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Twin Slide Compound Miter Saw XSL02Z/ XSL02 18V X2 LXT

01 july 2017

Twin Slide Compound Miter Saw XSL02Z/ XSL02 18V X2 LXT

Lately Makita released this highly expected saw, which is a straight growth of the 18v LXT schedule (compatible with the whole line of Star-protected 18v LXT batteries). The tool itself is utilizing 36v-- but as opposed to make you spend your cash on yet an additional battery line, they achieved this (as they have with all the other 18V X2 devices) by using 2 conventional 18v batteries in parallel with each other.

You obtain 36v performance without needing to acquire unique 36v batteries! It can crosscut a 2 x 12 & reduced a 45 via a 2 x 8! Unless you have the "requirement" to reduce thicker products on the website, there truly is no demand to carry out those much heavier/bulkier saws & a generator-- when you can simply get this and also a pair of batteries & obtain to function!

The specs on the Makita XSL02Z are:

  • 36V (18V X2).
  • 28 lbs.
  • 7-1/2 ″ Blade.
  • Solitary Bevel.
  • Miter 47 Degrees Left.
  • Miter 57 Degrees.
  • 2 x 12 @ 90 Degrees.
  • 2 x 8 @ 45 Degrees.
  • Brushless Motor.
  • Electric Brake.
  • Automatic Speed Adjustment.
  • 3 yr Service warranty.

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Among the outright best aspects of this saw is the electrical brake. Essentially as quickly as you release the trigger, the blade nearly instantly stops. Spinning blades are constantly unsafe, as well as due to the fact that it stops so quick-- it truly reduces the possibilities of an accident.

As you can think of, this is not just a massive time saver vs awaiting a blade to quit prior to raising after cut), but it is likewise a huge safety and security bonus. You do not experience any kind of deflection like you made with bigger saws , and also your cuts are real and also very straight.

This is primarily a computer system that detects a load (a difficult cut), as well as rather than slowing down down/lugging the motor-- the saw acknowledges the lots and immediately enhances the power to keep the blade spinning at max speed. Once you are with the cut, it immediately slows down back down.

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Operating the saw is easy for Righties or lefties-- the grip/trigger is a pistol-grip version, as well as could conveniently be operated by any person. Additionally, on the top of the system is the lugging handle which equilibriums well and makes it extremely easy to carry around.

When you move it the table extensions are removed by loosening 2 thumbscrews, and it essentially reduces the width in half (avoiding you from altering the wall surfaces in your customer's home). As opposed to have one solid two-rail slide, they have the special Makita "Dual-Slide" System.

This utilizes 2 collections of slides (each with 2 rails-- for a total amount of 4 rails) that are gliding inside direct sphere bearings, to prevent wobble and also to earn extremely clean/straight cuts. 

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The only 2 complaints that we had with this saw were:.

  • No LED/ Laser.
  • 7-1/2 ″ Blade (non-standard size).

Not substantial "make-or-break" attributes, but they deserve noting. You could not stroll into the local equipment shop and also get another blade. We only found them online, although they most likely are cost Makita Dealers. Secondly, in a reduced light situation it will be harder to see your cut line as a result of the absence of an LED or Laser-- typically we do not use either, however it might be something you could not live without.

If one is totally billed, and the other midway-- when the less charged one drains, the saw will reduce off. It is always an excellent suggestion to make use of 2 of the very same amp-hour batteries with the very same quantity of charge-level for consistent cuts.

It cuts faster than pretty much any various other saw on the market-- coming in at 5,700 RPMS! The only other comparible saw with this kind of rate (in my point of view) is an additional Makita cordless variation--- the Makita XSH03 6-1/2 ″ Round Saw-- it has the same speed, power, and also electrical brake.

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The big concern on everybody's mind obviously is "yeah, cordless is convienent-- but what does it cost? job can it really do each charge?" We put that to the test-- as well as making use of 2 completely billed 5.0 ah batteries & an all new blade, the Makita had a SUBSTANTIAL 532 Cuts through a common 2 × 4 before the batteries passed away! If you are framing, no method you reduced that much in one day-- also.