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Banana Leaf Coffin. White Wicker Coffin. 10 Ways to Personalize a Funeral. Cardboard Coffins. Colourful Coffins. The Most Environmental-Friendly Willow Coffins in the UK. Buy Cardboard Coffins in the UK. Cremation Process: The Complete Guide 2021. Cremation Urns in the UK. Colourful Coffins. Compare The Coffin. Eco-friendly Coffin. A Guide to Making Prepaid Funeral Plans. How to Write a (Great) Obituary: Step-By-Step. Before we find out more about how to write a great obituary, it is also important for us to know the basics.

How to Write a (Great) Obituary: Step-By-Step

So first of all, let's understand what is an obituary! An obituary is a brief news article which reports the recent death of a person, usually with an account of the person's life and information about the funeral. Writing an obituary can be tough, gloomy yet meaningful. While it is an extremely personal and fulfilling experience to complete such a crucial task off your list. Yes, that's right! Basics: It typically starts with an announcement of the deceased’s passing with their name and a very brief description, age, and date of death.

Give the facts: Some of the important details you will typically like to include in the obituary are: Full name, including middle name or initial, maiden name and/or nickname, Aquamation Vs. Cremation: Differences You Need To Know. Before we read the difference between Aquamation and Cremation, let's also understand more about their definitions and the process.

Aquamation Vs. Cremation: Differences You Need To Know

Here is a detailed explanation. The Cremation's process is based on the natural decay that a body undergoes when buried. With this procedure, the body decomposes in less than a day. During aquamation, the body is placed inside a watertight chamber. It has almost 100 gallons of water added along with some alkaline chemicals. Whereas Cremation is a method of disposition of a dead body through burning. Now that we have some fair idea about these terms let's find out the differences between the two you Need to Know! 1. The aquamation process costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. 2. To explain why aquamation is more environmentally-friendly than Cremation, let's first understand a little bit about the cremation process. Suggested Reading : 7 Facts About Your Green Burial Options. Cremation Urns UK. Willow Coffin Cost. Willow (wicker) grows from February to July and in the right conditions it can grow inches per day. It is traditionally planted closely spaced which forces the wicker rods to grow straight and tall.

It produces generous foliage during the growing season. From July to November wicker stops growing and gradually sheds it's foliage. Between late November and February willow becomes dormant and this is the season for harvesting and for planting new cuttings for next year. Willow plants are grown sustainably being very easy to harvest and requiring no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. Wicker and Willow coffins are among the most environmentally friendly coffins available. In the right soil conditions willow tends to decompose much more quickly than traditional materials such as MDF, hardwoods and metal. Willow is a carbon neutral material and when burnt only gives off the same amount of carbon that it consumes within it's lifetime.

Urns For Ashes UK. History and Significance of Cremation Urns A cremation urn is basically meant to hold the cremated remains or ashes received after cremating a dead body.

Urns For Ashes UK

During cremation, the human body is reduced to almost 3-7 pounds, depending on the size and weight of the individual. It is interesting to note that although we generally refer to cremains as ashes, the body does not actually turn into ash after incineration; it reduces into minute particles and pieces of bones that are further ground to get powdery consistency.

Anyway, coming back to urns, they are particularly used in cultures that recommend the process of cremation for disposing of the dead body. Wicker Caskets Coffins. Compare The Coffin. Cremation Boxes / Urns For Ashes. Wooden caskets for ashes Cremation Boxes / Urns For Ashes. Compare The Coffin. Cremation Urns and Boxes. Compare The Coffin. Compare the Coffin. Cheapest coffin you can buy UK. Got a question?

Cheapest coffin you can buy UK

Call 0800-690-6513 * Free UK Mainland Shipping Coffin Prices Coffin Prices vary tremendously. At we made a decision early on to only sell very high quality coffins and caskets. Buy with confidence from as all our products are of excellent quality, from reputable UK based suppliers, and with our ‘Coffin Price Promise’ if you find the same coffin to the same quality elsewhere for less money we will match the price.

As a rule of thumb, we have found a funeral director will look to make between 300% and 600% mark-up on the price of the coffin, and as a result our prices are usually a third to a half of the cost of the average Funeral director. In the first instance please view our coffin catalogue for our full range. Please let us know your stories ! Save Connect with Us Subscribe for a Newsletter subscribe Copyright © 2019. Website Design & Developed By Alakmalak Are you planning on Making a Purchase online now or do you have any questions? Compare the Coffin.