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Maison des Etudiants / Lacroix Chessex. Architects: Lacroix Chessex Location: Geneva, Switzerland Design Team: Grégoire Martin, Jon Onandia, Cristina Moldes, Boris Pflugfelder, Stéphane KoularmanisPhotographs: Radek Brunecky Competition phase: Hiéronyme Lacroix, Simon Chessex, Ubaldo Martella, Leonhard Kanapin Partners: Hiéronyme Lacroix, Simon Chessex Associate: Frédéric Crausaz Structural Engineering: Thomas Jundt Ingénieurs Civils From the architect.

Maison des Etudiants / Lacroix Chessex

Situated at the entrance of Geneva, the Students housing of the Graduate Institute are open to the world. The shape of the building forms a broken bar which one of the facade follows the curve of the railway tracks. This particular shape disturbs the perception of this big urban building, which takes advantages of its size and the site’s constraints. The facade consists of private balconies at the East and large “coursives” at the West side. Modern House Plans from TOP Architects. Gallery Inside & Outside Concept Engineering LLC © 2015.

Modern House Plans from TOP Architects.

House Plans & Home Plans at COOL® houseplans home floor plans & blueprints. Cliff May Brochure - Harvey Park Modern. Method Homes. How much does a Method Home Cost?

Method Homes

There are three categories of costs to consider when calculating the budget for your new Method home: Soft Costs, Site Costs, and Modular Costs. These are based on a typical scope of work. Prior to engaging in a feasibility study, Method can help outline the cost of your specific project. The overall project cost is determined based on your location, site, and preferred design. Soft Costs Vary by project. $15,000 – $30,000 and up Soft costs include: • Feasibility Study • Site survey • Geotechnical soils analysis • Architectural design • Structural engineering • Permit coordination • Utility connection fees • Permit and impact fees City fees associated with obtaining a building permit can vary greatly depending on jurisdiction and are determined during the feasibility process.

Modular Costs. Drafting Design - Robert T Design. In-law Suites The term “secondary suite” is generally used to describe a self-contained dwelling unit with its own kitchen and bathroom, which is separate from the principal dwelling in a house.

Drafting Design - Robert T Design

It can be located either within the principal dwelling or in an accessory building on the same lot as the principal dwelling. These units are also known as “accessory apartments” and “in-law suites.” Basement apartments are the most common type. Aside from being affordable to renters, they also provide income and extra security for the home owner who has more space than is needed, and make entering the housing market easier for first-time buyers who may use the rental income to offset their mortgage costs.

Secondary suites are an affordable housing option that meets the needs of many people, including members of an extended family, singles, seniors and people with low or fixed incomes. What Regulations Apply to Secondary Suites? The Palamino House. Turner Fleischer - Home. Zelinka Priamo Ltd. Design First Interiors. Gow Hastings Architects. NkArchitect.


Gallery. Join Our Mailing List 714.376.0212 Gallery © Copyright 2013 Kelly Laule.


All Rights Reserved. Klopf Architecture. Hive Modular. Introduction - Redesign. Modern Home Plans – Modern Home Designs from Building your own home is quite possibly the most exciting and rewarding endeavor for anyone to undertake.

Modern Home Plans – Modern Home Designs from

And it all starts with the perfect home design. We are here to help ensure that you get off to a perfect start! Here’s why. We’ll Save You Money Using pre-drawn homes plans is the most cost-effective way to professionally design a home. Mid-Century Modern Building Plans and Drawings Galore. Mid-Century Modern Building Plans and Drawings Galore Here is a fun Flickr site to get lost in.

Mid-Century Modern Building Plans and Drawings Galore

A collection of 115 mid-century modern house plans gathered up from a variety of vintage magazines, trade journals and newspapers. An excellent starting point for gathering ideas if you are planning your dream home. Lifestyle Living. Homes. Built in our state-of-the art factory, Blu provides high-quality construction and predictable costs and timelines.


After your home is completed in the factory, we will deliver it to your site, literally unfold and set it on the foundation in just 1-2 days. After 4-8 weeks of on-site finishing, it’s time to move in. You’ll save months of time and get a fixed transparent price. CleverHomes presented by tobylongdesign - intro. Vision: Overview. "Proto" means first, foremost--and that's what we stand for.

Vision: Overview

We are innovators on the forefront of our industry. THE DWELL HOMES COLLECTION. Proto Homes uniquely delivers the "Prefab Promise.


" Proto Homes is an innovative Prefab Company that aims to capture a tremendous void in the middle and upper middle markets; that is the absence of affordable new modern homes for the first-time and second-time homebuyers. Proto Homes has invented a new hybrid prefab system that shortens the construction time by 70% and reduces the cost by over 60%, without shortchanging the architectural quality. In fact, many practical and proprietary features, which are included in every Proto House, enhance the functionality and sustainability of the house.

Blueprint Designs. Connect:Homes January 2013 update. Come visit the prototype at our factory in Riverside County. Huge response to our Prototype Connect 2.1 in Silicon Valley in November. Great interview in Dwell's Prefab issue (along with a crazy portrait of Jared.) Our next homes are about to start in factory. As always, contact us about building your dream house. Come visit the prototype Connect 2.1 at our factory in Riverside County We are now meeting with clients by appointment out at our factory near Riverside, CA. Thanks to everyone who came out to our events in Silicon Valley. Please check out more photos of the event below. Modern Modular Prefab Homes. Gower Design - Custom Home Designs - Orcas Island WA Residence. Lider Domów pasywnych - nowoczesne domy, stalowe domy, fabryka domów, energooszczędne domy, tanie domy, budowa domu, kanadyjskie domy, gotowe domy, ArtHauss Lider Domów pasywnych.

Ferrous House / Johnsen Schmaling Architects ferroushouse_04 – ArchDaily. Prefab Passive Solar Green Homes: Green Modern Kits! Modern SIP House Kits! BAÜHU - Prefabricated modular engineered buildings: Affordable, stylish, homes for modern living. Flat pack houses, kit houses, Prefab homes, self build homes, prefab houses, self build houses, manufactured houses, manufactured homes, , modular homes, lig. Welcome to C-Style Homes. Home: Modern House Plans by Gregory La Vardera Architect. DesignSTUDIOmodern: June 2008. The lightBOX project currently under construction is a portion of a larger project that includes a 1000s.f. two story addition to a "builder" bungalow from the 40's located North of downtown Austin, Tx. We are building the carport/studio portion of the project first in order to allow the clients to live on the property through the entire construction process.

Once the studio is completed and the certificate of occupancy is issued we'll begin in earnest on the demolition and addition for the house itself. The ground floor of the studio is made up of a single carport, a storage/utility room, a small covered patio from which to enjoy the backyard, and stairs to reach the deck and studio above. Once upstairs you walk across the 6' wide cantilevered covered deck and enter the studio through one of two 8'x 8' sliding glass doors. The studio is a study in minimal dwelling, composed of a combined living/dining/kitchen space and a european style shower/toilet room.