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Royal Indian Catering

Delight your guests with a wonderful array of delicious Indian catering Wedding Food from the "Coriander Group". Choose from a range of special occasion menus that are guaranteed to impress.

COVID 19. Asian Food. Indian Catering Services. Our new bar packages for 2020 have… Asian Food, Coriander Catering UK. Best Christmas food options: Coriander Catering Services. Christmas is an annual celebration of many people around the world with a lot of enthusiasm.

Best Christmas food options: Coriander Catering Services

The family get-together, social gatherings, corporate gatherings and parties, exchange of gifts, and lot more are numerous events carried out. This month is super exciting with a double feast, as the Christmas and the dawn of a new year celebrated worldwide. If you like to be at home and spend quality time with friends and family; also, don’t want to fret and make a fuss over preparing the meal. Hire a catering service provider who serves the fresh and luxurious vegan food, non-veg food, desserts and mobile bar hire services. Christmas Catering Coriander Group.

Enjoy the refreshing Mojitos! Mobile Bar, CorianderGroup in the UK. 6 simple kids activity ideas at Asian Weddings and Events. To plan a wedding and look after all the marriage arrangements is usually toilsome.

6 simple kids activity ideas at Asian Weddings and Events

Moreover, if you plan to invite kids, then to handle and keep them busy can be a tricky and challenging situation. Of course, kids love to attend India and Asian wedding. It's the time when they get exposure to diverse cultures and events. Kids love to dress up in the traditional style apply some light makeup, enjoy different cuisines & adore attending, and be a part of the wedding event. Celebrate this Diwali with Indian Catering Services and Event Planner: Coriander Group. Sweets are an integral part of any celebration.

Celebrate this Diwali with Indian Catering Services and Event Planner: Coriander Group

Sweet tooth people will not mind adding on those extra calories, especially during the festivals. Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Shankarpali, Karanji, Rasgulla, Boondi ladoo are some of the popular mouth-watering sweets. Impress your guests, relatives with this yum treats. Wedding Event organised by Coriander Group at Palm House Sefton Park. Coriander Group, Wedding Planner organized a beautiful event at Palm House Sefton Park. Best Bespoke Bar Service in Manchester. Any party is incomplete without Drinks, Cocktails, Mocktails.

Best Bespoke Bar Service in Manchester

On occasions like Wedding, New year, birthday bash, formal event, casual get-together; the party is incomplete without alcohol, especially for the boozer. Indian and Asian Wedding Caterer serves various options for a bibulous person. They expertise in offering unique, fresh and exciting bespoke bar service to guests. Visitors also love to experiment with complex flavours. Asian wedding inspiration and suggestion to plan for your marriage!! AsianCaterers. Asian Catering "Coriander Group" in the UK. Enjoy Indian cuisine offered by "Coriander Group" in the UK. Wedding And Event Décor and Management Services. Royal Indian Catering - Coriander Group. Mango: let's add some flavour to your upcoming event.

You can make a variety of dishes with Raw mango as well.

Mango: let's add some flavour to your upcoming event

Chutney, Pickle (popularly known as Aam ka Achar) blends well and adds value to your cuisine. Aam Panha (Raw mango drink) is an Indian drink which has a cooling property and is beneficial to beat the summer heat. It is one of the healthy beverages one can have during summers; made from raw mango and mint leaves. Amchur Powder (Dried raw mango powder) is used to flavour food and citrusy seasoning.

It goes very well with Daal, Okra, Bitter Melon. There are many health benefits associated with this fruit. Hire "Coriander Group" Indian Wedding Caterer in UK. CORIANDER GROUP Bespoke Bar Service. Asian Caterer. Indian & Asian Wedding Caterer.


Indian Wedding Caterer. Indian Wedding Catering. Wedding Food Trends in 2018 – Asian Wedding Caterers. Although the focus is always on them, couples still want their weddings to be eventful for their guests.

Wedding Food Trends in 2018 – Asian Wedding Caterers

Arguably the most memorable part for guests is the food, so couples are now making bold choices when designing the wedding catering menu. Let’s look at the some of this year’s latest trends. Easy Kids Party Food Ideas – Asian Wedding Caterers. When it comes to kid’s party food, it’s hard to go wrong.

Easy Kids Party Food Ideas – Asian Wedding Caterers

Often, all you need to do is fill the menu with sweet, rich-tasting food that kids love. But if you’re looking for a little “extra” to make the menu more interesting, here are a few ideas to help you along! Ideas for Your Little Girl Girls love party themes like princesses, fairies, and magical kingdoms. Coriandergroup. Indian Sweets And Snacks - What Make Them Special. Sweets and Indian festivals are intimately related.

Indian Sweets And Snacks - What Make Them Special

The desert items have great significance in Indian cuisines. They are loved all over the globe due to their heavenly flavor and taste. Long hours of preparation and use of exotic ingredients also contribute to their worldwide fame. Growing Demand of Indian Catering Services in London – Asian Wedding Caterers. With the growing globalization, the world has become a close unit, narrowing down the geographical boundaries.

Growing Demand of Indian Catering Services in London – Asian Wedding Caterers

This development has led many Indians to try their luck in different foreign lands. London is one such destination where Indians have migrated and settle down for years. The city has a large number of Indian populations and this has led to the development of many Indian restaurants that cater to the needs of the Indians residing there. These restaurants in London not only serve the NRIs with their authentic food but also meet the needs of the localities that have a taste bud for the Indian dishes. The popularity of Indian food among the Indians and foreigners are increasing rapidly. The increasing Indian population in London has also led to the growth of catering services. The food lovers can also have Indian tandoori food from the caterers. Spice Up Your Next Summer Party With Salad And Drinks!! Summer is finally here!

Spice Up Your Next Summer Party With Salad And Drinks!!

The season just creates such a feel-good vibe that spills over into a relaxed party mood. People just feel like celebrating and enjoying the moment. Whatever your occasion, you can be sure that summer party catering will be right at the center of your plans. South Indian Food - Menu Ideas for your Next Event – Asian Wedding Caterers. Think about Indian food and your mind instantly imagines a delectable cuisine replete with different tastes. Whether it is the aroma of freshly powdered spices or asafoetida or the savoury taste of clarified butter on simmered rice, Indian cuisine has such a wide range of flavors that it caters to the tastes of every taste bud. Anyone who has tasted Asian cuisine develops a keen liking for some of its dishes. Even in foreign countries, Asian cuisine is admired and the testimony of this fact is the success of Asian caterers in Manchester and adjoining areas.

Asian Wedding Caterer. Get an Authentic touch of Food with Indian Style by Indian Catering. Choosing the right Indian catering company for your event is essential. In fact, the food can make or break an event. Wedding Decoration Ideas Make Your Wedding Memorable. Just by searching the web for photographs you will come across an impressive range of ideas, suitable for different wedding styles. However, there are a few options you cannot go wrong with, which will beautify the decor of your reception significantly. The following decor ideas are a must try, if you wish to have an extra glam event; Rainbow or Ribbon Backdrop – If you wish for a splash of color at your ceremony, creating a vibrant backdrop can be a great solution. This one is extremely simple to handle, and the effect created will most certainly be a stunning one. Asian Wedding Caterers. The cutting of the cake is going to be one among the foremost important/ essential photos in your wedding album.

Few decisions are as pleasant as selecting the perfect wedding cake. There are many varieties, colours, and styles to settle on from. Asian Wedding Caterers - The Best Choice For Conducting Reception Parties. Each and every country thinks catering is a good business proposal, as everyone today looks for a good cuisine. Catering can either focus on only one cuisine, for example, an Indian Caterers can focus only on serving Indian cuisine, or it can focus on multiple cuisines from different countries. Along with providing the best dishes, caterers now started providing mouth watering deserts as one of their offerings. In some occasions, only deserts are organized by the hosts, while on some occasions, the deserts become the main attraction, gaining more attention than the main course.

Talking about sweet dishes there are varieties of sweet dishes that also vary region to region. Right from North to South, to East to West, the variety to offer by the caterers is humongous. Indian Wedding Food - Match Your Wedding Food to Your Venue. Indian Catering - Get an Authentic Touch of Food. Asian Catering for Your Event. Making Your Wedding Food Stand Out. Wedding Food Catering - Perfect Wedding Day Catering. Coriandergroup.