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Fonts. « Share your email in a safe way. Get less spam. OpenStreetMap. HabitRPG by Tyler Renelle. (Follow updates here) HabitRPG is a habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game.

HabitRPG by Tyler Renelle

Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you fail, earn money to buy weapons and armor. Read more. The project is open source, and is live. Website bug fixes like whoa! Since the Kickstarter began, the following features have been added: PartiesPetsAvatar customizationBetter armor customization The funds go towards hiring guns to help me complete the above tasks. Chernobyl Disaster. Beta v1.1. Niall McCabe Band Debut Album. Born in a lobster pot and swaddled in a trammel net, when Niall McCabe took his first breath of was sea air.

Niall McCabe Band Debut Album

The Islands off the coast of Ireland breed many rare and interesting species of Irishman and are often a strange mix of isolation and connection. The strains of culture and tradition that find their way onto these rocks become condensed and evolve into new species. Progressing in parallel with the mainland, yet somehow slightly altered. So it is with music. Niall’s songs are both reflective of the insularity of an island upbringing and the revelations of exploring a bigger world.

The music, however, does not stand on the isolated rock of it’s origin. all great adventurers, from Columbus to Magellan, we need help to fund our mission. A2 Hosting : Developer Friendly Linux Hosting : Custom VPS Hosting. Welcome to the .coop registry. Cargo Support / scroll to the right. Cargo.

Cargo tesla

Engage neighbors. Connect your city. Build community. Webdesignersblog - The Best Daily Online Resources for Web and Graphic Designers. Now a day’s Parallax scrolling effect become a New and More Popular Trend in web design.

Webdesignersblog - The Best Daily Online Resources for Web and Graphic Designers

Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, to create an illusion of depth in a 2D video game and adding to the immersion by moving multiple layers of images at different speed. Same technique can also be implemented in web design. In Today’s Post We gathered 30 Mind Blowing examples of websites using the parallax effect to inspire you. Scribble Maps - Create custom google maps with scribblings and more! HTML Tables. 10 resource sites for designers. This week I would like to show you 10 cool resource websites, each one of them offering various examples of images, links, wallpapers etc.

10 resource sites for designers

Hopefully you will get inspired and can use those websites as a source for future projects. Now here are the 10 Cool Web and Graphic Design Resource Sites 99Percent This website is mainly about “ideas and how to make them happen”. You will find events and workshops listed, an all-around source for creative ideas, professionalism and improvement of performance. Designbump This website is full of content, offering many Photoshop tutorials, information about Web Design, ideas and themes, comic book-art and fonts. Graphicmac. CSS Opacity Generator.

25 Free Color Tools, Apps and Palette Generators. The marvelous thing about color within design is you have the choice from an infinite number of possibilities and combinations.

25 Free Color Tools, Apps and Palette Generators

On the flip side of that, having infinite color possibilities makes it very difficult to lock down on the perfect color scheme or palette for your project. This is were the post will hopefully help you. In this post we have collected 25 completely free tools, apps and generators to help you find, manage, and create beautiful and, hopefully, perfect color schemes. Color Scheme Designer Color Scheme Designer is very simple to use app that offers you a complete report on how to use any given color (in various combinations as monochromatic, complementary, triadic, analogous, tetradic).

Touchan This application is accompanied by a short video tutorial which will allow you to fully utilize all of its features. Kuler Kuler has been built by Adobe, and that is plenty prove its high quality. Colorotate Color Munki Colorsuckr ColorSuckr is awesome! Colorspire ColorJack Infohound. Mastering CSS Coding: Getting Started - Smashing Coding. Advertisement CSS has become the standard for building websites in today’s industry.

Mastering CSS Coding: Getting Started - Smashing Coding

Whether you are a hardcore developer or designer, you should be familiar with it. CSS is the bridge between programming and design, and any Web professional must have some general knowledge of it. If you are getting your feet wet with CSS, this is the perfect time to fire up your favorite text editor and follow along in this tutorial as we cover the most common and practical uses of CSS. Overview: What We Will Cover Today We’ll start with what you could call the fundamental properties and capabilities of CSS, ones that we commonly use to build CSS-based websites: Slavery Footprint - Made In A Free World. Free Wordpress Portfolio Themes: 30 Free Wordpress Gallery Themes. Free WordPress portfolio themes are a great way for graphic designers, logo designers, photographers and digital artists to show off their collections, without having to fuss around with hiring a web designer or worry about creating their own.

Free Wordpress Portfolio Themes: 30 Free Wordpress Gallery Themes

Many times, it is simply better for someone to focus on what they do best, as opposed to trying to multitask and focus on their hobby and building a site at the same time. Thus, free WordPress gallery themes are a simple and easy setup and allow anyone to have a website without much of a hassle. While it’s certainly desirable to have a unique WordPress portfolio theme, using templates or a free WordPress gallery theme works fine for starters.