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DesignRulz - Best recommendations for architecture, product design, interior and outdoor design. Brighton Residence. This solid brick, architecturally designed 70′s treasure in Melbourne was a gift to work with according to designer Kestie Lane, one half of Melbourne based design firm, Studio You Me.

Brighton Residence

Together with partner Hana Hakim, Kestie explains because the original home was designed with such integrity in the first place with great orientation, high-pitched ceilings and stream-lined joinery, Studio You Me was able work with the great original features to bring it up to date. Custom finishes and joinery elements designed to withstand the demands of a young family were created using select grade American Oak veneer in a custom black stain, and 3mm expressed shadow-line detail to create the narrative of the house throughout.

RA Project Gallery Projects Landing Page. Architect Project Gallery. Projects. Recent Past Revealed. Magazine. Renovated Urban Cottages : 430 house. BuildingButler - 30.000+ building images. - The contemporary design guide. - LifeEdited. Explore, Collect and Source architecture & interiors. About. Urban Toronto. Architecture + Design. Modern ottawa: new modbox homes in Ottawa. ModBox is a boutique property development company focusing on building modern residences in select Ottawa neighbourhoods.

modern ottawa: new modbox homes in Ottawa

The brainchild of modern architectural firm Linebox Studio and builder The Lake Partnership, this joint venture is currently working on a new loft-style condos in Mechanicsville called Mechanicsville Lofts. This building project is their response to the lack of hard lofts in the city of Ottawa. Though their project is not an actual loft conversion from an existing industrial building, it said to include "five main features that define a true hard loft; high ceilings, open spaces, exposed building materials, large windows and an urban location" with the added benefit of comfort and energy efficiency.

This will definitely upgrade the current look of this area which, in my opinion, looks old and not very practical for modern living. You can see from the screen captures from Google Street-view what will surround the new building. Housing Prototypes. ArchDaily - Part 15. Projects. Design For a Better World! House Designs: Brisbane & Queensland - Metricon. WhoisBardi.Com : Home Decor Ideas and Interior Decorating Ideas. Brick Comeback: A Revived Manse in Melbourne: Remodelista. Older Brick Comeback: A Revived Manse in Melbourne by Margot Guralnick Issue 32 · Down Under · August 14, 2014 Newer Issue 32 · Down Under · August 14, 2014 Hired by a young family to revive a double-fronted Victorian house in the St.

Brick Comeback: A Revived Manse in Melbourne: Remodelista

Photographs by Shannon McGrath via Clare Cousins Architects. Above: The owners wanted to better integrate the house and garden, which had been obscured by tall, sloping brick additions. Above: The living area now has a direct link to the garden via a pop-out window and window seat. Above: What Cousins calls the "threshold space" between the house's wings forms an indoor/outdoor dining area with pivoting glass doors. Above: The living area, with window seat and portholes. Above: Classic bentwood chairs and, on the floor, the Block 2 Light by Sydney designer Henry Pilcher. Modern Toronto Homes. Architecture Design Ideas, Pictures and Inspiration. Architecture Design Ideas, Pictures and Inspiration. Warm Wooden Interior Accentuates A Welcoming Wellington Home! Restoration and renovation projects often spawn some amazing works of creativity.

Warm Wooden Interior Accentuates A Welcoming Wellington Home!

Addition projects are equally challenging and often involve a merger of several different styles of design. This lovely home located in York Bay, Wellington, New Zealand was the site of Paul Rolfe Architects’ latest addition project. Surrounded by lush green vegetation that offers ample privacy, the home represents a typical residence structure in New Zealand. Offering fabulous views and draped in natural beauty, it seems like every house in New Zealand is as much about the exterior as the interior! The addition project saw the York Bay House embrace a brand new interior that is clad in warm wooden tones. A gorgeous modern fireplace is at the heart of the home, while an ergonomic modern kitchen in white adds a surprising hint of contemporary design.

World of Architecture: WTB. Quakerrose : All about Interior Design, Architecture and Home Ideas and Inspirations. Modern house is the most popular home design nowadays.

Quakerrose : All about Interior Design, Architecture and Home Ideas and Inspirations

This kind of house provides a simple dimension as well as clean lines, open plans and not to forget, a luxuriant natural lighting. Interior Design Ideas, Modern Design Pictures & Architecture Blog Magazine. FlexWi ~ Inspiration Designs for Homes Hotels Apartments. Ultra-Modern Meets Rustic at Tahoe Ridge House. As one steps inside the modern home design of Tahoe Ridge House by WA Design Inc., one feels as if they are still outside, held in the warm embrace of the outdoors and its rusting fall colors.

Ultra-Modern Meets Rustic at Tahoe Ridge House

The double-level, lofted dining area has a certain cathedral feel to it, possibly achieve thanks to the apparent girders, with all nails fully visible and a rough finish vibe to them. The warmth of wood an the rustic charm is complemented by the ample grilled windows, which shine light down on the superb dining room table – a couple of planks that look wholly raw, edgy and natural. Architect Online: The premier site for Architecture Industry News & Building Resources for Architects and Architecture Industry Professionals.

Decode london. INFOCUTAWAYJethro Macey INFOHALCYON (NEW)Anthony Dickens INFOHatchamSamuel Wilkinson INFOHATCHAM TABLE (NEW)Samuel Wilkinson INFOHEAVY DESK LIGHTBenjamin Hubert INFOHEAVY LIGHTBenjamin Hubert INFOHEAVY WALL LIGHTBenjamin Hubert INFORESPUNDecode Studio INFOROCKSamuel Wilkinson INFOVESSEL F (NEW)Samuel Wilkinson INFOVESSEL PSamuel Wilkinson INFOWIRE LIGHTStudio Trevelyan.

decode london

4th Dimension Concrete Wrist Watch. Your first source for architecture, design & art news. Platform Architecture. DAMNation - Damnpages. For Top interior designers and planners in the premium segment design. Home Magazine. Design, Architektur & Designer bei STYLEPARK. ABC Bookcase - Letters and Numbers Modular Cube Storage from Saporiti. ShareThis The ABC bookcase (libreria ABC) is a fun and functional series of modular storage cubes shaped as letters and numbers designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti. above: I so gotta get me these, don't you think?

ABC Bookcase - Letters and Numbers Modular Cube Storage from Saporiti

You can assemble any number of the sophisticated looking cubes to form words or sentences as in the examples of the "Read your book case","News" and "XOXO" compilations shown below: TED Playlists. Your first source for architecture, design & art news. Architecture and Design. MADE Design. Modern Lighting Design in Kreo Gallery - : Zeospot. Modern Lighting Design in Kreo Gallery Lighting is important in our lives.

Modern Lighting Design in Kreo Gallery - : Zeospot

But if we bored about the old lighting design, or you need a new one, then I have a great review for you. Here it is, impressive modern lighting design created by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Personally I really love the design which also has a contemporary looking. I have got the information that from April 24th to July 22nd, 2010 ago, the Kreo Gallery in Paris will hold an exhibition of these furniture pieces.

I think, this unique context has often led the designer to compare their work for the gallery to the use of a sketch pad, a more instinctive form of research free from the constraints imposed by industry, the norms, weight, size or other issues more or less justified by mass production. I guess that their work for the Galerie kreo has always produced exceptional events. I really surprised by the designer method in designing the furniture. Toronto Design Offsite Festival. Architecture. Steve Mcqueen’s Idaho Ranch September 18th, 2013 Steve McQueen’s Moon Ranch is up for sale just outside of Sun Valley, Idaho for $7.4 million dollars.


The two-story house sits on over 500 acres and includes a 1,728 square-foot garage. The house itself is really quite nice and the location is fantastic. Via AutoBlog. Carrying Things, Part 2: Bellroy's Quest to Shrink the Wallet. Like Rushfaster, Bellroy is another Australian company, this one located in Glen's hometown of Melbourne. Bellroy's mission is "trying to improve the way we carry," starting with the wallet, an object whose design "has existed in a deep freeze for the last generation or two. " One of Bellroy's five solutions is the Slim Sleeve Wallet, which provides quick-draw access for your two most commonly used cards, then provides a pull-tab to access the less frequently used cards you stuff on the inside. As shown in the video, there's also a slot to hold some kind of funny little play money, I'll ask Glen what those are when he gets back to the office. Check out the rest of Bellroy's lineup here.

Architecture and Design. Iris van Herpen Print Shift interview. Fashion designer and 3D printing pioneer Iris van Herpen tells us how printing and scanning technologies could transform the fashion industry in an exclusive interview for our print-on-demand publication Print Shift. Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12 (+ transcript). Advances in material and printing technology mean that flexible, washable clothes are now possible, says Dutch designer Van Herpen, whose latest ready-to-wear collection includes printed garments. "I’m really happy that 3D prints finally act with the movement of the body," she said. "[My] last show was really a big step forward because it was totally flexible and the jacket we created, for example, you could put in the washing machine.

" Van Herpen is one of the first fashion designers to investigate the potential of 3D printing to create clothes and accessories. She also ponders how 3D scanners could revolutionise the way we order our clothes in the future. Ozone Residence by Swell Homes. This modern single family house located in Perth, Australia, was completely redesigned by Swell Homes. Visit Swell Homes Published 11 months ago by Mat Watts in Architecture. You might also like Comments. The 24 House by Dane Design Australia.

By Sophie • Nov 21, 2012 • Selected Work Dane Design Australia created this contemporary residence for clients located in Australia. Because the owners are art collectors, the architect gave the home a deep overhanging roof to protect valuable pieces from the harsh, damaging sun. The 24 House by Dane Design Australia: Modern Designs River Homes Luxury In Sydney (Australia) : sandoraz. Sleek Workers Residences - The Cooper Joseph Studio 'Writer's Studio' is Functional. Contemporary concrete furniture. Q - Bic by Royal Botania. Saving the world, one room at a time.

The Modern List. Museo Casa de la Memoria. A collective of Colombian architects have designed a memorial museum for Medellín, Colombia, to commemorate victims of conflict. Trust Me, I'm an "Architect" Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide. Dezeen - architecture and design magazine. Contributed, organised, and mapped by you. Professional Builder’s Show Village brings modular home innovations to IBS in Las Vegas. Top 12 Matérias de 2012 / Top 12 Articles of 2012 « Cenário 3D. A seguir apresentamos para vocês, leitores e amigos, as doze matérias mais lidas em 2012 segundo as estatísticas do nosso blog. É importante ressaltarmos que esta lista não reflete nenhum tipo de competição ou ranking. O nosso intuito é homenagear todos os profissionais e escritórios que nos enviaram os seus projetos e também agradecer a todos os leitores, amigos e colaboradores.

Below we present to you readers and friends, the twelve most read articles in 2012 according to the statistics of our blog. It is important to note that this list does not reflect any kind of competition or ranking. Our intention is to honor all professionals and offices that have sent us their projects and also thank all the readers, friends and colleagues. Clique nos títulos para ir para as matérias / Click on the titles to go to the articles. 1. Since 1999 home of design culture: designboom is the first and largest independent publication dedicated to architecture and design.

ARCHIMOVER - Architecture & Interior Design Archives. Carré d'Etoiles Mini Prefab Vacation Homes. Modern Transportable Home & Cabin Idea from Bachbox. Interview: Bachbox. We spoke to Stepan Skala from Bachbox, and discovered that a box is not just a box – it’s a stylish portable shelter, designed for extreme environments, with an outer steel shell and four large folding decks which completely enclose the building when not in use. Platform Architecture. CONTEMPORIST.

Architecture, kitchen and bathroom design: Architecture, kitchen and bathroom design: Modern House Designs. Structure, Construction system - All architecture and design manufacturers in this category. ArchiExpo - The Virtual Architecture Exhibition: kitchen, bathroom, lighting, furniture, office ... Modern Home Design by Architects Johannsen + Associates. Home Design Ideas - Part 75. Can Partnerships Solve Perth Housing Crisis? The Harrison Street Residences in California Built for a Young Family. Awarded Competitions. We are always looking forward to see the results of an awarded competition. Greenfab - homepage. TreeHugger.

LivingHomes. Design For a Better World! Projects « HyBrid arc. The Scale of the Universe 2. Materialicious. Fabprefab - modernist prefab dwellings. Design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology. ISA.