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Continental Controls Corporation

Continental Controls Corporation develops and manufactures an array of diesel engine products using the highest quality materials. Gas Substitution System is one of them products that run on both Diesel and Natural Gas Bi-Fuel, which are based on our popular diesel engines.

Gas Engine Fuel Economy. Turbine Temperature Monitors. Natural Gas Air Fuel Ratio Control. Stationary Gas Engine. Diesel and Natural Gas Bi-Fuel. Substitutes Low-costNatural Gas for DieselVariable pressure control valve provides better controlSubstitution is based Diesel Flow - not loadSubstitution is available at almost all loadsShut Downs from vibration or temperature protects the engine from damageFuel Valves are voice coil actuated for low friction and long lifeSimple installationVarious systems for all sizes of diesel EnginesOptional Gas Flow Meter displays totalized fuel savingsNo loss of horsepower with Natural Gas By utilizing Continental Controls proven fuel control technologies, the GSS system allows for the substitution of gaseous fuels for diesel on traditional diesel engines without any modifications to the engine.

Diesel and Natural Gas Bi-Fuel

Continentals GSS works on all applications from Gen-sets to pumps. Natural Gas Flow Measurement. Various agencies now require fuel measurement on individual turbines and gas engines.

Natural Gas Flow Measurement

The FM50 offers a very simple to install option that can provide instantaneous flow or totalized flow over a period of hours, days or months. Installation and commissioning is very fast and simple .The FM50 does provide a true Mass Flow Calculation which corrects for temperature or pressure fluctuations. Data is transmitted via:CAN J-1939, Modbus, RS232, or via a 2.4 Ghz wireless radio. The meter is calibrated at the factory and automatically corrects for pressure sensor drift each time the meter is powered down. The Venturi used for flow measurement has been carefully designed to minimize the pressure drop across the device. Dual Fuel Control. Gas Totalizer. Gas Engine Generator Reduced Emissions. Mixing Venturi. Replaces Mechanical Carburetor Mixing bowl and DiaphragmImproves Air/Fuel MixingNo Moving Parts Reduces MaintenanceConsistent Fuel Manifold Pressure at all Loads Enhances Air Fuel Ratio ControlSimple InstallationLess Pressure Drop Than with Traditional Carburetor VMI 600 Mixing Venturi Inserts.pdf Download The VMI 600 is designed to directly replace the spring mass, diaphragm actuator and mixing bowl in existing Impco 600 Gas Engine Carburetors.

Mixing Venturi

By providing a multitude of fuel inlet vanes and passages evenly dispersed throughout the low-pressure region of the venturi, the fuel is more evenly distributed and providing a more homogenous mixture to the engine. This upgrade to an older gas engine carburetor can improve mixing and assist with the air/fuel ratio by keeping the mix approximately at a desired rate. It will still be necessary to control and modify the ratio with a AFR controller. Mechanical carburetors are often designed to run richer as the load increases. Solar Turbines Black Box. Gas Engine Emissions Control. Full Authority Fuel ValveFully Automatic Air/Fuel ControlMaintains Emissions Compliance even with Changes in Heating Value or LoadRich Burn or Lean Burn ControlOn Board Diagnostics and Optional Display The ECV 5 is a complete Emissions Control System for Gas Engines.

Gas Engine Emissions Control

The ECV 5 can be configured for controlling either rich burn or lean burn gaseous fueled engines (fuel can be either natural gas or other alternative fuels). The system consists primarily of the variable pressure control valve which accepts an input from either a narrow band or a wide band Oxygen sensor located in the exhaust of the engine. The ECV 5 valve will vary the fuel pressure based on an O2 setpoint compared to the actual O2 reading from the oxygen sensor. This closed loop, variable pressure control technique is patented by Continental Controls and it offers a superior method for minimizing emissions. The ECV 5 can be used in a complete stand alone mode without a display.

Air Fuel Mixing. Ruston Gas Turbine Fuel System. Continental Controls prides itself in being close to the end user and supportive of the application specific needs.

Ruston Gas Turbine Fuel System

We will go where we have to learn about customers needs. We prefer to have this direct connection with the application rather than have an Engine OEM be a buffer between us and the ultimate customer. For this reason, we continue to offer direct customer support for installation and commissioning in the field or even for troubleshooting of those sometimes difficult to find engine specific problems on both Gas Engines and Gas Turbines. Gas Turbine Gas Fuel Metering Valve.

Gas Turbine Liquid Fuel Valve

Natural Gas Variable Pressure Control. Full Authority Fuel Valve add articles Design of interiors of apartments scripts PHP project of apartmentsWorks with PLC or Third Party AFR ControlsThe precise venturi design allows for emissions compliance during all engine conditionsIdeal for Controlling AFR on Engines with Single Carburetors up to 500 hp or Dual Bank engines with Dual Carburetors up to 1000 hpLong Lasting – Low MaintenanceCCC is willing to work with OEM’s to help with specific engine integrationLow Cost.

Natural Gas Variable Pressure Control