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3 Kettlebell workouts to burn fat. If you want to burn a lot of fat and don’t want to adopt any complicated ways to lose this extra fat, then buying a fitness tool called the kettlebell might just be what you need to incorporate in your fitness routine.

3 Kettlebell workouts to burn fat

A kettle bell is an amazing tool that helps you effectively burn a lot of calories while giving your entire body the perfect workout. You must have caught a glimpse of this tool in the gym or at any sports store. It does not look like much, but if used correctly you’ll be reaching your weight loss goal sooner than you know it. The weight of the kettle-bell depends on your holding capacity. Beginners usually start out with 10-15 pound kettlebell. Here are 3 workouts that will help you burn the maximum fat from the kettlebell: - The Windmill. Building a Better Food Label. Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) as an anti-inflam... [Surg Neurol. 2006. Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning. Previously: Part One of the interview with Sarah Starpoli.

Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

You mentioned that it’s useful to figure out which foods work best with your own body — how do people figure that out? Is it something that naturally takes years, or is it something that’ll be testable in the coming decades? Like a scanner you pass through — “beep bop, Sarah Starpoli your body likes animal proteins, beep bop Jane Doe your body likes nuts” — or is the fun (“fun”) in figuring it out naturally?

I think I’m a nut person. Can I also be a wine person? Oooh, I like the idea of a scanner! Advertisement Many people use food diaries to help with weight loss (you see how much you’re eating, you freak out, so you eat less). This isn’t really rocket science, but it’s pretty empowering to feel like I understand how certain foods affect me and my every day. I want to take a moment to sort of toot my own horn to advocate positive eating habits and the exploration of them. 5 Bad Habits That are Causing Your Breasts to Sag.

Are you feeling sad because your breasts are sagging and look ugly?

5 Bad Habits That are Causing Your Breasts to Sag

Why are your breasts hanging? For some women sagging breasts are caused by hereditary conditions and for others age and child birth are causes enough.But there are some reasons that do contribute to your sagging breasts. So avoid the following bad habits and lift your boobs. Wearing unsupported bras-You should wear the right type of bra that suits your body type and even the purpose. Your bust should be supported at all times. So quit these habits unless you want to own a pair of sagging breasts. Written by : Rasha Ashraf. 4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from the Chlorine in Your Pool - Complete Health News. Most of us spend hours in the pool without even giving second thought about the damage that the chlorine, disinfectant products and other bleaching chemicals are doing to our body and skin.Our body absorbs a lot of these chemicals when they come in contact with our skin.

4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from the Chlorine in Your Pool - Complete Health News

Here are some simple ways to keep those harsh chemicals at bay Rinse-How many times have we skipped this step and just simply jumped directly in the pool? Sure we are clean. But by rinsing our body we are actually drenching our skin in water so as to saturate it and not absorb any harmful chemicals from the pool.Slather yourself with coconut oil-Coconut oil acts like sun screen in the water. Coconut oil is acidic in nature and is oily too. There is no reason to stay away from your swimming pool with the fear of damage to your skin, hair and body. Written by: Rasha Ashraf. 8 Exercises Women must Do Daily - Complete Health News. Exercise is an essential activity for both men and women.

8 Exercises Women must Do Daily - Complete Health News

Both since women differ from men physically and also in terms of functionality, there are some exercises that are beneficial mainly to women. Here are some exercises that help keep us women fit and going. The best part is that these exercises will take only 15-20 minutes of your time daily Climbing stairs-To keep our knees healthy and fit, with the added benefit of losing weight, climbing stairs are essential. Toe raises and leg raises-Leg muscles need strengthening, especially if we abuse our feet by wearing high heeled shoes all day long.

Stand on a chair and lift your entire body using only your toes. Arm raise and swings-Tone the muscles in your arms by giving a special workout for your arms, the best being arm raises and swings. Lie on a bench. Push-ups-Push-ups help in strengthening the core muscles, especially of the back. Back exercise-Sit on a stool and bring your shoulder blades together from the back.