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Divya Patil, SEO Executive at Consagous Pvt. Ltd. with an experience of 1 year in SEO and SMO. I am expertise in content writing, SEO and SMO; providing best solutions to achieve customers requirements and made them stand top with their competitors.

Mobile App Development Services. Software, Web & Mobile App Development Company USA. Mobile App Development Trends in 2020. Mobile app development is an ever-changing field.

Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

If you want to know about the latest trends in App Design and Development niche, just read the blog below. Mobile app development is a field, which is updating very fast. With the advent of the latest tools and technologies, new and innovative ways are utilized to develop novel apps. How Big Data Acts as a Boon for HealthCare Domain? These days, many Health-care Mobile apps are equipped with Big Data Technology.

How Big Data Acts as a Boon for HealthCare Domain?

To know more about this combination of big data and Health Care domain, follow the blog below. Big Data in Healthcare refers to the large quantities of health information from various sources, such as electronic records, imagery, genomics, payment records, drug research, wearable, and medical devices. HealthCare Data refers to this data from numerous sources.

It is available in high volumes, changes with great speed and covers the massive digital universe of the health industry. As it is derived from numerous sources, its structure and nature are highly variable. An Insight on Key Ways to Improve Your Software Quality. To enhance software quality, it is absolutely essential to test early and test frequently.

An Insight on Key Ways to Improve Your Software Quality

Early tests will make sure that small deficiencies don’t turn into more complicated and bigger problems. The larger the defect, the more expensive will be the solution. Managing the quality of software has become a critical element in all project management stages. Do you always look for ways to improve the quality of your software? Why Mobile Applications Are Must Have For Education Industry? In recent years, The EdTech market has changed dramatically, the market has crossed approx. $5tn which is 8x the size of the mobile app development market and 3x size of the Media and Entertainment Industry.

Why Mobile Applications Are Must Have For Education Industry?

According to the Ovum study, colleges and universities will also increase their investments in Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Applications by 22.3% by 2023. This kind of study unleashes the growing realization of EdTech and it’s important for the 21st Century workforce. Even nearly 94% of educators believe that E-Learning App Development improves engagement, as there are still gaps between students and teachers as some of them being underserved in-classroom interaction. It's Confirm Now, WhatsApp Pay Will Hit India’s Floor This Year! After the long grapple with the Indian government over data localization and payments data sharing with Facebook, WhatsApp pay has come up with the beta version.

It's Confirm Now, WhatsApp Pay Will Hit India’s Floor This Year!

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp in $19 billion and since then he has been trying to think about how to monetize this platform. For adding a wallet feature in WhatsApp, Facebook has created the necessary data storage facilities in India to introduce WhatsApp Pay to the entire Indian user base, which is estimated to be between 350 million and 400 million users. Recently, WhatsApp India head Abhijit Bose revealed that “the social messaging company’s focus is to expand digital and financial inclusion, to help businesses across India”. According to Digital Payments (2018 edition), in India, the digital payments industry is estimated to grow to $1 Tn by 2023.

Before discussing anything in deep, let’s talk about WhatsApp Pay. Is 5G The Future of Mobile App Development? 5G is all set to intensify connectivity across networks which is very important for number of electronic devices to generate data in real-time.

Is 5G The Future of Mobile App Development?

The growth in the 5G-enabled services for the different industries has made it possible for mobile app developers to look out of the box. According to the research, “5G is expected to hit the market by 2020 and by 2021, the number of 5G connections is predicted to reach between 20 million and 100 million around 2.3 billion U.S. dollars spendings”. Everything About Apple's Next Version iOS 13!! Every summer Apple announces a new software update to stun people, this year no difference as expected, the big release iOS 13 encountered in the floor to allure the audience.

Everything About Apple's Next Version iOS 13!!

A whole new look of Apple mobile is catchy enough to gather the attention of iPhone users. With iOS 13, iPhone has come up with a bold new look with major updates. Now you can use the apps that you use every day with totally different ways with more new gesture features and emojis. Though the reach of iPhone is still untouched with many people but in 2018 Apple sold 46.89 million iPhones worldwide; “217.72 million iPhones were shipped worldwide”. The Next Big Wave in Healthcare Industry for 2020. The Healthcare industry is the most sensitive one as compared to other industries in terms of data as it generates 2,500 petabytes of data every day.

The Next Big Wave in Healthcare Industry for 2020

These data come from various sources such as patient information, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, and insurance claims. You will be shocked after knowing that approx. 90% of this data has been created in the last two years only. To deal with these data and emerging needs of patients, the healthcare industry is turnabout towards digitization and preparing for pacing with rapid advancements in medical technology and overall quality of care. Now the way through which care facilities have been delivered to the patients have changed with the overwhelming use of mhealth mobile app development solutions that have doubled in recent years. According to the survey done by healthcare professionals, the healthcare industry will overcome all clogs by 2025.

Let’s discuss the new trends of the Healthcare Industry for 2020. FaceApp — Everything You Need to Know! After the storming entry of TikToK, FaceApp is making a place in peoples’ smartphones and allows them to see their future look.

FaceApp — Everything You Need to Know!

Yess!! This is absolutely true now you check how you’ll look when you are 80 with FaceApp. Still confused? Let’s understand in deep. Recently Russian company Wireless Lab has launched face changer app FaceApp for iOS and Android platforms. Not only commoners but also the world ‘s best-known celebrities like Jonas Brothers, Deplo, Snooki and JWoww, Lebron James, Carrie Underwood, and Mike Fisher have shared their old age look in their Instagram account. How Chatbots Can Drive Your Business Goals? Chatbots are experiencing a lot of buzz these days with good reasons.

How Chatbots Can Drive Your Business Goals?

You see them in abundance in Facebook Messenger, private sectors or even in public sectors. What might be the reason for this sudden wave in chatbots? Why are they getting so popular in businesses? They may be sound like a revolutionary notion, but according to Global Web Index statistics, 75% of internet users are adopting one or more messenger platforms.

The same research shows that each user makes use of an average of 24 apps a month, wherein 80% of the time would be in just 5 apps. The above-mentioned discoveries may give you a jolt but these automated assistants are overtaking human chore works and are catering perfectly the user demands and allow them to interact with brands on mobile devices. Salesforce Mobile Application Development: A Beginner's Guide. For the past few years, we have been seeing huge changes are happening in the marketing, business owners and consumers are always-on therefore the get-anything-anywhere trend is becoming more demanding. Today consumers are looking for companies that deliver unique experiences that are tailored for them and consistent across channels and devices. To fulfill their needs companies are adopting emerging technologies.

Out of all the emerging technologies, Salesforce is in demand and this year it turned 20. But the problems is that business owners think that Salesforce is a gumball machine where you just run the campaign and outcome customers on the other side. 5 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2019. Most of app development companies are pondering about the next trend of AI in 2019. Some of them might be thinking about “Uniqueness” and others might be thinking that is still useless “only hype, no action”.

During 2018, many mobile application development agencies witnessed a dramatic change in the mobile application development based on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies not only influence the software industry but also other verticals such as healthcare, automobile, manufacturing, and agriculture. Today Artificial intelligence falls on our everyday lives if you don’t believe look around yourself and notice all small-small things are using AI. Why Golang is Better Than Other Programming Languages?

“Go will be the server language of the future.” — Tobias Lütke, Shopify In the mobile application development world, there is no stoppage for discoveries and innovations. The mobile app developers community is always looking for an easier and sophisticated way to write a code for designing software. To meet their needs Google introduced Go in 2007 to improve programming productivity in an era of multicore. Since than Golang has become one of the most trending languages in the developer community by addressing the drawbacks of other languages but keeping their useful characteristics. Let’s begin with its introduction. How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like BigBasket? What Makes Flutter a Best Mobile App Development Platform for 2019? If you are a Mobile App Developer or belongs to a technical background, you must be aware of cross-platform frameworks such as React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, and many others.

If you are not then don’t worry in this blog we will discuss everything about cross-platforms and Flutter. How Blockchain is Revolutionizing the World of Logistics? According to a recent Forbes Insights survey “65% believe the logistics, supply chain and transportation sector is experiencing nothing short of a tectonic shift”. Though there are various drivers behind this transition, one of the most powerful is the advancement of behind-the-scenes technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and increasingly, Blockchain.

Blockchain is a hot topic these days as every industry are following its footsteps. It’s a shared digital ledger containing a list of connected blocks stored on a decentralized distributed network secured with cryptography. Each block of a chain contains encrypted data and hashed pointers to a previous block, so it is very difficult to alter any blog without modifying the entire chain. Before discussing anything else let’s discuss the role of blockchain in transportation. Top E-Commerce Android Mobile Apps. Guide to Estimating the ERP Software Development Cost. 5 Technologies That Will Change The Future of Healthcare. Do You Need Blockchain for Your Business? “Kodak’s cryptocurrency ploy hits all the major buzzwords — Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledger, ICO, etc.

But look through the PR spin, examine the true merits of using blockchain for the proposed service, and it’s obvious the project is poorly thought out and will never work as promoted.” The above statement is taken from Kerrisdale Capital’s unforgiving views of the attempted pivot by Kodak towards blockchain technology. And if that wasn’t enough, Kerrisdale Capital said that the Blockchain effort of the 138-year old commercial printing and imaging company is not sterling, even stating it as a “last ditch stock promotion gambit for a company hurtling towards bankruptcy.” How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like OYO? The hospitality sector is set to see a big change, it got a shot in the arm when investments in the sector were booming between 2005 and 2010.

With immense private equity and bank funding, the new generation has changed the landscape of the hospitality sector, therefore, it has become more advanced and soothed through Enterprise Mobility Solution. We all are aware with the OYO as this has become an inseparable part of the hotel industry. Today, it covers 18,000 properties in 500 cities around the world and has earmarked $950 million to bankroll a multi pronged expansion across Asia over the next five years. How to Ensure Your App’s Stability. According to the Nielsen survey reports, the average U.S. smartphone user uses nearly 27 apps per month.

This same report also reveals that the top 200 mobile apps enjoy over 70% of that usage. Everything You Need to Know About Smart Contracts! Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2019! Mobile Application Development Services in USA, India. Business Centric Mobile App Development And Web Solutions in USA,UK, India. Why Virtual Care Demand will Skyrocket in 2019? In 2018, we witnessed all over the board advances in the world of telemedicine. Advancement in states, federal policies, and healthcare institutes fueled massive growth for both government and commercial remuneration for telehealth. Latest Techniques for Designing a Great Mobile User Experience. How To Choose The Best Mobile App Developers? Guidelines for Custom App Development UX Design in 2019.

There is no fixed guru Mantra for the success of the UI/UX design of any custom mobile app development as they always change according to the trends. In the last two years, we’ve seen, huge changes in the whole process of mobile app designing in term of UX designs as it totally based on a person’s emotions and attitudes. Mobile App Development Economy 2019. How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Enterprise Workplace. Must-Read Tips For Best Mobile App Development! How to Implement AI and Machine Learning in Your Existing Application? How Enterprise Blockchain is Delivering Value Around the World?

How Developers Can Increase Business Efficiency Through iOS App Development. How Much Does it Cost to Create TikTok Like App? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development Services. 6 Tips for your Startup to Get-up and Get Going! AI For Mobile App: New Solutions To Speed Up Performance. How Blockchain Will Change Mobile App Development World. 5 Major Benefits of Business Mobile Apps for the Construction Industry. 2019 Forecasting For The Next Big Thing In Mobile App Development. Best Ways To Bootstrap Your Mobile App Development Ideas. 3 Best Ways to Reduce iPhone App Size. Effective Ways To Make Your App Stand Out In A Crowd Of Competitors. 4 Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping. How IoT Is Spawning Better Business Models.

Top 8 Benefits of SaaS Based Mobile App Development. Swift - A Smart Approach For iOS App Development. Swift - A Smart Approach For iOS App Development. Big Data Analytics Solution Provider. Top Blockchain App Development Company in USA & Australia. Why Node.js is Perfect For Enterprise Mobile App Development? Want to develop a mobile app on a tight budget? Consagous Technologies Can Help You. Successful Mobile App Development Ideas For Business Growth In 2019. Market Your Mobile App Without Burning Extra Money. Consagous Technologies. Business centric mobile app development and web solutions in USA,UK, India. Why Startups Should Focus On Online Reputation Management? Technology Trends 2019 For Blockchain Mobile App Development. Growth Hacking Tips for Mobile Application. How Companies Can Use Big Data To Improve Mobile App Development. Hire Android App Developers. Maximize Your App Downloads Using App Store Optimization.

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How To Utilize Artificial Intelligence For The Growth Of Businesses. The Importance of Mobile Gestures in Boosting App User Experience. Will Accelerated Mobile Pages Become the New Standard for Web Content? Enterprise mobile app development in USA, UK and India. Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends 2019. Cross-platform mobile application development in USA, UK and India. Cross Platform Mobile App Development Guide For 2019. How to Use Mobile Apps as a Brand Marketing Tool? Make money with your Mobile Apps! Detail overview on Mobile app monetization. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - Exciting New Approach to App Development. Native Mobile Application Development Services across USA,UK,India. Xamarin Benefits For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development.

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