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National Podcast Interview Contigo CEO Bryan Fuller on Healthcare. CMMC Compliance Consulting. Cyber Security Consulting Services as a Business Strategy. Why do businesses use managed services?

Cyber Security Consulting Services as a Business Strategy

Modern-day corporate IT leaders everywhere use them – but what are they really trying to accomplish by doing this? The purpose of a company’s IT infrastructure and its components (such as their servers, firewalls, applications, connectivity, and so on) has seen great change over the years; just like the combination of technologies has evolved over time, so has the general reason behind having them. As internal IT departments work stays nimble amid this digital shift, they are rivaled by third-party IT providers that offer stronger, more cost-effective cyber security consulting services and other IT solutions.

Although outsourcing IT was once considered a waste of resources, today’s managed service providers (MSPs) are looking to reframe their impact on organizations by utilizing the latest tools and techniques to address the unique challenges that modern-day businesses face, especially in terms of security. 1. 2. 3. The Importance of 2 Factor Authentication. By Brian Fuller – We’ve all used 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) somewhere and somehow.

The Importance of 2 Factor Authentication

It’s a well-known deterrent for malicious account takeovers. It is commonly used by a number of personal and business applications. Contigo has worked with the majority of our clients to enable 2FA for Office 365 and Gsuite. If you are one of the few clients who have yet to enable 2FA, Contigo strongly recommends we enable this feature. Top 4 Microsoft Office 365 Migration Pitfalls to Avoid. One of the most popular ways to integrate cloud technology into your workplace is by adopting Office 365.

Top 4 Microsoft Office 365 Migration Pitfalls to Avoid

This program provides an easy-to-use managed infrastructure for content, email, conferencing, modern collaboration tools, and more. Unfortunately, with all of these bells and whistles comes a complex migration process. Read on as we explore four of the most common Microsoft Office 365 migration mistakes that you should avoid when making the switch. 1. No End User Involvement In most cases, migrating to Office 365 is going to involve some level of change for your end users, as they’ll eventually need to know how to use this unfamiliar system (i.e., how to log in, access data, utilize collaboration tools, and so on) to do their everyday work tasks. 2. Nearly half (46 percent) of enterprises endured a data breach last year, and organizations should be aware of the security risks that accompany implementing new cloud-based software like Office 365. Contigo's Managed IT End User Support Solutions.

Fact: Technology is here to stay.

Contigo's Managed IT End User Support Solutions

The inevitable shift to all things digital has resulted in technology becoming more and more intertwined into our society every day. While businesses of all sizes around the globe are happily embracing this tech movement, they must also recognize that implementing and utilizing technology requires a certain level of support. IT Disaster Recovery Solutions - Contigo. Vendor Management Services: The Underdog of Managed IT Services. Managed IT services are often focused heavily on technical functions.

Vendor Management Services: The Underdog of Managed IT Services

After all, a managed services provider (MSP) is specifically hired to handle all of the day-to-day activities that go along with the management and administration of IT equipment. This includes monitoring customer networks for performance and security issues and providing helpdesk support for any technology-related questions and concerns. While ensuring that your IT system’s components are running smoothly and safely is a key part of managed services, some of the best MSPs take a little more of a holistic approach to IT management. This approach involves a wide array of services that intend to help clients’ operations run as efficiently as possible, not just their technology. One IT solution that falls under the “holistic approach” umbrella is vendor management – one of the most critical yet underappreciated services offered by MSPs.

On average, enterprises interact with more than 180 vendors per week. How Reporting & IT Security Services Foster Business Success. With that said, it can also be a dangerous asset, as data sans consumer trust acts as a source of risk.

How Reporting & IT Security Services Foster Business Success

This presents modern-day businesses with quite the conundrum: managing data in the presence of consumer concerns regarding privacy while fulfilling stakeholder desires for corporate transparency. Read on as we explore the problematic nature of the declining company and data trust and discuss how to remedy the issue through managed IT security services and reporting. The Problem: Declining Company Trust According to a recent report by PwC, more than a quarter of consumers surveyed said that their level of trust in enterprises’ use of their data within the past two years has decreased.

Understanding Small Business IT Security. Contrary to popular belief, cyber threats affect more than just big corporate and government IT systems.

Understanding Small Business IT Security

In fact, according to Fundera, 43 percent of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses, and 60 percent of those enterprises are doomed to close within six months of the attack. As the owner of a small or medium sized business (SMB), these statistics might appear alarming. However, there are certain preventative safety measures you can employ to minimize your risk. One of the most cost-effective ways to proactively protect your network is by utilizing third-party small business IT security services. These managed security services give you access to the specialized expertise and sophisticated technology required to outsmart malicious hackers and safeguard your IT systems. Still not convinced that hiring a managed service provider (MSP) is the way to go? What’s at Risk? When you fall victim to an attack, your data, money, and IT equipment are on the line. How Contigo Secured Massive Growth During The Covid-Crisis. By: MSP Success Magazine Link to article HERE Company: Contigo TechnologyYear Founded: 2013Headquartered: Austin, TexasGeographic Market: Central TexasTop Growth Indicator: Inc. 5000 ListYoY % Of Growth: 181% in 2018, 121% in 2019CEO And Founder: Bryan Fuller 2020 Has Certainly Thrown A Few Curveballs.

How Contigo Secured Massive Growth During The Covid-Crisis

How Did You Pivot This Year To Address The Business Environment? Remote Work Enviroments. If there is one positive result of forcing a total quarantine shut down of businesses world-wide, it is that organizations can understand and verify the power and functionality of a digital transformation.

Remote Work Enviroments

Organizations can now explore new and untapped opportunities they had not previously considered possible; however, it is crucial that businesses assess, monitor, and re-enforce the proper security controls, policies, and procedures that have been adapted to include total or partial decentralized work environments with remote users. Your company may find it beneficial to take a page from businesses that have implemented Governance, Risk, and Compliance initiatives already.

There are some common policies and procedures that are shared amongst these organizations, regardless of the vertical market they live in. Here are the most common policies and procedures your company can create to be more secure in this new remote work environment. (Learn More) How a HIPAA Security Assessment Can Keep You Compliant. New technology has its pros and cons when it comes to the healthcare industry.

How a HIPAA Security Assessment Can Keep You Compliant

It has enabled efficiency and advancement, but it has also opened more doors for unauthorized users and malicious hackers to access sensitive patient data. Because of this, safeguarding protected health information (PHI) has become increasingly important – so much so that compliancy initiatives like HIPAA were born. According to the CDC, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a law that sets national standards regarding the protection of private patient health information. Read on to discover who this statute affects, the steps you need to take to become compliant, and how to maintain compliance through a HIPAA security assessment. Best Security Practice For Email Protection. Email encryption is an option for all of our clients that use our Barracuda email spam filter.

Anytime you share sensitive data with a recipient outside your company, be sure to click the Encrypt button in Outlook for secure transmission. Encrypting your sensitive information is easy and quick: In the top left corner, select the ‘Encrypt Message’ add-in under the Message ribbon.On the right sidebar, under “Actions”, turn on encryption. For an easy-to-follow guide refer to the image below. Contigo Technology HIPAA Compliancy Initiative. If you are with a healthcare organization, then you’re aware that HIPAA regulates an annual Risk Assessment. The risk assessment is a review of existing Technical, Administrative, and Security Safeguards that are currently in place in the organization. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations haven’t performed a thorough HIPAA Risk Assessment. If that’s the situation your organization is in, Contigo’s HIPAA Assessor is able to evaluate all three areas effectively. How We’re More Effective Than A Traditional HIPAA Auditor: Contigo’s HIPAA Risk Analysis process leverages the knowledge of our HIPAA Certified Assessor with our technical capabilities.

Break Free of the Cyber Security Break-Fix Model. #CyberSecurityAssessmentServices#CyberSecurityServicesCompany#CyberSecuritySolutionProviders Many budding businesses find managed services intimidating, as it can be a big commitment to relinquish control over your company’s IT system and agree to a long-term contract. With that said, enterprises cannot simply ignore the fact that cyber security is a growing concern for any and all businesses these days.

VOIP Phone Services for Small Business. The Dos and Don’ts of Microsoft Office 365 Migration. There are several benefits of Microsoft Office 365 migration, including increased workplace productivity, business continuity, predictable expenses, and much more. With that said, transitioning from desktop Office products to the web-based Office 365 program isn’t exactly easy; one misstep could cause all of your company emails to go down. Many enterprises are utilizing a Microsoft Exchange Server or IMAP/POP (Internet Message Access Protocol/Post Office Protocol) to protect their emails from this very issue. If your business is ready to make the switch to Office 365, keep reading to discover the right – and wrong – ways to go about it. Things You Should Do. Post-Pandemic Network Management Solutions for Small Businesses.

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is that business agility is critical. From transforming a business model to transitioning to widespread remote work, organizations everywhere have been forced to be light on their feet to remain productive. Now that the initial rush to adapt has mostly passed, enterprises have started looking to the future.

Cyber Security Assessment Services – Your IT New Year’s Resolution. January 1st, 2021 is on the horizon, and after the tumultuous year of 2020 comes to a close, many are sure to be relieved. With the new year comes new beginnings and fresh opportunities – also known as the classic New Year’s resolutions. These often short-lived promises to be better in the upcoming year are statistically bleak in terms of outcomes. In fact, according to Forbes, only 25 percent of individuals will make it into the new year with their resolution still in place, and only 8 percent actually follow through on their pledges to improve. How to Choose the Right IT Security Solutions Company. Choosing who to trust with the entire scope of your organization’s IT is a big decision. Importance of Vendor Management Services. 3 Ways End User Support Can Improve Customer Experience.

Everyone experiences service encounters in both their professional and personal lives, meaning that people have different customer service expectations depending on their past experiences. The same goes for B2B applications, especially with IT service delivery. Ensuring that your employees are happy by supplying them with the IT help they need can translate to happy clients, making good end user support extremely valuable for modern-day businesses. Ideally, the interaction your employees have with your IT department or managed service provider should be hassle-free and genuinely helpful. Studies show that it takes about twelve positive experiences to make up for a single negative one, so let’s take a look at the ways that you can make your end users happy the first time around.

Top Cyber Threats and How Small Business Managed IT Security Services can Help. Over the years, you have likely heard about major companies (Target, Equifax, and more) falling victim to costly large-scale data breaches. Business Continuity Planning - The Role of a Managed IT Support Company. The sustainability of an enterprise’s data resources has reached a level of importance that cannot be ignored. Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are an integral consideration for modern-day businesses across the world, and with good reason. Organizational leaders that fail to implement a business continuity strategy are risking the health of their entire business, costing them customers, sales, and even their reputation.

Many business owners find themselves drowning in work unrelated to their core offerings already, making it difficult to justify allocating the time and resources required to create an effective data recovery strategy. So, how do you avoid the risk of losing everything in a disaster without sacrificing the time needed to maintain your business’s integrity? Benefits of Outsourcing Office 365 Migration Services. Microsoft Office 365 is a market-leading business tool best known for allowing enterprises to easily create, communicate, and share information via the cloud. The Benefits Server Management Services. IT Disaster Recovery - Update Your Plan. A Breakdown of Network Management Solutions in 2020. “Network management” is a general term that refers to the methods and tools required to effectively administrate, operate, and maintain computer networks. The IT Security Assessment Report. The Importance of Network Management Solutions.

Server Management and Disaster Recovery Services. The Benefits of a HIPAA Security Assessment. Corporate conduct is a natural part of every organization. Why Vendor Management Services are Crucial for Businesses Today. Cyber Security Solution Providers Share Signs of Vulnerability. Network Security Management and Consulting Solutions Services. Managed IT End User Support Services. Managed IT Disaster and Data Recovery Services. Managed IT Vendor Management Services. Managed IT Security Services Providers. Cyber Security Consulting Services - The Importance of Continuous Training.

A Managed IT Support Company Can Improve Your Cyber Security. Inc. 5000 - Inc. Magazine Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. The Benefits of Server Management Services. The Benefits of Managed Cyber Security. IT Outsourcing Report Services. How to Update IT Disaster Recovery Services Plan. Microsoft Office 365 Migration. A Guide to Google Apps and Gmail Migration. The Role of IT Customer Service in Excellent End User Support. Cloud Disaster Recovery : How the Cloud is Changing IT Disaster Recovery. Helpful Solutions from Some of the Best Cyber Security Consulting Firms.

User Activity Monitoring & Your Managed IT Support Company. A Look at Disaster Recovery Solutions. 3 Tips for Small Business IT Security. Best Small Business Cyber Security Consulting Firms. Securing and Empowering SMBs Through Small Business IT Security. Network Management Solutions: The Components. HIPAA Security Assessment Information for IT Providers. IT Outsourcing Report Services: Providing Insights During this Time of Uncertainty. Vendor Management Services - The Process. IT Support Services : The Essentials. End User Support: IT Considerations During COVID-19. Training End Users Via Network Security Consulting.

A Guide to Network Management Solutions. Three of the Most Critical Managed IT Support Services.