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Community Public Adjusters specializes in homeowners and business insurance claim representation. Licensed Public Adjusters serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

5 Ways to Lower Your heating Bill this Winter. According to Energy Star, regarding the average American household, almost half of the annual energy bill goes to heating and cooling.

5 Ways to Lower Your heating Bill this Winter

This is more than $900 a year!. How to Prevent Property Damage this Winter. Freezing temperatures, high winds, wind chills, snow, sleet and ice will all arrive to Northeast region of the country shortly; so now is the best time (while it is still slightly warm!)

How to Prevent Property Damage this Winter

To make sure your home and property is well prepared for intense wintry conditions on the horizon. Without being proactive now, you will run the risk of having to deal with expensive property damage throughout the colder months ahead. Contact tree experts and ask them to perform an inspection of all your trees. They’ll check to see if any them are dead and need to be taken down, or if there are any weak branches that might have to be trimmed.

Renovating your home? Don't forget the heating and cooling system. (BPT) – As the pandemic continues to keep many Americans in their houses, home improvement projects are on the rise.

Renovating your home? Don't forget the heating and cooling system

With long durations of time spent at home, more homeowners value a comfortable and functional living space. Today, renovation and repair are preferred by 61% of people over. Community Public Adjusters. Backup electrical generators provide power to a home or business during a power outage.

Community Public Adjusters

When the power is not available, a backup generator can instantly supply much needed power to your home or business. While backup generators can cost well over a $1,000, they can save you thousands in possible damages and keep your home or business running smoothly. Here are 7 main benefits of owning a backup generator for your home or business HVAC system Major storms can cause power surges and disrupt power for many hours or even days, causing harm to your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

How Water Damage Can Impact Your Life. There are many reasons that someone can end up fighting with a claims adjuster from their insurance company.

How Water Damage Can Impact Your Life

In fact, one of the most potentially serious and widely contested claims is that of water damage claims. Submit Your Property Damage Claims from Hurricane Ida in PA and NJ. News Release: Investigators from the National Weather Service say seven tornadoes have been confirmed in the Philadelphia region after the remnants of Hurricane Ida struck on Wednesday.

Submit Your Property Damage Claims from Hurricane Ida in PA and NJ

The tornadoes hit several communities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Community Summer Storms. How to Prevent Shingles from Blowing off Your Roof. It’s the time of year again when the temps are high and thunderstorms are frequent.

How to Prevent Shingles from Blowing off Your Roof

High winds cannot only affect siding on a house but can also affect the shingles on a roof. But there are ways to help prevent shingles from coming off a roof. Here are some things that can be done to help prevent shingles from blowing off : Repair / Replace One helpful tip is to know when it is time to replace or repair the shingles. Wind and Rain Damage Facts and Tips. Wind and rain are very general terms, but they combine with things like hail, winter freeze, flooding and other weather events to create dangerous and potentially damaging environments for property owners.

Wind and Rain Damage Facts and Tips

When wind and rain damage your property, it’s important that you call a Public Adjuster before you contact your insurance company. Prepare Your Tech for Hurricane Season. (BPT) – Hurricane season is here.

Prepare Your Tech for Hurricane Season

Following a record-breaking 2020 season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts yet another equally – if not, more – active hurricane season this year with at least 13 to 20 named storms. Hurricanes can cause major damage to homes, businesses and critical communications infrastructure. Storms can knock out cable and fiber connections, as well as cell towers, making it difficult to receive emergency updates, track community response, and access critical financial and health information.

While it’s hard to know where and when a hurricane may strike, residents and businesses in disaster-prone areas can weather the storm with a few simple steps. Did You Suffer Property Damage from Hurricanes / Tornadoes? How to Protect Yourself Before a Property Loss. From fire damages and broken pipes to property vandalism and blown off shingles or siding, property losses are unpredictable and often take place without warning.

How to Protect Yourself Before a Property Loss

As long as you have current property insurance, though, everything should be just fine when damages occur, right? Wrong. Many home and business owners fail to recognize the possibility that their insurance company might not completely honor exactly what’s written in their policy. Consider the five tips listed below, which will effectively assist you in obtaining the entitlements you deserve following a loss:

5 green home improvements worth your investment dollar. (BPT) – Are you looking for ways to upgrade your home with the environment in mind, but worried about the expense? Fortunately, many home improvements are not as costly up front as they used to be, and the return on those investments — both in energy savings and your home’s value — is well worth the effort. Here are five ways to boost your home’s energy-efficiency and make a difference for the planet. 1.

Choose Energy Star certified products Have outdated appliances that aren’t performing well? 2. 4 Easy Bathroom Upgrades. (BPT) – Since you’ve been spending more time at home, you’ve probably noticed things that need a refresh, especially in that most-used room of the house: the bathroom. Whether you’re an experienced DIY-er or novice fixer-upper, you may be putting off renovations that seem too tough to tackle. The good news? There are plenty of little things you can do to revamp your bathroom that aren’t time-consuming, and don’t require a contractor. Triple master plumber, TV host and licensed contractor Ed Del Grande draws from 30-plus years of experience to advise homeowners. “I wish people knew how much they can do to make visual and functional improvements in their bathrooms,” Del Grande says. Del Grande recommends easy bathroom upgrades anyone can do in a day. 1. “To freshen up the look of any bathroom, all you need to do is change some little stuff,” advises Del Grande.

“Everyone can make these changes with little effort,” says Del Grande. Pet safety and fire prevention tips. (BPT) – Pets nationwide are considered beloved members of the family. In fact, pet ownership throughout the U.S. has skyrocketed, with approximately 12.6 million Americans opening their home to a new pet since March 2020, according to a study by the American Pet Products Association. First Alert, the most trusted brand in fire safety / fire prevention, offers the following tips to help families be prepared in case of a fire or carbon monoxide (CO) incident. Prevent a fire. While candles add ambiance, it’s important to never burn them unattended. Wagging tails and pawing kitties can haphazardly knock over candles, which can potentially cause a fire. Protect against the silent killer. Improve their safety when home alone. Add Some Ambiance, to Turn Off Mosquitos this Summer. (BPT) – As people across America continue to spend more time at home, the backyard has become an extended outdoor living area and a happy place that provides a retreat from the busyness of everyday life.

A place where you can relax, take a deep breath and enjoy special moments with family and friends. Moments like these are precious and should be enjoyed without interruptions. Mosquitos can offset the mood and take your evening from carefree to chaos. “Creating a space in the backyard where people can forget about the pressures of their day is a must,” said TIKI Brand Sr.

Product Manager, Jeremy Yingst. Community Summer Storms. Essential Power Outage Tips. (BPT) – Natural disasters like hurricanes, severe storms, tornadoes and wildfires are forces to be reckoned with. Not only can they bring high-speed winds, heavy rains and roaring flames, they can also knock out power grids for entire communities, leaving people without electricity when it’s needed most. No matter where you live in the country, now’s the time to prepare your home and family for the impact of prolonged power outages. Extended power outages are more problematic than ever before due to more people working and learning from home. According to a CNBC report, 25 percent of workers are still working remotely in 2021. Community Public Adjusters. Your Outdoor Room in 2021. As the pandemic continues in this country and abroad, outdoor spaces have taken on a new meaning, they are becoming works of art and are now real extensions of the home.

3 Insurance Tips before planting flowers or vegetables. (BPT) – Days are getting longer and warmer, inspiring many to want to spend more time outside. Lots of people enjoy gardening this time of year — it’s an outdoor activity families can do together, especially if parents are looking for ways to keep their children occupied. Water Damage Claim Filing Tips. Tree Damage Insurance Claim Tips. Over the last few weeks as spring turns into summer, storms and especially the wind have picked up in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Thousands of residents in Bucks County, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and other areas in Pennsylvania can expect more damaging storms and winds as we move onto summer.

Flood Coverage, Are You Covered? When Filing a Property Damage Claim, Do it FAST! Sump Pump Operating Tips. Keep your sump pump operating at 100% efficiency with these handy tips There was a lot of snow this winter season, especially on the US East Coast. Eventually, with the arrival of spring, the melting snow and water must go somewhere. 5 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips in 2021. Spring is a great time of the year as the snow and ice begin to melt, and we look forward to perfect temps and a lot of outdoor fun, flowers and the sun. Community spring cleaning. 7 Tips to Prevent Spring Storm Damage.

As everyone transitions to the season of spring, remember, there’s a large possibility of severe thunderstorms, high winds and tornados before the warmer weather is here to stay. Preventing Ice Dams and Damage to Your Home. Icicles on your house can be picturesque; it is also a warning sign. Homeowner Property Coverage Tips. Community Snow & Ice Damage. Property Damage? - We Can Help. 5 Ways to Lower Your heating Bill this Winter. Happy New Year to all our employees and customers. Have a happy, better, and safe 2021! Prevent Frozen Pipes from Causing Damage this Winter. Protecting Your Roof from Ice Dams - Community Public Adjusters.

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Community public adjusters storm damage. Solar Panels for Your House? Things to Consider. HVAC Spring Maintenance Checklist - Community Public Adjusters. Tips for Damaging Hailstorms. Community public adjusters new jersey pa we get you paid. 5 Wind and Rain Property Damage Tips - Community Public Adjusters. How to Prevent Closet Mold Growth - Community Public Adjusters. HVAC Spring Maintenance Checklist. Property Damage? We Get You Paid! COVID-19 - Property Damage Claims. Happy ST Patrick's Day from Community Public Adjusters - Can your Garage Door be Repaired? Recent Testimonial for Community Public Adjusters. Water Damage and the Public Adjuster. Happy Valentines's Day from Community Public Adjusters - Community Public Adjusters Blog. Community Public Adjusters. Improve Your Home in with These 10 Tips.

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