for Lifelong Teak Furniture. Let’s start with a quick question, do you love buying a whole new set of garden furniture every 4 or 5 years? Of course not, yet many people treat their furniture set exactly like this is the case, which is to say they don’t treat it at all. Plastic, Wood or Metal? Benefits Breakdown. Corido’s High-Quality Teak Care Products - Corido Garden Furniture.

10 Reasons You’ll Love Buying Garden Furniture with Corido. Let me let you into a little company secret. Come close. Bespoke Garden Furniture for the Elderly. Years have gone by, and your body has changed. Teak — Does it Make Great Indoor Furniture Too? We all know that genuine, high-quality teak is the ideal wood for making long lasting, luxury outdoor furniture. It ages gracefully, is resistant to rot, mould, and maintains its strength even after spending decades outdoors in the harshest of environments. This much is certain. After conquering the world of the outdoors and winning the hearts of landscapers the world over, we have to ask whether teak is just as much at home indoors as it is outdoors. Can this really be the case, especially in the face of stiff competition such as mahogany? Simply put, yes. Teak not only adds a highly sought-after aesthetic appeal to your indoor setting, it is incredibly dense and hard-wearing due to its abundance of natural oils and rubber.

Is Teak the World’s Most Versatile Wood? Despite teak’s explosion in popularity as the accepted gold standard in luxury outdoor furniture in recent years, its uses are far from just leisurely. Corido Garden Furniture — Perum Perhutani - The Home of Our Grade-A Teak. A Customer’s Story - Mr Blomfield’s Bench. Ordering a memorial bench is an emotional experience, so we always encourage our customers to take the necessary time to carefully consider the wording they would like to use. They also need to decide whether to have this engraved onto a plaque or inscribed into the wood itself, and where on the bench they would like the message to be (Read our blog articles about Carving or Plaque). It is often a family or group decision, so we usually send proofs to help customers to visualise how their text would look, before the order is placed and their bench is made.

One client came to us, as he wanted something special made to memorialise his wife, who had sadly passed away. She was a German lady, so he wanted to ensure that the commemorative message incorporated her heritage, and after a number of checks and tweaks to the design, we were able to confirm the order for his unique bench. The bench faces a beautiful view of the sea and surrounding churchyard. Versailles teak planters - Introducing a little French style into your garden. Planting in containers is a fantastic, manageable way to quickly inject colour and style into your garden, patio or balcony area. You can use a wide variety of plants in many colours, textures and sizes in these boxes, to enhance any outside space.

Teak planters are ideal, as they are made of a very hardy and durable wood, which can be left outside all year round. Wooden planters are also great at keeping the soil at a consistent temperature. The teak will gradually weather from a lovely golden-brown colour, to a beautiful silver-grey patina (if left untreated), so you can be sure your planters will remain a stunning focal point for many years to come. As with all wooden planters, in order to keep the soil moist, we recommend the use of a plastic liner, such as a compost bag or pond liner. Our teak planters come in a variety of sizes, and each have strong, flat, slatted bases to allow for drainage. The dimensions for our readily available planters are: Christmas Gift Ideas For Garden Lovers. The Christmas festivities are almost here, so in order to avoid disappointment, now is the perfect time to start thinking about those perfect Christmas gifts for garden lovers.

Carving or plaque? Best ideas to personalise your memorial bench. Personalised memorial benches are a beautiful, long-lasting way to remember a lost loved ones, capture life’s important milestones, celebrate school leavers or thank colleagues who are moving on from a company. These special messages can be portrayed on a plaque attached to the bench, carved or engraved into the wood itself, ready to be installed as a stunning focal point in any public or private outdoor space. Plaques are perhaps a more traditional way of personalising a tribute bench, and they can come in a variety of sizes and materials.

Here at Corido, we offer high quality brass or stainless steel plaque options, which can fit up to four lines of text. We also offer a selection of fonts for you to choose from, so that your message is truly personalised to your unique requirements. Plaques are then secured directly onto the bench and can be placed wherever you wish. Share this post. Caring for Teak Outdoor Furniture in this Winter. Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List. Caring for your teak furniture during the winter. How to Choose the Right Teak Garden Chairs for Your Outdoor Living - kravelv. Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Wooden Garden Furniture. The Timelessness of Teak - Corido Garden Furniture.

From A to C: The Differences Between Teak Grades – Corido Garden Furniture Blog. A Guide to Rattan Outdoor Furniture – Medium. Corido Garden Furniture — Talking Teak.