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Constellations Recovery – Sober Living Home in New York. Luxury Sober Living and Recovery for New York. Constellations Recovery Premier Sober Living. Treatment Facility Premier Sober Living in Westchester, NY Just 45 minutes from New York City, Constellations Recovery is the first Sober Living in Westchester, NY. Sober Living is essential in providing a strong foundation for recovery and to transition individuals back into everyday life. Our home is unique and tailored toward each of our residents’ individual needs. Constellations Recovery supports the 12-Step program and principles.

MEN’S Sober Living Constellations Recovery Men’s’ program is designed to help provide individualized attention to each Resident who desires comprehensive recovery support. WOMEN’S Sober Living Constellations Recovery is proud to have opened of the first Women’s Sober Living Residence in Westchester, NY. Qualifications Years in Business: 1 YearLicense No. and State: 12987 Texas Please note: License State differs from Location State Finances Sliding Scale: Yes Accepted Payment Methods: ACH Bank transfer, Cash, Check, Wire Additional Credentials Call Mr.

Age Adults. Recovery Road | New TV Show Depicting The Harsh Realities Of Addiction. 14 Apr Recovery Road | New TV Show Depicting The Harsh Realities of Addiction Recovery Road is an American drama TV series based on the novel “Recovery Road” written by a teenager, Blake Nelson in 2011. The hour-long series revolves around Maddie Graham and how she transforms herself from a drug obsessed and alcohol addicted teen to a mature young woman who ends up going to College and maintaining a sober life.

The story is about this party girl and an addict who has to make the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts in a rehab facility. It’s a drama beautifully written around this young girl and the daily pressures of her teenage life. The TV series focuses on strung-out high school teens and how they maintain sobriety. Life of Maddie Graham at Sober Living The show starts with Maddie partying-hard one night, and she blacks out.

Her guidance counselor, Cynthia (played by Alexis Carra), issues an ultimatum to Maddie. Link to Reality & Sober Living. Porfolio of OutBoost Media on Constellations Recovery. Constellations Recovery – Addiction Treatment. Signs And Symptoms Of Prescription Pain Reliever Dependency. 06 Apr Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Pain Reliever Dependency Prescription pain relievers are strong narcotic drugs prescribed by doctors to patients who are struggling with chronic pain disorders. These pain relievers offer relief by blocking nerve impulses that send pain senses to the brain and, in turn, create a euphoric sensation. Long term usage of prescription pain relievers can lead to drug dependency. The body gets addicted to the drugs and if someone tries to stop taking the drug, withdrawal symptoms begin to affect their lifestyle.

Among some of the most potent pain relievers are opioids. These drugs are very addictive. Signs and Symptoms of Pain Reliever Addiction Here are some physical signs: Changes in sleep patternConstant running nose, cough, and glazed eyesLoss of appetiteBad breathUnusual body odorTremors, impaired coordination, or slurred speechSudden weight lossLazinessBloodshot eyes Some behavioral signs include: Psychological signs: Recovery from Drug Dependency.

Tips to Staying Positive During Addiction recovery. Common Rules Of Sober Living Homes. 29 Mar Common Rules of Sober Living Homes Sober living homes are transitional homes for individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorder. These houses offer individualized attention to each resident who needs comprehensive recovery support. However, the residents of the house need to follow certain rules and contribute towards household chores. Every sober living house is different and so are some of their rules, but here are some common ground rules they all stand by. Common House Rules Keep in mind no two sober living homes have the same types of residents, some may very by age group, others by gender. Some common sober living home rules are: 1. Cleaning of communal areas of the house have to be taken care of by the residents of the house. 2.

It’s mandatory for the residents to attend all house meetings. 3. Meal preparation and planning grocery shopping is assigned to the residents on a rotational basis as well. 4. Recreational Activities At Constellations Recovery. 25 Mar Recreational Activities at Constellations Recovery Sober living homes offer various types of support to people who are trying to recover from substance use disorder. Some sober living homes offer numerous services, including recreational activities. Here is a small summary of what you can expect to receive if you decide to come to our home for Sober Living.

Recreational Activities at Constellations Recovery At Constellations Recovery, we believe that having fun in recovery is not only necessary, but essential to your health and growth while in recovery! Here is a list of recreational activities that are offered here: Go-KartsSkiing & SnowboardingSnowmobilingSnow TubingBowlingHikingFishingNY Knick GamesNY Giant GamesNY Mets GamesNY Yankees GamesIndoor Trampoline Park Benefits of Recreational Activities Recreational activities aren’t just fun, they also help in improving self-confidence, self-esteem and self-identity. If that didn’t sell you, here are some other benefits:

Top 5 Cities In The U.S. For Sober Living. 22 Mar Top 5 Cities In The U.S. for Sober Living If you’re recovering from alcohol or drug addiction and looking to spend some time away from potentially harmful triggers, due to your surroundings, then there are some amazing options available for you in the US. Here are the 5 best sober living cities in the United States: 1. Boston Boston, the capital of Massachusetts is home to 4.7 million people. 2. The fourth most popular city in the US! 3. The city with its work-hard/ play-hard culture is one of the most populous cities in the Unites States. 4. Commonly known as L.A., is the second largest city after New York and is widely known for its rave parties and Hollywood. 5. The 13th most populous city in the US is home to over 9 million people. Demi Lovato's Journey To Sober Living. 16 Mar Demi Lovato’s Journey to Sober Living Addiction is a disease that influences the brain in three different ways – craving for the substance of addiction, loss of control over its use, and continuous usage despite its adverse effects.

Overcoming an addiction is extremely difficult and requires a lot of time, strength, and commitment to recovery. Demi Lovato, a 22 year old Disney actress turned pop star struggled tremendously with the pressures of stardom and balancing a normal teenage upbringing. She developed an eating disorder and shortly there-after also became a self-cutter. This path lead her deeper and deeper into substance use disorders and she then turned to drugs and alcohol. Demi Lovato’s Journey To Stardom Demi Lovato (Demetria Devonne) is a famous American singer, songwriter, model, and actress. The song debuted as number 2 on the US billboard 200 top chart. Demi’s Addiction Journey: From Disney to Drugs The news of Demi’s drug addiction really shocked her fans. Treatment Options For Alcohol Addiction. 11 Mar Treatment Options for Alcohol Addiction Alcohol addiction encompasses an individual’s uncontrollable need to consume alcoholic drinks.

This addiction can vary from mild to severe in each individual case. Several signs of alcoholism include, but are not limited to: Drinking more than intendedTrying to quit drinking more than once, but couldn’t stopIncessant Craving – Urge or need to drinkGiving up important or interesting activities, in order to drinkFeeling depressed, anxious, or experiencing other serious health conditions Treatment for Alcohol Addiction: Overcoming an addiction is a long and difficult journey.

A professional may recommend the following treatments: 1. Alcohol addiction treatment starts with a detoxification program. Initial Assessment: Initially, an individual receives a thorough clinical assessment to determine the best approach of treatment. Behavior Therapy Behavior Therapy is used to prevent chances of relapse during treatment. Medication Psychotherapy 2. Painkiller OD Survivors Still Continue Taking Prescription Drugs – Sober Living Recovery.

The number of people who have suffered from a major prescription medication overdose (OD) is increasing day-by-day. Prescription painkillers are powerful narcotic drugs that are prescribed by doctors to patients who are struggling with chronic pain. These painkillers create a euphoric sense and reduce pain. Painkillers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone are widely abused by the masses. The painkiller overdose is a growing epidemic in the US, but 90% of the patients who have survived an overdose are still being prescribed painkillers by their physicians. The patients, who are still on drugs like Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet, after suffering through a drug overdose, are at a higher risk of overdosing again. The noted lead researcher Dr. Dr. According to the U.S. Most Commonly Prescribed Drug Oxycodone containing OxyContin and hydrocodone are among the most commonly prescribed painkillers and the main reason behind deaths due to overdose in comparison to other narcotic drugs.

Dr. Why Sober Housing Is Essential in Helping Addiction. 04 Mar Why Sober Housing Is Essential in Helping Addiction Returning to everyday life is the toughest part for a person recovering from alcohol, drugs or other substance addictions. This is why sober living houses play such an important role on the road to recovery. Sober living homes (SLH) are residential communities that offer supportive environment for the recovering addict. They are designed to offer continuous support to individuals on the path towards recovery. Sober Living Homes are Essential in Addiction Recovery Rehab is an important part of recovery from addiction, but it’s not the final step. 1. Life after rehab is quite jarring. 2. SLHs offer a certain set of rules that Residents have to follow throughout their stay in the home. 3. When an individual leaves rehab, they can feel isolated, which may put their recovery at risk due to loneliness. 4. The old lifestyle can be dangerous for a recovering addict.

How to Get Sober with a 12-Step Program. 01 Mar How to Get Sober with a 12-Step Program Addictions are very hard to overcome, but the road to sobriety can begin with a 12-Step Program. There are various sober living homes in New York that include a 12-Step Program as a key element in their recovery curriculum. A 12-Step program uses a spiritual approach. It wants us to gain an understanding and respect in the belief for a power greater than ourselves. Members of the program can define their higher power in their own way. This program is open for every individual and is mostly held in public places like schools, churches, and libraries. Joining a twelve-step program is one of the best ways to achieve sobriety. 1) Joining the Program Look for a 12-step program on the internet, public health offices, churches, or your local library. 2) Accept that You Need Help Solving a problem requires you to first admit that there is a problem. 3) Believe in a Higher Power 4) Trusting a Higher Power and those Offering You Help 8) Make Amends.

Review of Narcos - A Netflix TV Series. Narcos is a 10 episode television series, which aired on Netflix exclusively, on August 28, 2015. The name of the series is inspired from the local term for “drug dealers.” The series was created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Narcos season 2 is due in 2016! Narcos depicts the true-life story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and his smuggling of cocaine worldwide. It shows how law enforcement agencies came together to resolve this drug issue and how brutal and bloody the conflict turned out to be. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on December 1, 1949. This series also shows actual archival footage, giving an educational feel of a documentary.

Escobar along with Moreno started a drug business, where Moreno produced and Escobar distributed the cocaine. With cocaine’s influence rising drastically in the US, the flow of US dollars to Columbia increased dramatically, causing US government to intervene and resolve this economic issue quickly. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living Home. 22 Feb Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living Home Sober Living and Transitional Living homes help people in their recovery after they have completed addiction treatment. It provides individuals a more delicate form of transition back into everyday life. Many Sober Living houses provide a structured environment along with group sessions, yoga, individual recovery activities, and case management. Those that reside in Sober Homes are required to follow certain rules and regulations of the house. Living in an organized environment supports sobriety and significantly helps those in recovery.

Before enrolling into Sober Living or Transitional Living, you need to carefully examine the different types of programs they offer. Consider these following factors while researching residences: 1) Cost Structure Cost is one of the big factors that you must consider while choosing a sober living house. 2) The Environment 3) Support Team 4) Programs. 5 Rockstars Who Struggled with Addiction. 17 Feb 5 Rockstars Who Struggled with Addiction There was a time when the rock-n-roll lifestyle was recognized by its lavish and exaggerated portrayal of copious amounts of sex, drugs, and parties rather than it being about the music itself. This kind of carefree lifestyle was widely accepted and expected from these rock-legends.

This ultimately resulted in the demise of many rock-stars and the people who followed in their footsteps. Addiction controlled and ruined the lives of these 5 popular rock-stars in more ways than one: 1. Jim Morrison One of the most loved and hated rock-stars of the millennium; Jim Morrison was the lead singer for The Doors. He died at the age of 27 on July 3, 1971. 2. This British musical icon touched lives through his music, movies, and charming looks. Only a small number of people knew about his drug abuse during the glory days. 3. Elvis Presley was known as the king of rock-n-roll! Ginger Alden discovered him unresponsive on his bathroom floor. 4. 5. Founder of Constellations Recovery. My name is Devin McCrossan, and I’m the Co-Founder and Operations Manager of Constellations Recovery. Constellations Recovery was initiated from personal experience, and the longing demand for a structured Sober Living Program in New York.

Having been in detox’s, treatment center’s, IOP’s, Sober Living and seen numerous therapists and psychiatrists, my experience shows that going to Sober Living helped to set me up for success, and provided me a seamless transition back into everyday life. Throughout High School I was an excellent student. I maintained a 3.7 GPA and was a Tri-Varsity athlete. After completing another stay at a renowned treatment program, I finally conceded that I needed to go to Sober Living. I quickly became drawn to the idea of working in the substance abuse field. I made the decision to dedicate my life to do the work necessary to achieve meaningful recovery.

Benefits of Equine Therapy in Addiction Treatment. Return to Work after Recovery. 5 Reasons Why Sobriety is Worth Achieving? Recovery Support For Families. Sober Living House in Westchester, New York. Narcan Approved to Deal with Narcotic Overdoses. 6 Movies About Addiction That Can Inspire You. Activities at Sober Living Home. 4 Tips on How to Stay Sober After Treatment.

Sober Living Program for Life Skills. Sober Living Residence in Westchester New York. 5 Common Alcohol & Drug Combinations That are Lethal by constellations. Life Skills In Sober Living | Constellations Recovery. Contact Us | Sober Living New York | Constellations Recovery. Effective Addiction Treatment | Constellations Recovery. Drug Overdoses Rise among Young Adults in the U.S. | Constellations Recovery. Top 5 Books About Addiction | Constellations Recovery. Rising Trend of Substituting One Addiction for the Other | Sober Living Recovery. Dr. House – Character Study of an Opioid Addict Played by Hugh Laurie. 5 Great Songs About Recovery. Ending addiction through sober living. What to Do After Rehab? | Constellations Recovery. 7 Best Addiction Movies You’ve Never Seen | Constellations Recovery. Could Back Pain be Making You More Susceptible to Opioid Abuse? | Constellations Recovery. Men's Sober Living | New York | Constellations Recovery.

Sober Living Residence | High End Sober Living | Constellations Recovery. Understanding Heroin Addiction | Constellations Recovery.