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Seattle Academy STREAM Building (Water Award) The Seattle 2030 District has awarded Seattle Academy of Arts and Science a Vision Award for Water for the STREAM Building on Capitol Hill.

Seattle Academy STREAM Building (Water Award)

Designed by the Miller Hull Partnership and built by GLY Construction, this new 5-story building has been combined with an existing facility creating a state-of-the-art learning center that retains the character of the surrounding residential and commercial neighborhood. The project arose out of academy need and student vision in when the concept of a new science building began to emerge and students, several who had been through the school’s sustainability class, knew what features they wanted to see in their new learning center. They saw a building with lots of natural light, little to no air conditioning, green roofs and cisterns.

Given that there are minimal grounds on the property, the students creatively designated the captured water from the cisterns to flush toilets. SAAS Rising. Stream Building Photos. STREAM Building Grand Opening. In the summer of 2014, members of the SAAS Rising team donned hard hats to climb down into the STREAM construction site and share community members Dreams for STREAM in the basement foundation being poured.

STREAM Building Grand Opening

This past Sunday, the building celebrated its Grand Opening, and more than 500 visitors made that same journey—albeit via stairs or elevator— to the basement which now houses a state-of-the art robotics lab and a cistern that has already collected approximately 56 inches of rainwater! In true community style, Sunday’s three-hour open house let visitors explore STREAM from top-to-bottom with student guides, interactive science demonstrations and a fantastic spread by the SAAS Lunch Program culinary staff. “We’re thrilled with the new space,” said Robotics Coach Gabe Cronin. “Trying out Robotics has helped a lot of students explore new ways to be creative, and has helped many of them think about emerging career choices for the future.

Having a real home for robotics is fantastic.” Seattle Academy STREAM Building Construction Outreach. Map Data Map data ©2015 Google Map Satellite When: Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 4:00 pm @ 4:00 PM – Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 6:00 pm @ 6:00 PM Where: East Spring Street & 13th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122 USA CHS wrote about the new Seattle Academy project here: Balancing heart and mind, Seattle Academy rolls out plan for new sciences building Construction is about to begin: I work for the General Contractor that will be working on the new Seattle Academy STREAM building at 13th Avenue and East Spring Street.

Seattle Academy STREAM Building Construction Outreach

Related. Work in Progress » GLY Construction. The five-story, 34,000 square foot Science + Engineering [STREAM] Building is the newest addition to the Seattle Academy of Arts + Sciences campus.

Work in Progress » GLY Construction

Located at the corner of 13th and East Spring on Capitol Hill, the STREAM building consists of seven laboratory and studio classrooms, a two-story learning commons, and associated staff offices. The design incorporates a mix of flexible formal and informal learning environments to encourage student-initiated projects, collaboration and innovation. To exceed LEED Gold standards, the building utilizes power from photo-voltaic panels and features a green roof atop a new breezeway, connecting the existing Arts building to the STREAM building. Additional sustainable features include a 12,000 gallon cistern for rain water harvesting, hydronic ceiling panels, radiant heat floors, and passive cooling. Owner: Seattle Academy of Arts + Sciences. [Timelapse Video] Seattle Academy STREAM Building Construction. Sights, Sounds and SAAS Alums at STREAM. Seeing the new STREAM Building before students come pouring in for the first time in September is a bit like previewing an opera set before opening night; vibrant spaces and surfaces sit ready to be filled with creative discussions, performance and experimentation.

Sights, Sounds and SAAS Alums at STREAM

Specimen freezers wait for samples, a milling machine and laser cutter in the basement Robotics Lab quietly anticipate future student projects, and collaborative commons areas are poised to house moments of inspiration, personal connection and even the frustrations that come before a learning breakthrough. But first, SAAS alums did some housewarming for the new building at Friday’s All Alumni Reunion, which featured STREAM tours, SAAS community chefs, artists and brewers and an opportunity to leave some words of advice on the commons message board to inspire students in the Fall. Click here for more photos “It feels pretty special to be invited here and to see it before the kids move in,” said Primomo.

STREAM is the new STEM – Miller Hull Blog. We’ve all heard about STEM education by now – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – and the importance of today’s students pursuing and excelling in these subjects in order to be leaders in the local and global economies of tomorrow.

STREAM is the new STEM – Miller Hull Blog

In the coming decades, more and more jobs will require these areas of expertise and more teachers of these subjects will be needed to ensure the knowledge continues to expand to future generations. And yet today, only sixteen percent of American high school seniors are proficient or have an interest in STEM careers. How, then, do we prove to students that STEM subjects are interesting, important to their future, and that they shouldn’t be intimidating?

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