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Por el gusto de disfrutar de la belleza del Séptimo Arte

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The 30 Best Films of the Decade

Super Troopers Say what you’d like about the movies they’ve made since, but don’t spread ill-will toward Broken Lizard’s breakout hit. The first ten minutes of this film might be some of the best scripted comedy in history, let alone the decade. This is one of two most-quotable films on our list, one that forever popularized the mustache ride. It has just as much wackiness as it does earnest human moments, which makes all the difference. 19.

The poem and namesake for the film is about a young man leaving his love behind to face the tumult of rebellion and dirt and death. 18. One of a few directorial debuts that made our list, Brick was crafted by Rian Johnson on a shoestring budget with a little-known actor named Joseph Gordon-Levitt leading this tale of high school corruption. 17. It’s hard to make a list of the decade’s best and not include the work of Martin Scorsese, who finally broke into Oscar gold with this 2006 release. 16. What effing Ian Guy? 15. 14. 13. Una pizca de Cine, Música, Historia y Arte. TodoCine: todo el mundo del cine. Frases de la película. Críticas de películas y estrenos. Blog de cine. Movie mistakes - goofs, bloopers, pictures, quotes and trivia from thousands of movies.

Movie reviews, essays and the Movie Answer Man from film critic Roger Ebert. FILMOTERAPIA - Tu blog sobre cine y terapia. De Cine y otros desvíos. Esculpiendo el tiempo. Best movies i've ever seen - a list by babettedesmedt. Akira Kurosawa, sus diez películas imprescindibles. Como sabréis, el pasado martes se cumplieron cien años del nacimiento de uno de los más grandes directores de toda la Historia.

Akira Kurosawa, sus diez películas imprescindibles

El 23 de marzo de 1910 nacía en Tokio Akira Kurosawa, “El emperador”, el maestro japonés más occidental, el responsable de obras de arte tan influyentes como ‘Rashomon’ (1950) o ‘Los siete samuráis’ (1954). No hemos hablado mucho sobre este fundamental cineasta en Blogdecine, así que vamos a aprovechar su centenario para llenar un poco ese vacío. Descendiente de auténticos samuráis, Kurosawa empezó su relación profesional con el cine en 1938, cuando se interesó por un programa de aprendiz de director organizado por un gran estudio, el mítico Toho (de donde sale Godzilla, por ejemplo).

A continuación, diez títulos que ningún cinéfilo puede dejar pasar, las que considero que son las diez películas imprescindibles de Kurosawa. Echad un vistazo: ‘El perro rabioso’ (‘Nora inu’, 1949) 100 Best Movies of All Time. The best movies evoke tears, laughter, terror, reminiscence, and/or mystery in a truly personal way.

100 Best Movies of All Time

Anything less (AKA, around 98% of all movies) serves no purpose other than to shove mindless, forgettable fodder in our face and line Hollywood’s pockets (Be afraid Michael Bay, be VERY afraid). This is that other, sacred 2%—the Holy Grail of cinema. Note: “Memorable Moments” may contain spoilers. 100. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Logline: An eccentric pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), and a savvy blacksmith, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), embark on a quest to save Elizabeth Swann (and a treasure) from the clutches of cursed Captain Barbossa.

Memorable Moments: Jack almost reaches Port Royal, but his ship springs a leak. Why People Love It: For many, Depp clearly steals the show. The 50 Greatest Cult Movies of All Time. It’s midnight somewhere.

The 50 Greatest Cult Movies of All Time

“Cult movie” is a hard thing to pin down. For the purposes of this list — celebrating the tenth anniversary of Donnie Darko — we’ve put a premium on the intensity and selectiveness of a movie’s appeal. We’ve also limited each director to one film. See you at midnight! 1. The first R-rated comic-book movie stars Jane Fonda as a planet-hopping secret agent who has trouble keeping her clothes on. 2. Any movie can have fans, and just about any science fiction, fantasy, or superhero movie these days might inspire those fans to dress up as their favorite characters and attend a convention. 3.

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is the arguably the best (unofficial) movie version of Orwell’s 1984 ever made, and certainly beats the pants off every official version. Nascaranda. 25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven't Seen Pt. 3. Mr.

25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven't Seen Pt. 3

Nobody Who would you have been when, at crucial moments in your life, you chose to walk a different path? That thought experiment is explored brilliantly by this amazing science-fiction movie as we follow Nemo(s) for 118 years. Set in the past, the now and in the future, we follow different branches of his life through time, covering the topics of technology, love, human fragility and how decisions shape who we will end up being. Spectacular. Yo, También You haven’t seen a romance story like this before, and you don’t have to like them to fall deeply in love with this one. A Scanner Darkly Based on the book by Philip K. They Live This 1988 Hollywood movie is counter-culture classic. Top 100 animated movies list. Cult Films.