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Now you can bake, fry, broil, saute, steam & braise— all in one pan! CopperChef is the nonstick, all-around square pan that replaces most of your kitchen utensils

Frequently Asked Questions. 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the Copper Chef XL Casserole Pan? The Copper Chef XL Casserole Pan is an extra deep dish pan with a family-sized 7.2 qt. capacity. 2. Is there a coating on the Copper Chef XL Casserole Pan that burns off at first use? No. 3. The Copper Chef XL Casserole Pan is aluminum with copper colored Cerami Tech™ Non-Stick Coating that will not chip or peel. 4.

The Copper Chef XL Casserole Pan is aluminum with Cerami Tech™ Non-Stick Coating, and a stainless steel induction plate. 5. Although the pan can be used on an open fire, it is designed for kitchen use. Copper Chef Cookware™ COPPER CHEF, CHANGING THE WAY YOU COOK FOREVER!

Copper Chef Cookware™

Are you in need of a great cooking pot or pan that you can use on a variety of cooking surfaces and create just about any dish? If so, then Copper Chef is for you! Oh my goodness, my whole cooking world has changed after using the Copper Chef Pan! I love to cook, with a family of seven seems like I’m always in the kitchen preparing some sort of foods. I’m the type of person that believes in “hot” meals, don’t get me wrong snackables, sandwiches and all those quick, easy cold foods are great but I prefer to cook or bake something up for my family. Copper Chef is a nonstick pan that claims it will replace most of your kitchen cooking utensils. Another pet peeve of mine is I do not cook with a bunch of saturated fatty oils or butter. The Copper Chef Pan size is 9 ½ inches with a 5 layer construction giving the ability to restain high temperatures and deep sides that can hold 4.5 Quarts.

Copper Chef Cookware™ I bought a whole set of NeWave pot and pans scratched up when I got them and they only continued to get worse the first time I used them the started turning to crap.

Copper Chef Cookware™

They are a piece of crap don't make the mistake I made. Coper Chef are soooo much better don't scratch Name: Gloria Beaman Date: 2016-12-11 Need To Order Name: Betty Kayiira Seeing is believing. Name: richard marotte what about 12 inch fry pan and price Name: Exper fox Date: 2016-12-09 i want to say how much i love the copper chef products i have gave many as gifts got best reviews from friends Name: sandra aeschliman The best pans I have ever owned. Name: Kay Dunbar Date: 2016-12-08 got mine for my birthday! Name: jackie. UnityCarts. Copper Chef Cookware™ Copper Chef Cookware™ Eric Theiss’ Best Recipes For Holiday Leftovers. Need a Recipe For Leftover Mashed Potatoes?

Eric Theiss’ Best Recipes For Holiday Leftovers

Hey, guys! Eric here. Thanks to Copper Chef’s 6-in-1 cooking methods, I have zero anxiety about all of the holiday meals I’m cooking. I can use it to bake my famous cherry pies and cook a juicy pot roast in the oven. When it comes to side dishes, I use my Copper Chef to boil and then mash my potatoes for that classic, creamy side dish that goes with everything. What about the leftovers? Let Eric Theiss Show You How to Transform Your Leftovers in the Copper Chef Pan. What’s The Best Way To Use Leftover Ham?

Let Eric Theiss Show You How to Transform Your Leftovers in the Copper Chef Pan

Hey, guys! Eric Theiss here. This holiday season, many of you asked for even more mouthwatering Copper Chef recipes. So I came up with some brand new, fast & easy meal ideas perfect for any gathering. Did you try my Butternut Squash Lasagna or fun-to-make Gingerbread Bars? A lot of my fans also asked what to do with leftovers. Today, I’m sharing my recipe for traditional Split Pea Soup—perfect to make the day after you’ve roasted a ham.

Eric Theiss Takes the Anxiety Out of Thanksgiving With Copper Chef. Finally!

Eric Theiss Takes the Anxiety Out of Thanksgiving With Copper Chef

Stress-Free Holiday Cooking Are you ready for Thanksgiving dinner? I am. Even though I’m a busy dad, I’m not anxious at all about cooking multiple dishes for a large group. Why? It’s Hip to Cook Square The team at Copper Chef chose the pan’s unique square shape design to give you up to 25% more cooking room. The extra-deep sides make this pan ideal for baking both sweet and savory Thanksgiving recipes. 1 Pan for All of Your Thanksgiving Recipes And don’t forget about side dishes, either.

No More Kitchen Nightmare. Eric’s Favorite Fast & Easy Side Dish: Just 3 Steps in the Copper Chef Pan! Eric Theiss Makes Fried Chicken Extra Crispy in the Copper Chef Pan. Are you looking for amazing chicken recipes?

Eric Theiss Makes Fried Chicken Extra Crispy in the Copper Chef Pan

Look no further. I’m Eric Theiss. And I’ve finally perfected my classic fried chicken recipe in the Copper Chef Pan. The Copper Chef nonstick pan is six pans in one. It replaces so many of the pots and pans that once cluttered my kitchen cabinets.