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What energy drinks do to your kid’s health!

Oops! I’m Bloated, What’s the Reason? 4 Reasons why you’ve stomach pain after eating avocado’s! 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Silk More Often! Remember the Foods that Produce HEAT in Body! Here's why you need to stay away from tick bites! 5 Foods That Cure Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome Naturally! Does over-eating fruits cause weight gain? E-Cigarettes can be dangerous than you think! Why is Pumpkin Seeds Known as “Man’s Best Friend”? Can children encounter high blood pressure? 7 Most familiar regrets of People in Life! How to choose the right foundation that matches your skin tone! 8 Ways to make oats more appealing. Most of us hate eating oats.

8 Ways to make oats more appealing

9 Healthy Foods that can cause food poisoning. There are some foods that can upset the stomach.

9 Healthy Foods that can cause food poisoning

Usually these things happens if the food products or produce are consumed without being cleaned properly or not being cooked at temperatures that kill the germs and bacteria in them. Food poisoning can attack anyone and it helps to be aware of the food items that can cause it and under what conditions these items upset the stomach. So instead of avoiding these food items, just be cautious of the risks involved and identifying the signs of food that isn’t served as it should be.

Eggs. 10 Yoga Poses to do with your kids. Are the kids having winter holidays and you finding it hard to keep them entertained indoors?

10 Yoga Poses to do with your kids

Are you looking for an activity that keeps all of you engaged at the same time? Then why not give yoga a shot?! Yoga not only improves flexibility but it also relaxes and calms the mind and body.Yoga is not as complicated as you think it to be. 6 Foods that flush out Nicotine. Smokers have a lot of Nicotine present in their body.

6 Foods that flush out Nicotine

Even years after they kick the habit, the nicotine might still be lingering in their body. Millions of people die due to smoking and smoking related diseases every year and the nicotine present in it might have a huge role to play in it. The problem with Nicotine is that it immediately enters the blood stream and pollutes out blood and it also the main reason that makes smoking so addictive. But have no fear there are some foods that research has proved that can flush out the nicotine from out body and reserve the damaging effects it may have caused. 12 Myths about working out. All of us work out with certain preconceived notions.

12 Myths about working out

However if we do follow some dangerous or mistaken practices it is time we equip ourselves with knowledge that will not harm our body or the affect our fitness regime. Here are 12 myths that most of us thought were true: Spot reduction is possible. 5 Yoga Poses to help you fall asleep. Yoga has a solution for every problem.

5 Yoga Poses to help you fall asleep

If you are one of those people who find it hard to fall asleep then turn to yoga. Save yourself from having to toss around in your bed sheets and under your pillows to try and fall asleep. Here are some poses that will help you drift off to sleep easily: 1) Cow Posture – Bring your body to a table top position, with your palms and knees on the ground. – Inhale and lift your heart and chest till it expands upwards. – Exhale and let your spine curl inwards to a round, also relaxing your head in the process. – Repeat a few times, not forgetting to move your spine according to the breath inhalation and exhalation. 4 Moves to sport a crop top. Crop tops are back in fashion.

4 Moves to sport a crop top

It’s time to dig up all those crop tops lying at the back of your closet. We all might not be in tip top shape to sport them this summer after all the binging we did this winter. 10 Natural ways to boost your sex drive. Are you worried that your sex life is non-existent or next to nothing?

10 Natural ways to boost your sex drive

Do you feel it is something that has happened due to your lifestyle or reasons that are more serious in nature? Before you have a shot at Viagra or even think of consulting a doctor why not give a shot at these natural solutions to boost your libido: 1) Indulge in Aphrodisiacs For those who haven’t heard the term ‘Aphrodisiacs’ before, they are food that simulate the sexual organs and boost the occurrence of sex.

Figs, chocolate, grapes and even avocados are said to get couples into the mood and get them into bed. 10 Reasons why you always seem hungry. Do you find yourself eating all the time?

10 Reasons why you always seem hungry

10 Tips to take good care of your eyes. Your gateway to see the world is your eyes, so you should take good care of them.

10 Tips to take good care of your eyes

We often take our sight for granted. Here are simple steps we can adopt in our day to day life to take care of our eyes and preserve them: 1) Take1 minute breaks at 2 hour intervals in front of computer Eyes get tired and dry by staring at the computer screen for long hours. As a matter of fact, the number of times we blink also is halved. You can also consider placing a screen filter for the screen to reduce the harsh glare to the eyes. 2) Visit the ophthalmologist for regular eye check ups.

4 Weird places you get acne. Acne commonly called as zits if one thing ladies both old and young dread to bear on their skin. Most of us think that these ugly things can pop up only on our face, but the fact is that it can appear in several other weird places. Basically zits can appear in any place which is prone to be oily and has open pores. 15 Styling Tips to keep cool this summer. When the temperatures soar to new heights all we want to do is strip off our clothes and sit indoors.

But then not all of us can afford to sit indoors like a hermit. Get outdoors, at least for a while in the heat is inevitable. For all you know, even the heat indoors might reach unbearable limits. You cannot wear regular clothes in the heat. 5 Things you need to know about the Zika Virus. The most trending topic in health this year is the Zika virus. It is not a new virus but most of us hadn’t heard of it till early this year because of the major outbreak in Brazil.

Zika virus is a mosquito-borne illness spread primarily by the yellow fever mosquito. It is usually found in the tropics. 4 Right ways to stop a nose bleed. At some point or the other in life we all have experienced nosebleeds. Despite the fact that most of the time that they are harmless, we panic when we see a nosebleed.

It is normal to face a nose bleed at least once before you hit the age of five. A bloody nose is nothing serious. 4 Myths about the flu and flu vaccine. Every year millions of children get infected with the flu. This nasty virus has people queuing up at the hospital. Of course there are people who are smart and resort to taking flu vaccines so that they avoid getting sick. Even doctors these days encourage getting vaccinated against the flu, so that you not only et protection from the seasonal flu but also the different flus that make the headlines every year.

Here are the most popular myths about the flu: 1. There are a millions ways that the virus can spread. 2. There is no scientific backing to prove this allegation. 5 Instances when surgery is opted for to improve fertility. 10 Habits that can lead to Diabetes. Millions of people these days are suffering from diabetes and the number just keeps growing. One can blame these rising numbers on the lifestyle that we lead today.

Most people think that diabetes is a hereditary disease. 5 Healthy carb substitutes to bread. In the past it was unheard of to avoid carbohydrates in one daily meal. As a matter of fact it was the main part of any meal. 5 Signs that you may need a root canal treatment. I have often heard of people discussing the woes of getting a root canal treatment. I did not realize the extent to which this condition could affect us mentally or physically till I experienced it first-hand.


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