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Preventing Falls. Accidents are always unexpected, and it can even happen in your own home.

Preventing Falls

Falls are one of the most common accidents that can happen at home and one cause of injuries in seniors. How Seniors Can Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome. Empty nest syndrome is not a clinical diagnosis.

How Seniors Can Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome

It is a phenomenon where parents experience mixed emotions, usually feelings of loss or sadness, as the last child leaves or about to leave home. Home Care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota understands how hard this can be for aging parents. Tips for Seniors Living Alone to Stay Safe at Home. Living alone may sound ideal for seniors as it implies independence, allowing them to still involve in their communities and communicate with their friends just as they’re used to.

Tips for Seniors Living Alone to Stay Safe at Home

To continue living alone as much as possible, seniors should consider taking precautionary measures for their security. Home Care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota lists down the following tips: Stay in good health Eat healthily, exercise regularly, and maintain being on top of your health. One great hazard living alone with conditions that affect mobility is falling besides accidental slips. This could quickly become life-threatening, and you may have to opt for help from a Home Care Provider in Minnesota.Build a close circle of friends While living alone and being lonely are two different things, they can come together. Let be of help every now and then! Hypertension and Arterial Damage. Hypertension is a silent killer, causing damages to your body for years before any noticeable symptoms develop.

Hypertension and Arterial Damage

One such damage is arterial damage. Patients with uncontrolled hypertension have a higher chance of developing the condition, but it’s useful to be aware of what it can do. What Happens When You Have Arterial Damage? Healthy arteries have more flexibility, strength, and elasticity. Blood flows more freely due to its smooth and uncompromised inner lining, properly supplying vital organs and tissues with nutrients and oxygen.

Hypertension gradually increases the pressure of blood that travels through your arteries, causing the following: Your health is our priority here at . Essential Steps for Aging Gracefully. We all know that following a healthy lifestyle is the way to go if we want to live longer and age gracefully.

Essential Steps for Aging Gracefully

Although the idea is relatively easy enough to grasp, starting healthy habits from scratch can be a bit confusing. So, today, we at , a skilled and licensed Home Care Provider in Minnesota, are here to give you these essential steps to help you on your journey toward aging gracefully. Eat Well It’s good for seniors to adopt a low-fat diet that is high on fruits and veggies like strawberries, blueberries, and broccoli. Limit your intake of red meats, fried and processed foods, as well as salt and sugar. Don’t forget to take your recommended daily vitamins, too. How to Convince Your Aging Parents to Accept Home Care. Persuading our elderly parents to accept home care is most often met with resistance for several reasons.

How to Convince Your Aging Parents to Accept Home Care

It could be that they see the aid of a home care professional as a threat to their independence, an invasion of privacy, discomfort, or that it’s simply not needed. Here are ways to persuade them: Convince the more self-sufficient partner. Talk with your more independent parent about how much their spouse can benefit from the assistance of home care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. Suggest simple caregiver help. Signs That You Need Respite Care. Simple Ways to Remind Yourself to Take Your Medications. There are so many reasons people miss their medications—forgetfulness, fear of side effects, mistrust on the prescriptions, or simply just a little knowledge about their conditions or the drugs they’re taking—to name a few.

Simple Ways to Remind Yourself to Take Your Medications

Our home care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota lists the following ways you can remember taking your medications: Use a pillbox. Putting your medications in a weekly pillbox with compartments for each day can greatly help not just with reminding yourself about taking medications but also to prevent yourself from taking double doses. Use an electronic medication reminder. Benefits of Respite Care for Caregivers. Respite care allows caregivers, both formal and informal, to take a break from their responsibilities.

Benefits of Respite Care for Caregivers

If you’ve been your loved ones’ informal caregiver, then you know how much physically, emotionally, and economically taxing caregiving is— add this on top of other important matters you’ll need to attend to. Our home care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota lists why you should consider respite: Renew and relax It’s just so easy to forget yourself while you give all your time caring for your loved ones. Early Signs of Senior Depression and How to Prevent It. Depression can happen to anyone at any age regardless of their background or achievements.

Early Signs of Senior Depression and How to Prevent It

However, it is often overlooked as a part of aging in seniors. What’s worse is that it can affect various aspects of life such as energy, appetite, sleep, and even manifest in physical symptoms. As a home care provider in Minnesota, we often look out for any signs of senior depression when possible. Here are some early signs: Adverse Effects of Missing Your Medication. It may not seem like a big deal when you miss your medication every once in a while.

Adverse Effects of Missing Your Medication

It’s hard to keep track of whether or not you’re taking the right doses at the right time especially if you don’t have a medication reminder and are taking multiple medications at the same time. However, missing your medication can have adverse effects you may or may not notice immediately.