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Calgary IT company Computer Rescue provides reliable IT consulting services for Businesses in Calgary, Alberta. Call us at 403.686.4567 for Best Calgary IT Support.

Managed Service Providers Make Your IT Department Better! The New “As a Service” Computer Revolution. Every business has heard buzz about the “cloud.”

The New “As a Service” Computer Revolution

What is it? – a single location in the Ethernet, a load of energy floating around the atmosphere, or perhaps the cloud is found in a satellite in the sky that is orbiting the earth? Nope, the “cloud” is none of these. Calgary IT Support. No matter how careful you are, bad things are going to happen.

Calgary IT Support

A laptop will get dropped, or some sticky liquid will get splashed on to the keyboard. IT Support Calgary. It can be extremely frustrating having problems with your computer and other technological devices.

IT Support Calgary

This is why it is so great to have access to IT support when you need it. The people who work in IT support can help you with all sorts of problems that you have with your computer, often solving them right there over the phone. If you do your research, you will see that there are many options in terms of IT support in Calgary.

IT Consulting Calgary. Solutions for cloud computing Calgary provide businesses with different capabilities to process and store data in third-party data centers.

IT Consulting Calgary

It is believed that cloud computing allows companies to avoid several infrastructural costs, and focus on projects instead of on infrastructure. In Calgary, a new business ideas is easy to launch, but the growth of the new business will be more optimal if streamlined with IT consulting Calgary. Companies without vast in-house IT resources can take advantages of cloud solutions. Computer Repair Calgary. Network Support Calgary. Control physical access to computers and network components.

How to Stop IT Employee Blackmail. In January 2017, the American College of Education filed a lawsuit alleging a former IT employee was holding it hostage.

How to Stop IT Employee Blackmail

The employee, Triano Williams, was the lone remaining IT employee with access to a Google account containing email data and course information for 2,000 students. The suit claims Williams wanted $200,000 and a positive letter of recommendation in exchange for the access. Google initially refused to release the data, as Williams was the sole administrator on the account. Eventually, Google relented. The college sued Williams, and in September 2016, the case was settled with Williams ordered to pay nearly $250,000 in damages.

The case is a cautionary tale for organizations that are increasingly reliant on cloud-based services and software platforms. The Cost of Insider Threats A recent study by IBM showed that 55 percent of cyber attacks were conducted by insiders. 1. Companies should ensure that there are built-in redundancies for access to critical systems. 5 Steps To Protect Your Business. Top 10 Gmail Optimization Tips Worth Taking Note Of. It’s probably the most popular free email platform out there – but have you taken advantage of all the Gmail options available?

Top 10 Gmail Optimization Tips Worth Taking Note Of

Most of us know the basics, like spam filtering and message labeling, but there are many other Gmail options that will make both your personal and business email communications easier and more manageable. An article on called “Top 10 Gmail Tips for Power Users” has spelled it out quite nicely. 5 Ways Business Enterprises Can Protect Themselves from Cyber Crime. If you own or manage a computer network worth worrying about in regards to a cyberattack or other kind of cyber breach, your worries are likely well-founded.

5 Ways Business Enterprises Can Protect Themselves from Cyber Crime

It’s really not if your network receives some kind of cyber threat or attack – it’s when. Black hat hackers and cybercriminals are becoming bolder by the day, creating a global cloud of fear that has descended over the collective IT-network matrix, causing, among other things, some misconceptions – and deep need for the facts – about cybersecurity. Fact: 71 percent of cyberattacks occur at businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Here are 5 ways your enterprise can bolster itself and guard against cyber crime: Understand the risks and how they evolve with more sophisticated efficacy and frequency. Need Further Cybersecurity Advice? If you need further advice about cyberattack preparedness, cyber safety awareness and security, Computer Rescue is a proven leader in providing IT consulting and cybersecurity in Calgary.

New Malware Targeting iPhones Proves No Platform Is Truly Secure. If you are an iPhone user and have yet to install the latest iOS update – iOS 9.3.5 – you need to do that right now.

New Malware Targeting iPhones Proves No Platform Is Truly Secure

Go ahead. I’ll wait. While that’s downloading, here is why this update is vital: a new piece of malware has been discovered that has the ability to install itself on your device, steal your data, and then uninstall itself without a trace. Reports from both the New York Times and Motherboard published August 25th explain that this update patches three major security holes that could be exploited by hackers, giving them access to virtually all of the private data stored on your iOS device. These vulnerabilities were discovered by Ahmed Mansoor, a human rights activist from the United Arab Emirates, according to both articles.

Had Mansoor clicked that link, he would have been redirected to a site created to exploit the three aforementioned flaws and had malware installed on his iPhone, giving remote hackers full access to his device. 5G Frequency Network. With 5G networks gearing up for widespread use by 2021, many questions have recently arisen regarding things like spectrum allocations, infrastructure, and regulatory compliance by telecom giants like Verizon.

5G Frequency Network

With a main goal of 5G networks being the ability to reach download speeds of 10 Gbps, there is the issue of finally taking that giant leap in additional infrastructure. There’s also just how to address the growing necessity of releasing new spectrum bands in the 6GHZ to 100GHZ range. All these issues and more were heard by those attending the LTE and 5G World Summit Conferences in Amsterdam in June of 2015. Fast-forward to October 2016, and a WirelessWeek report that talks about Verizon’s response to the FCC’s Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that requested they quickly open higher-frequency spectrum ranges in the 28 GHZ to 40GHZ area, a frequency spectrum range that just became free this last summer.

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