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QA 7: Leadership & Service Management

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Surviving stress at work - Health & Wellbeing. By Pamela Wilson Most of us have had to deal with stress in the workplace at some point.

Surviving stress at work - Health & Wellbeing

But how do you manage it and what are the warning signs that you need help? Published 15/07/2010 [Image source: iStockphoto] Your mobile phone won't stop ringing, your inbox is overflowing and deadlines are piling up. Spend a reasonable amount of time in the lunchroom of many workplaces and chances are you will hear staff talking about feeling 'stressed out'. One reason for this is that many workers feel they have very little control over their work lives. Another reason we're feeling stressed is that figures suggest many Australians are working hard, or at least long hours. Stress-related illness costs the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year in absenteeism and presenteeism, where people come to work but have low levels of productivity. And when stress at work becomes overwhelming it can cause a workplace psychological injury.

Top Burning out What makes work stressful? Stress. Stress is the second most common cause of workplace compensation claims in Australia, after manual handling.


This guide will help you understand the risks of work-related stress and explain what you need to do to make your workplace safe. Available guidance about stress in the private sector: Information is available for employers, employees and health and safety representatives. Guidance for the public sector is available in the handbook, Stresswise - Preventing Work-related stress. and Policies - Armadale Early Learning Centre. 306-oshc-policy. Oshc_policy. Network of Community Activities. OSHC Job Descriptions. These documents are provided in both Word and PDF formats.

OSHC Job Descriptions

You may use the documents to adapt for your service however we do not accept any responsibility for changes made to our documents. Children's Services Employee (CSE) CSE Level 1 OSHC pdf (419 KB) HR Resources. Network SA Facebook LogoutMember Home Member Login HR Resources Homepage : Free Resources : HR Resources Advertising Jobs (216 KB) Definition of Immediate Family (178 KB) Employing People with Disabilities (1086 KB) Employing People with Disabilities Policy Notes (1062 KB)

HR Resources

Toward a Responsive Model for Educational Leadership in Rural Appalachia: Merging Theory and Practice (Sumario en espanol) So%20what%20happens%20after%20the%20event_%20Exploring%20the%20realisation%20of%20professional%20development%20with%20early%20childhood%20educators%20%E2%80%93%20Early%20Childhood%20Australia. Professional-learning-needs-assessment-online-tool-PSCA. Reflections%20Magazine%20_%20Issue%2048,%20Page%201. Policies%20in%20practice%20-%20educator%20staff%20appraisal%20training%20and%20development%20(1) Legal information for community organisations. Supporting_EC_Teachers_Review.pdf. Leading and managing change / Leading change / Home - Educational Leaders. Managing school change is one of the most complex school leadership tasks.

Leading and managing change / Leading change / Home - Educational Leaders

School leaders need to understand the change process to lead and manage change and improvement efforts effectively. New Zealand articles and resources School leadership in the changing demographic of Christchurch in 2013 by Christine Harris In this article Thorrington School principal, Christine Harris, writes about changed social landscape of post-earthquake Christchurch and what this has meant for education. Sustaining school improvement: ten primary schools' journeys by Linda Mitchell, Marie Cameron, and Cathy Wylie This NZCER research report describes case studies in nine primary schools and one intermediate school that have made deliberate efforts to bring about positive improvements in teaching and learning.

Educational leadership practices survey report by Cathy Wylie and Edith Hogden New Zealand school stories Taihape Area School: engaging their community Other resources Leading curriculum innovation in practice. Homepage - Privacycompliance. CCSA - Community Connections Solutions Australia. Working while waiting for the Check to be done. Amanda Gore Motivational Keynote Speaker. Mentoring-Reflective-Book2.pdf. DEECD Privacy Compliance Assistance Package. Community Child Care Association > Community Child Care. Change__wellbeing_web. WorkhealthandsafetyWEBmarchv2. How-to-series-PoliciesWEBv2. Guidelines for Kindergarten Treasurers. Slate Accounts has just released Guidelines for Kindergarten Treasurers, the result of lots of experience we’re getting helping kindergartens, and as the treasurer of a kindergarten myself.

Guidelines for Kindergarten Treasurers

The Guidelines are available as a complimentary download here . The guidelines outline practical steps to fulfilling the treasury role at a committee run kindergarten or childcare centre. It walks treasurers through their key responsibilities and explains what they should be doing and thinking about when they first take on the position, and on a regular basis to oversee the accounts and prepare for committee meetings. Content is prioritised and common potential issues are flagged to make the job of treasurer straightforward and effective. It’s lots of fun helping out in your community and the Guidelines aim to help treasurers quickly get across what they need to know so they can enjoy the experience and make a great contribution.

Community Child Care Co-operative » Sample policies. The sample policies below are for information purposes only.

Community Child Care Co-operative » Sample policies

You are welcome to use this material and adapt to your own service’s situation with acknowledgement to Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW). Community Child Care provides these policies as general information and they may be used as a foundation for the development of your own education and care service policy. Policies must be unique to your service and developed in collaboration with your service community. Whilst Community Child Care believes these sample policies comply with the requirements of the Regulations, services are advised to take responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of the material. Community Child Care suggests consideration of the following questions* while adapting these policies to your service: Is the policy consistent with the philosophy, mission and goals of the service?

Early Childhood Services in South Australia. Early Years. Quality_Area_7_b__A4. Quality_Area_7_a__A4. Early Years.