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Rave. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Convertisseur YouTube vers mp3. WTF. Music. Neet. Funny. Movie. Blog. Music. Art. Drink. Discover the Best of the Web. Funny. Amazing girl slalom. [VIDEO] - StumbleUpon. Wayne Dalgish - Black belt - StumbleUpon. Watch beautiful cyberpunk robots battle to the death in ROSA - StumbleUpon. "...all that's left are beautiful cyborgs who bleed plants.

Watch beautiful cyberpunk robots battle to the death in ROSA - StumbleUpon

" Now that I've seen it, I think this phrase pretty much sums it up. I'm reminded of Patrick S. Farley's webcomic, which I think is sadly offline now and whose name I now forget, where he imagines a distant future where a dead Jain is somehow reincarnated into an extremely powerful AI on an outbound colonization ship. The Earth has been destroyed by an unspecified nanoweapon of some kind. She is rewarded, for her unswerving and devout belief, with the task of terraforming a distant planet with nanotechnology.

Now if I lived in such a future, I wouldn't be human at all. Deadmau5 Edition - StumbleUpon. FV_13.html from StumbleUpon. @TheBlackHole25: I remember watching a Bulls game on TV in the 90's (forget the year) where Pippen gets a pass and drains it from 65 feet at the buzzer.


@TheBlackHole25: I would have to say that the girl in the hoop thing is fake. My God, if she missed just slightly...can you imagine? @Char Aznable: There's a difference between the baseball pass/underhand toss, the running two hand shot, and a proper jump shot. For a jump shot, you're releasing around the peak of the jump, so it's mostly arm strength. LeBron actually made a jump shot from about half court in the playoffs last season, and it was a BIG DEAL. @genesic: If I recall correctly, it was a running jump shot, not a stop-and-pop. I don't have to be educated on the skill required, this isn't a lecture class... :) Besides, I already know all that.

Neonflames. Touch Effects. Mindfuck. Give me more!


Top 5:523 - 556 - 531 - 526 - 527 Latest:1187 Mindfuck the fuck ? ... Droste effect XD Daan Ik ben er bijna!!!!!!!!!!! Rick Redgord @Redgord, ja tot je dood gaat, of blind wordt, of je ogen dichtdoet, of een blindoek voordoet, of het donker wordt.. piet ik word raar Hank @Hank Ooit bedacht dat je misschien gewoon raar bent?? Evarella rofl ik trapte erin:p super john ahahhaha wtf. seriöst den e läskig x) Johanna Larsson ik denk het komt dichter bij maar dat is hellemaal niet zoh lol Zo kom je nooit aan land Weird. Line. Silk — Interactive generative art.


Cool. Twinkle123.