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The Daily What. Epic4chan. Pending his trial, a teenage boy has been held in jail for months for making a very bad joke on Facebook, and faces up to 8 years of possible jail if found guilty of making a “terroristic threat” on Facebook, even though he ended his comment with “LOL” and “jk”.


The judge and district attorney in this case should face being fired, jailed, or MUCH MUCH worse. PLEASE visit this page: And sign the petition: Here is an article: And many more: Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever Alone, Y U No Guy, Troll Face, Foul Bachelor Frog. Where Productivity Goes to Die. Welcome - What Would Tyler Durden Do: Celeb gossip, rumors, scandals, pictures and videos. - America's Only Humor & Video Site Since 1958. CollegeHumor - Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links!