Inès Le Bihan – Industrial Design » Work Inès Le Bihan – Industrial Design » Work I am Inès Le Bihan a 22-year-old french industrial design student that specialize in evolutive, non-static creations providing users endless discovery. — I am looking for a 4 to 5-month internship starting in June 2013 to complete my Master’s Degree in Industrial Design — BLUETOOTH HEADSET | 2012.09 NENDO for LOGITEC STYLO is a bluetooth headset created by lopping off short pieces of aluminium tubing for the housing. The headset's surface will change over time, as it accumulates the minute scratches and marks that come naturally through use. These incidental yet planned details will bring further depth and attachment to the headset, like those of a well-loved pen used for years.
Inès Le Bihan – Industrial Design » Work
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