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CompuTouch provide unparalleled value to companies through the management of IT services.CompuTouch has helped hundreds of companies save money while implementing the technology their business needs to grow.Some of our standout examples include.

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IT Related Technical Support, Zeus on the loose. - CompuTouch Inc. Occasionally a Virus or Malware agent emerges in the environment that goes way beyond the run of the mill script kiddie bot generator.

Zeus on the loose. - CompuTouch Inc

Lately we have seen a variant on the infamous Zeus agent that is really quite impressive in its operation. I am enclosing a link that will promote understanding and help preventing this Malicious Agent. Three layers of defense are recommended to prevent this attack and potential loss of financial data. 1. Ensure you email or email provide is running an effective antivirus. Trends in Virtualization - CompuTouch Inc. Computouchinc - Solutions That Fit - CompuTouch Inc. CompuTouch Blog For IT Pros - CompuTouch Inc.

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