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Cyber Security Services & MSP Solutions. Data Loss Prevention- DLP. Why Cyber Security Awareness should be part of basic training of all new employees? Cyber security awareness training should be made an integral part of the on-boarding process for new employees regardless of company size.

Why Cyber Security Awareness should be part of basic training of all new employees?

In many organizations, the management seems to believe that implementing a Cyber security awareness program only makes sense for large companies and that cyber security threats are mostly external. However, the data from different surveys indicate that organizations of any size are equally susceptible to attacks from cyber criminals and the causes are more frequently than not are from internal known staff, even if the threat is unintentional. It’s up to top management to protect the company assets and implement or develop a cyber security awareness plan for new employees (even if the new employee is a bit resistant). Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) provides enterprises with a more comprehensive application evaluation than any single test alone.

Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Many information security professionals are familiar with the terms” ‘vulnerability assessment” and “penetration testing” (“pentest” for short). Unfortunately, in many cases, these two terms are incorrectly used interchangeably. In layman’s terms, if we imagine that your application or network is a locked door, a vulnerability assessment trying to identify all the possible locks that exist on the door. Forms automation. Connectis Group. Financial Services Process Solutions for the front & back office Home Financial.

Connectis Group

Intelligent Forms Automation Solutions Financial. Top 10 Reasons for Penetration Testing. Liquidoffice processes. Connectis Group. Software & Hardware Products Home Products Videos & Recorded Webinars What Our Customers Say It took a while to find a company that could really implement our document automation needs.

Connectis Group

RightFax as a Managed Service. RightFax as a Managed Service Home CloudRightFax as a Managed Service RightFax as a Managed Service December 3, 2019 Posted by Jazz Shaikh Recently, one of our financial sector clients asked how other organizations simplify and enhance digital faxing operations to rapidly respond to business change, and at the same time maintain the internal integrations with enterprise applications?

RightFax as a Managed Service

The answer, some “organizations have outsourced their on-premises RightFax server infrastructure to Connectis Group.” Invoice Processing for Acumatica ERP. Too many companies still process invoices manually with more effort than they need to, even though we’ve solved this problem.

Invoice Processing for Acumatica ERP

The Connectis solution to automate Acumatica (and other ERPs) invoice processing is InvoiceAction. InvoiceAction Smart Process Technology helps control Accounts Payable invoice processing costs. Untitled. Enterprise Fax Server Solutions. 3 fax server brands each with top of the line features, differing in optional modules, what’s included in the base price, overall license costs, ease of deployment, technical support services and brand recognition.

Enterprise Fax Server Solutions

RightFax is the undisputed brand leader, for sure, but there’s a lot under the hood and many different types of server licenses to suit different deployments. FaxCore is a well known fax server with a web based client as the primary interface. OpenText Document Automation Executive Briefing. Document Digitization is the First Step to Digital Transformation. I still recall my undergrad days in Amsterdam, Netherlands in the early 1990s where large-scale digitization projects were common in Europe.

Document Digitization is the First Step to Digital Transformation

Many large scale enterprises were in full swing to digitize as much paper as possible to become ready for the 2020 digital initiatives to enable organizations to work in a completely digital environment, eliminating file cabinets, reduce the risk of losses (both documents & financial) or misfiling and consolidate processes. At the same time as applications in the cloud, mobile solutions became pervasive, the business world became ripe for digital disruption and digital transformation and consequently the of paper filing began to decline with big businesses. Resulting in many mass scanning and categorizing initiatives of documents, files, vendor invoices, registration documents, human resources files, meeting and board minutes, land and title documents, engineering drawings and many other document types. Thmb choosing a fax deployment model. Document Management Solutions.

By now you know there’s got to be a better way to track all the documents your team are managing daily.

Document Management Solutions

Lost files, the length of time to recover documents from outsourced document storage companies and the productivity penalty from not having instant access to key documents relevant to your process is starting to hurt. But where do you start? What can document management solution really do for your organization? Differences Between On Premise Fax Servers and Faxing in the Cloud. Although the enterprise fax server you’re probably using now, regardless of brand, may be working just fine, it’s probably costing you a lot of money and if you’re not already asking (and somebody should be) the question should be “how can you reduce your costs”.

Differences Between On Premise Fax Servers and Faxing in the Cloud

Costs of everything, not just the capital costs of the technology (not a small item), but also the telephony costs, the annual maintenance and support costs (which usually rise annually like everything else) and the big one is your staff costs to manage the beast. How to Manage all your Paper & Digital Files. Last week I spoke with few organizations who’ve implemented Document Management system and are unsatisfied with the amount of manual meta-data indexing and classification needed at the front end to properly file the information at the right folder.

Document Management users identify capture and categorization as the greatest burden, citing that proper indexing and document classification are essential for proper records management throughout the records life cycle. Two challenges presented here are the capture and management of all types of content, and the human factor.

What to capture,when to capture, who will capture it and how will it be used are all factors in moving to an electronic records environment. So how can companies address this challenge, get the benefits of automation, and ease the records management burden from the employees? Connectis Group provides an end to end automation in electronic document and records management system. Untitled. Faxing in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure and Speed Up Order to Cash Processing with Data Capture. Some of our InvoiceAction data capture software clients that ran manual paper processes told us they needed to speed up Order to Cash processing; here’s some of the reasons that lead to extended Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), delayed accounts receivables and customer irritation.

Often, manual data order entry errors were the culprit, the price variations of the goods that appear on the POs vs. the invoice and tax and shipping cost inaccuracies. Electronic Forms Solution. From patient access to human resources to financials, your hospital or health system likely has hundreds of paper-heavy processes — physician referrals, laboratory tests, new employee on-boarding, capital requests and countless others. Up to 80 percent of business-driving documents are forms. When relying on paper versions, processes are time-consuming, resource-draining, error-prone and impossible to track.

Hundreds of hospitals have already overcome this inefficiency with our LiquidOffice e-forms solutions for healthcare. LiquidOffice software transforms traditional, paper-driven processes into automated, secured, collaborative and optimized ones with ONLINE forms that retain the original structure of paper documents — including government-regulated forms as well as industry-specific required formats necessary for proper compliance. LiquidOffice enables facilities to transform traditionally convoluted, paper form-centric processes into efficient, paperless or paper-light workflows.